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A. General Terms

All policies and conditions that fall under (“General Terms”) are regarding the services we provide, how you as a customer use and access FastestVPN, and all the services we offer under the umbrella. Our terms of service also outline how you use and access the FastestVPN website.

B. Terms

All terms under general and specific collectively go hand-in-hand. However, the terms of the user agreement mean to comply with all future changes made to the terms if FastestVPN revises them.

C. Subscription

The subscription services provided by FastestVPN are according to the plan you’ve chosen. However, you will automatically be charged a renewal plan after your subscription plan ends.

We will cease auto-charge only if you cancel your account with us at any time. Before applying for a subscription, inquire about the services we provide and to what extent you can use them. If, in case you happen to change your payment options or credit card details, contact the support team to update. We’ve covered it ahead in length ahead, under (“Subscription and auto-renewals”).

D. Privacy

FastestVPN collects minimal and insignificant information. For more information on how we process, collect and use information with your association with our service, please read our Privacy Policy.


The FastestVPN user agreement is the binding legal agreement with “you,” or who represents “you,” and us “FastestVPN.” Upon realization and upon agreeing, you are legally bound to the service. You must comply when: (i) creating a user account to use the FastestVPN services and website, (ii) downloading the FastestVPN software or while using it (Software) or website, (iii) using the service on behalf of an organization, agreeing on their behalf.

When you sign up and create your account with us, you legally agree and accept the terms of service. If you find it beyond your abilities, we urge you to refrain from listing yourself with FastestVPN or associating yourself with the website.

Legally accessing the software or website

FastestVPN only allows access to the software or the website for users who are 18 or above. All visitors, customers, and affiliates must be of the legal age to act on behalf of a valid legal entity. You have the power to enter into these terms and conditions, affirmations, obligations, and representations, listed in these Terms and abide by them.

Updates to the “Terms of Service”

Our website and services are constantly making improvements, fixes, and evolving. Along with modifying the website and software and adding new features and attributes, we may, from time to time, update the Terms of Service accordingly. We aim to change policies and terms following the (i) law; (ii) orders/recommendations of our regulatory authorities; (iii) when adding proficient functionality to the service or updating the older ones, (iv) regulating bug fixes; (v) to prevent abuse on or with the service; (vi) for security and privacy reasons.

We urge you to read the terms and conditions on a regular but timely basis to stay in connection with future minor or major changes. We protect your rights to change payment details or to delete your account. However, with changes to the terms, we abide by promptly informing customers in advance.


FastestVPN is a paid service; apply for a subscription plan to get started. Subscription costs: $10/month, $2.49 for 1-year plan, and $1.11/mo. for a 3-year plan. Taxes/VAT may apply.

Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period, in accordance with the platform you’re using.

The account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours before the end of the current period.

The user may manage subscriptions, and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user’s Account Settings after purchase. You can cancel your account midway through a subscription, but there will be no refund for that.


Creating an account

Any potential customer in line with creating an account must understand that we collect extremely limited information like your email ID to stay connected with you. For this, we require you to offer proper and relevant information at the time of account creation.

Access to account and confidentiality

Regarding access to account and confidentiality, you agree to take on all responsibilities when accessing the service and shall be held entirely responsible for all activities conducted under your account. This is regardless of who has access to your account, whether or not authorized by you.

We are not to be held responsible for the confidentiality and maintenance of your account passwords or the account itself. For this, we urge you to take active precautionary measures to secure your password, keeping it private. If, however, your account is compromised in any way, you must notify us immediately to take further action.


Prices of packages

All prices mentioned on the checkout account creation page are exclusive of the VAT amount. The Tax amount during payment is not identifiable by FastestVPN due to the nature of the payment mode. However, the tax amounts are shown during the final subscription checkout. Make sure to abide by and agree to these terms before making final payments.


As a customer or potential customer, you agree to make full payments if or once you buy into any FastestVPN services. This is to be agreed upon when associated with the FastestVPN service, which also includes all auto-renewal or recurring payments. If payment is not received on the timely basis stated, we are at liberty to cancel your account.


All billing information provided by you must be valid and accurate. If the details on billing methods change at any time, you are urged to contact FastestVPN support without delay. Upon agreeing to the terms, you must note that FastestVPN is authorized to charge you once your subscription period ends.

Recurring payments

Once you subscribe to the service, regardless of choosing a monthly, annual, or triennial package, you agree that (i) all service payments will fall into auto-renewal and charge you until you cancel it, (ii) you authorized recurring payments, and (ii) all payments to be made to FastestVPN depending on the recurring intervals you agreed to.

Payment methods

By buying into the FastestVPN services directly through the website, you must provide accurate, current, and valid payment methods stated on the website. For further assistance, you may contact the support team.

Payment processing

FastestVPN reserves all rights to retry any failed payments in order to complete transactions that have not yet been received.

Protection against fraud

FastestVPN reserves all rights to verify credit/debit card payments before completing your purchase. This is to ensure no fraud takes place on the service. However, note this verification is limited, and no payment card details are stored.

Change in prices

FastestVPN is at full rights to make changes to the prices on the website or run altercations to it. These price changes are in accordance with the regulation of the services we offer and maintenance. However, changes in pricing will not in any way affect your current subscription plan. The change in prices will only be practiced on auto-renewal of the subscription. All customers will be notified about the changes before being induced. If existing customers do not agree with the new price changes, they are required to end their subscription account.

Change in payment details

If or when there are any changes to the payment details you provided initially or currently with the FastestVPN service, you are required to provide them to us to update.

Free Trials

There is no free trial available on the FastestVPN service. However, we do offer affiliates, and certain parties access to free accounts upon request, but not limited to it either. We only offer them according to what deem fit.



FastestVPN seeks to provide the best services for you and also offers you a 31-day money-back guarantee. However, if, at any point, you do not feel the need to continue with FastestVPN during the money-back period, you may request a refund. All refunds are only allowed during the 31-day money-back guarantee period, with purchases made from the respective app Stores. There is no refund during the auto-renewal stages or any time after the first 31 days of service.

However, please note that there are no refund options for payments made in cryptocurrency.

Cancel subscription

All customers have the right to cancel their subscription plans or restrict the service from auto-charging you. However, please understand that there are no refunds for account cancellation after the given due date. FastestVPN has the right to issue refunds based on several factors that also depend on the mode of payment and whether or not the payments were conducted directly from the website or a third-party source.

Payment and eligibility for refund

All refunds requested will be returned via the same payment method used to sign up for the service. Once you have claimed the refund, your account will be suspended right away. Please note that the refunded amount may take several days (as many as up to 31-Days) to reflect on your account/card, depending on the payment method you used to purchase your FastestVPN account.



All users can access the services once all payments have been processed. How you use the software must be taken under your responsibilities without breaching the terms and conditions of software or website use. However, FastestVPN has the right to withdraw or terminate accounts upon user violation of the services.

All rights reserved

We own all rights to the services FastestVPN offers and can alter the terms at any given time. You, as a user, must comply with the laws and terms stated herein.


You agree with the terms that FastestVPN can use any and every piece of information to secure and create a better experience for our service and users with the feedback you provide. This allows us to create more solutions with you communicating your queries with us.


  • We are at full liberty to terminate any account that breaches or violates the terms and conditions noted in the privacy policy and the terms of service page.
  • You shall abide by the policies noting that you should in no way influence or encourage others to use the services for illegal or unlawful activities.
  • Restrict the use of the FastestVPN services to promote child abuse, nudity, or exploitation. FastestVPN will not tolerate these violations.
  • Abide by not using the service for inducing cyber threats.
  • Manipulations of the service we provide or interfere with its performance.
  • Entering the service after you’ve been banned.
  • Break the laws of the country/region you are in using our services.


Our services aim to provide safe access to the internet. However, we are in no way to be held responsible for the websites you visit or the risks involved in those sites/content/data. All uses of the internet, the service, or the website are solely at your discretion. FastestVPN aims to provide solutions to online security, but we do not control the nature of the internet and its network. Please refrain from using our services for unlawful content/websites/apps, etc.


FastestVPN is constantly striving to improve how the service works, bringing in newer advancements for our customers. However, despite these efforts, we have no warranty in place for how the service works for you. There is no single software that comes without defects or setbacks. We design our software with complexity but cannot 100% claim it to be completely free from defects, errors, and bugs as no software are. However, we aim to improve and execute to the best of our abilities. Due to changes made to the service and the timely updates, our service “FastestVPN” might not be available from time to time. There can never be a time duration provided for the downtime.


By joining our service, you agree to abide by all terms and policies, owning up to using the service at your own will, without placing “us (FastestVPN),” its subsidiaries, and affiliates as liabilities. FastestVPN shall not be held responsible for any damages that fall under others using your account without your permission, misconduct to the service by you or your account, and misusing the service for unlawful activities.


FastestVPN offers apps in various stores across Google Play, Apple App, and the Amazon Store. However, apart from reading the terms and conditions on our website, you must first go through the terms on the dedicated Stores. We are not affiliated with the terms of Stores.


If there are any questions regarding the terms of services lined out, feel free to register a query by contacting our support team via email or live chat support.

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