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Why Do You Need a UK VPN?

A United Kingdom VPN allows you to handle online vulnerabilities and setbacks while accessing the internet. With a VPN, there’s so much that you can control, and here’s why:

A VPN for the UK that Prevents Data Retention

Your internet service provider monitors your activities and has all your logs maintained. Without the best UK VPN and its strong encryption, all your browsing activity, from business to personal, is exposed. Your data makes you a target of unnecessary advertisements coming your way. You can avoid these concerns with a VPN for UK.

Unblock British TV in Any Country

Many UK websites and streaming services are geo-restricted. If you step outside the country, you won’t be able to access them. Unblock content from services like UKTV, BBC iPlayer, SKY UK, and more in any country outside the United Kingdom with a UK VPN server. The same is used to access local UK banking apps abroad.

Control Privacy over Public Wi-Fi

You are most vulnerable to online attacks when connected to free or public Wi-Fi. You expose your device and data when connected to a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Anyone with the right software can infiltrate your connections. Only the best VPN for UK can help prevent this issue and keep your connection secure.

Bypass ISP Throttling in the UK

ISP throttling is active in every country, including the UK. Most of the time, you experience slow speeds because your ISP is imposing data caps. This causes buffering or lagging issues when you stream. When you connect to a United Kingdom VPN server, your connection is encrypted to a point your ISP is no longer an issue.

FastestVPN for the UK in 2024

Access UK content in any country or use the internet in the UK securely and anonymously. Here’s what to expect with FastestVPN for UK:

  • 800+ servers in 52+ countries, including Britain.
  • UK IP addresses.
  • Bypass surveillance, prevent data retention, and more with FastestVPN for UK.
  • We offer apps for all your devices.
  • Unblock global content in the UK
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3 Steps Away to Getting the Best VPN for the UK

FastestVPN is the best VPN for the UK that is affordable and secure. It’s easy to use and simpler to set up. Here’s how to get started:


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Sign Up

Subscribe to FastestVPN for the UK and choose the best plan.




Download and install the VPN app on your device.




Sign in. Connect to a UK server and browse the internet safely!

What is the State of Internet Surveillance and Data Collection in the UK?

What is the State of Internet Surveillance and Data Collection in the UK?

Passed in 2016, the Investigatory Powers Act, also known as the Snoopers' Charter, grants UK intelligence services and government bodies broad powers where online surveillance matters. This includes:

  • Collecting and storing your communication data: This could involve things like email records, browsing history, and call logs, which is something a top UK VPN can help control.
  • Intercepting your communications: This means they can potentially listen in on your calls or messages. Most calling apps are poorly encrypted. With FastestVPN, connect to UK VPN servers and prevent the issue.
  • Interfering with your devices: In some cases, they might be able to access information on your devices.
  • Holding onto and analyzing large amounts of personal data: This allows them to build detailed profiles of individuals.

Why Should You Use Our UK VPN Servers?


Access Streaming and Gaming Content

The FastestVPN British IP address unblocks any country's best UK TV services. Watch local news, or get the best games in and outside the UK.


Online Banking Security

FastestVPN secures your access to UK banking apps even while you’re traveling. Connect to our British VPN and encrypt your connection over any Wi-Fi.


Private Browsing Made Easy

Access any website privately and securely with the best VPN for the UK. FastestVPN UK servers help you evade surveillance and browse freely.


Prevent Data Theft and Monitoring

Create an extra layer of protection and prevent sensitive data from being compromised or logged with FastestVPN for the UK.


FastestVPN - A UK VPN that Works!

Due to a large influx of illegal activities that prevail on the UK internet, the government has imposed mass surveillance laws online. Even though this movement is to protect its citizens, it also takes away from basic internet freedom and privacy. Other than that, many streaming apps, websites, and more are blocked in the UK. Some apps like BBC iPlayer, UK Netflix, and more are blocked outside British territories.

You can easily bypass these issues and beyond with a VPN that offers a UK IP address or British VPN servers. FastestVPN for the UK gives you secure servers and military-level security features that prevent data theft, phishing attempts, 24/7 online surveillance, and other vulnerabilities.

The best VPN for the UK also bypasses ISP throttling and prevents DDoS attacks and high ping while gaming. You can stabilize your connection speeds, protect your privacy in the UK, and more with FastestVPN.

FastestVPN for UK - Advanced Features

FastestVPN strives to create the best online experience for you and any country. Here’s what to expect with a UK VPN:

P2P File Sharing

Our VPN lets you privately and safely access P2P platforms with optimized servers for extra protection.

Ad Blocker

There are many websites and apps that come with constant ads, some of which are harmful. FastestVPN prevents it.

10 Simultaneous Connections

MWith one FastestVPN subscription, you can securely and simultaneously use the VPN on up to 10 devices.

NAT Firewall

The FastestVPN app for the UK offers a NAT Firewall to prevent unrequested traffic from hitting your connection.

Unlimited Server-Switching

Connect to the FastestVPN Britain VPN server to choose another location. There is no limit to server switching.

24/7 Live Chat

Need help setting up the UK VPN? Don’t know which protocol to use? Contact the FastestVPN 24/7 customer support.


Can you use a UK VPN to watch BBC iPlayer?

Yes, you can use a VPN for the UK to watch BBC iPlayer in any country. BBC iPlayer is a geo-restricted streaming service that is only available in the United Kingdom. If you try to access it outside the UK, you will be blocked. Thankfully with FastestVPN as your British VPN service, you can connect to its UK server and change your IP address. This way, you can trick BBC iPlayer into thinking you’re watching its content from the UK.

Is torrenting legal in the UK?

Yes, torrenting is considered illegal in the UK. If you’re caught torrenting copyrighted content, there are penalties that come with it. You can get charged up to £5,000 if caught. For extreme cases, the penalties include 10 years prison sentence. FastestVPN does not encourage the violation of these terms but urges you to use the UK VPN wisely.

Can I use a free VPN for the UK?

You can, but it never comes recommended. Free VPNs don’t offer many servers; getting a UK IP address with it is very unusual. Free VPNs generally have more risks than usual, so using one in the UK might not be the best idea. FastestVPN for the UK offers affordable packages that are practically a steal. Plus, all the FastestVPN apps and performance is secure.

How do I get a UK VPN?

It is easy to get a UK VPN. You need to first subscribe and create your account with FastestVPN. Once you’ve subscribed, download and install the VPN app on a supported device. Open the VPN app, sign in to your account and connect to a UK server. Now, access UK content abroad, or use the internet in the UK securely.

Can I access UK TV channels abroad with a VPN?

It’s simple to access UK TV channels abroad if the VPN you use is reliable. FastestVPN for the UK masks your actual IP address and replaces it with a VPN UK IP address. This way, you will be able to access British TV channels from anywhere.

Is it illegal to use a VPN in the UK?

It’s completely legal to use a VPN in the UK. VPNs are one of the best ways to mask your IP address and protect your data from your ISP or third-party websites. However, make sure you don’t use the UK VPN for any illegal activities. The penalties are pretty hefty.

Can I unblock Sky Go abroad with the best UK VPN?

FastestVPN is the best and most affordable VPN with a British IP address that lets you access Sky Go from anywhere outside the UK. Once you connect to a UK VPN server, you replace your actual IP address with a British IP address. You can easily sign up and access Sky Go outside the UK.

How do I get a free UK IP address?

You can get any IP address for free once you subscribe to FastestVPN. FastestVPN offers extremely affordable packages that you can choose from. Once you get a subscription, to can connect to a UK server to get a UK IP address or make multiple server switches to get other free IP addresses.

Why do you need a UK VPN?

The government in the UK is strict on collecting user data. This means they can collect any amount of your data as you visit a website or use an app. For reasons like these, we recommend using a VPN for UK to protect and maintain your anonymity.

How much is a UK VPN?

The price of a United Kingdom VPN always varies. However, because of the high VPN prices, users are going for free options. It’s because FastestVPN cares about its users that we offer extremely affordable packages to choose from. You can get the VPN for $40 for the Lifetime Plan for a duration of 5 years.

What is the best VPN in the UK?

The best VPN for the UK is one that offers the best security features, fast speeds, access to UK TV channels, and one that keeps you anonymous. FastestVPN offers all that and more.

Can I change my IP location to the UK?

Yes, you can change your location IP to one in the UK. With FastestVPN, you only need to connect to a UK server. This allows you to get a British IP address in any country.

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