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What is a Dedicated IP?

In short, a dedicated IP is an IP address that only belongs to you. When you usually connect with a VPN server, users often share IP addresses. Sometimes shared IPs are good, but they come with unseen risks. Secondly, if we talk about website hosting, a dedicated IP address permits website owners to access their sites without signing in with a domain name.

Reasons to Get a Dedicated IP with FastestVPN

There are many reasons why you would need a dedicated IP. In a nutshell, a static IP address ensures faster speeds and better security and avoids overcrowded web traffic.

Prevent ISP Throttling

ISP throttling is a real issue, and a Dedicated IP address can hide your trail from it. FastestVPN is the best dedicated IP VPN that helps you prevent ISP throttling and bandwidth issues. With a static IP, protect yourself online and prevent intrusions like malware and more.

Secure Transactions Online

If you’re traveling and would like to access your online bank accounts or even make payments, it might come off as suspicious activity if different IP addresses are used. A dedicated IP creates a safer and quicker passage for making online payments.

Safe and Smooth Browsing

Constant verification is troublesome when trying to stream or access websites. This happens when you use different IP addresses on your device. To make online browsing more accessible and smoother, a dedicated IP address is the best option.

Evade IP Blacklisting

No more getting punished for other users abusing internet privileges over the same IP address. When this happens, websites or services often blacklist certain IP addresses that have been added to the list of violators. A static IP address evades it.

Does FastestVPN Offer Dedicated IP Addresses?

FastestVPN believes in expanding security and privacy options, which is why we’re offering Dedicated IP addresses. Get a static IP address to secure your online journey with a single click.

How to Get a Dedicated IP Address in 3 Simple Steps

FastestVPN is the best dedicated IP VPN that gives you more online privacy. Here’s how to get started:


Subscribe to FastestVPN

Choose any FastestVPN package. All are affordable.


Get a Dedicated IP Address

Select a Static IP according to your location and needs.


Connect & Browse Safely

Explore the internet safely with your personal IP address!

Dedicated IP vs Shared IP

What’s the Difference?

A shared IP address is when multiple users or websites are assigned one IP address, whereas a dedicated IP address is a unique IP assigned only to one user or website. When you connect with other servers that provide shared IP, it changes every time you connect or with every new session.

With FastestVPN, you’re assigned a unique Dedicated IP that remains solely for your use. This way, not only does your connection remain encrypted, but it allows secure access to banking apps. Plus, you get to enjoy unrestricted access to the internet without your IP being blacklisted or not having to deal with constant CAPTCHA and security verifications.

FAQs - Dedicated IP

Does a VPN give a Static IP?

Yes, a VPN does give static IPs, but not by default. To get a static IP with FastestVPN, you must first create your account by buying a subscription. Next, either request or buy a dedicated IP.

What is the benefit of dedicated IP?

For one, a dedicated IP does improve speeds on websites. With it, you don’t have to compete with heavy online traffic since you’re the only one using that IP. It’s private and much more secure compared to shared IPs, specifically if you’re using it for making online transactions.

Are dedicated IPs safer?

Technically, they are much more secure than shared IPs. It offers better security for users for activities like online banking and transactions. Plus, it gives you the liberty to visit websites, forums, streaming services, etc., without the fear of being blacklisted.

What is static vs dedicated IP?

They’re alike but the main difference is that a static IP can be shared while a dedicated IP is assigned only to you. However, static IPs are not the same as shared (dynamic) IPs.

Is dedicated IP good for gaming?

Yes, a dedicated IP address is perfect for gaming since it does not disrupt your connection with speed slowdowns and more. It evades ISP throttling and allows faster connection speeds since the IP is not being used by anyone else.

What is private IP vs dedicated IP vs shared IP?

A private IP can be used with users on the same network, dedicated IP is only for you, and a shared IP is used by everyone.

Is dedicated IP faster?

Yes, because no one is using the same IP, the speeds go much faster. With FastestVPN’s dedicated IP, you can use it with the WireGuard protocol for even faster speeds.

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