How to Watch Twitch on Roku Using Different Methods

Twitch used to be one of the best streaming platforms that especially catered to gamers. However, the official Twitch channel was taken down, but it can still be accessed only on Roku. In this guide, I’ll show you how to watch Twitch on Roku via its official app and how you can cast the unofficial Twitch channels on Roku using other devices.

How To Watch Twitch On A Roku Device

Note – Accessing Twitch or other channels on Roku needs a reliable internet connection and bandwidth. However, most ISPs often throttle speed and limit bandwidth, which can cause lagging or buffering issues. Other than that, there are external issues like data theft and IP monitoring that can ruin your experience with streaming Twitch on Roku. For this reason, we recommend using FastestVPN to watch Twitch on Roku

Roku is one of the more popular devices used by many streamers or gamers. There are over 350+ channels that are available on it; however, not all are free. You also have the option of adding channels to Roku, like Twitch. 

It is one of the best streaming platforms, but its availability ended in 2019. However, the Twitch official channel can still be accessed only via Roku. The tutorials ahead will show you how to watch it on your Roku TV using various methods. 

How Do You Stream Twitch On Roku TV?

Before we jump to the tutorials, there are a few things you should know about how to stream Twitch on Roku: 

  • You can stream Twitch on Roku using its official channel only if you used Twitch on Roku before it was taken down. 
  • The unofficial Twitch channels, like Twoku, can be accessed on Roku, giving you similar games, music, and other live-streaming videos.  
  • You can also stream unofficial Twitch channels on Roku by screen mirroring it from another device, like your smartphone or Windows PC. 

How to Watch Twitch on Roku via the Official Channel

As mentioned above, there is no official Twitch channel available anymore. However, you can still get the official channel for Twitch on the Roku Channel Store only if you have used it on Roku TV in the past. Here’s how to get started:

  • On the web browser, head to the Roku site and tap on “Add channel with a code.”
  • In the box, type “twitchtv” and then click on “Add channel.” 
  • When you see the warning pop-up, click on “OK.”
  • You will see another pop-up asking to add the unofficial channel to Roku; click on “Yes, add channel.” 
  • That’s all! 

Now, just in case you haven’t used Twitch on Roku in the past, there is another way for you to get similar content from the unofficial Twitch on Roku. Check the tutorial below.

How to Access Twitch on Roku via Unofficial Channel Twoku

If you never used Twitch on Roku previously, you can’t access the official channel anymore. However, another option would be accessing similar content with the unofficial Twitch channel called TWOKU. 

Because this channel is unofficial, it won’t be available in the Roku Channel Store. For this reason, you need a code to access it.

Here’s how you can get started and add the TWOKU app to Roku and stream Twitch:

  • Launch Roku and sign in to your account. 
  • Now, go to a web browser and go to Roku’s website. 
  • Click on “Add channel with a code.”
  • Type “TWOKU” or “C6ZVZD” in the box, and click “Add channel.”
  • When you see the warning box, click on “OK.” 
  • Next, to confirm adding Twoku to Roku, click “Yes, add channel.”

This procedure works the same on PC if you’re not willing to set up your Roku box. So, to add the Twoku channel on PC to stream Twitch TV, here is what you can do: 

  • On your browser, go to the Roku website.
  • Sign in to your account. 
  • Select the option “Add channel with a code.” 
  • Now, either enter the code “TWOKU” or “twitchtv” in the empty field. This highly depends on the device you’re using.
  • Click on “Add channel.”
  • Select “OK” when you see the warning box. 
  • Confirm by clicking on “Yes, add channel.” 
  • Now, all you need to do is launch your Roku box, and the channel will be there in your account. 

Get Twitch on Roku via Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring or casting Twitch to Roku is when you use another device, like your smartphone, PC, tablet, etc., to cast Twitch content from this device to your Roku TV. Here is how you can do it using different devices: 

How to Screen Mirror Twitch on Roku via Android Smartphone

  • Get the Twitch app on your Android smartphone. 
  • Sign in to your account. 
  • Select the stream you want access to. 
  • Now, on your smartphone, locate the “Screen Cast” or “Smart View” option. 
  • Enable the option “Enable wireless display.” 
  • Check the list to find the Roku device name and click on it.
  • On your Roku, when you see the prompt box, click on “Allow.”
  • Your Android device will now cast Twitch streams on Roky TV. 

How to Screen Mirror Twitch to Roku via iPhone

  • Ensure that your iPhone and AirPlay-enabled Roku device is connected to the same network. 
  • Open Twitch on your iPhone.
  • Select any stream that you want. 
  • Click the play button. 
  • Now, on the right-hand corner, swipe down. This will open the control center.
  • You will now spot a widget that is displaying the video you chose to stream and play.
  • If you see a tiny wave icon, click on it. This will show you all your Airplay devices. 
  • Select your Roku device.
  • You will now be able to cast Twitch content to Roku via iPhone. 

FAQs – Watch Twitch on Roku

Is Twitch available on Roku?

The official Twitch channel used to be on Roku and many other platforms. However, since it was taken down, there is no longer an official app. Only users who used to have a Twitch account on Roku can access it through the code. However, the rest who are still looking for access can access its unofficial app called TWOKU.

Can you add channels to Roku?

Yes, you can add channels to Roku. If you’re looking for free channels, then you can tap on it and then click on “Add Channel.” This will automatically add the free channel to your list. Now, there are Roku channels that require subscriptions. So, when you download it, you will be prompted to create your account and choose a subscription to get started.

Is Twitch free?

Yes, Twitch is free to use. However, there are more channels available on it if you have a registered Twitch account. With it, various Twitch users can interact with each other, chat, stream, and more.

Does Twitch have a code for Roku?

Yes, if you used Twitch in the past, you can re-access it on Roku by going to your account page, clicking on “Add channel,” and entering the code “twitchtv.” If you’re getting the unofficial Twitch, you can use the code “TWOKU” or “C6ZVZD.”

How do you watch Twitch on TV?

To watch Twitch on your Smart TV, you can either use your Roku box or screen mirror the Twitch channels from other devices like smartphones or PC to your Smart TV.

Does Twitch have AirPlay?

Twitch does not have AirPlay, but the iPhone or Mac device you use needs to have it, to get the unofficial Twitch app and screencast it on your Roku or Smart TV.

Does Roku support screen mirroring?

Only the more advanced generation models of Roku TVs and streaming players support screen mirroring. First, look up a list of supported devices, then check whether you have the right model. Wondering how to do that? On your Roku device, go to “Settings” > “System” > “About.”


To Conclude

And that’s a wrap! You now know how to watch Twitch on Roku via its official and unofficial apps. We’ve also shown you how to use the screen mirroring technique via multiple devices. Please note that if the TWOKU unofficial Twitch app is not available in your country, we recommend connecting with FastestVPN. You can connect to the best server to change your IP address and safely access the Twitch Roku app.

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