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Why Should You Join the FastestVPN
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Icon High Conversion Rates

Our conversion rates are impressively high. Refer us to a customer, and the chances of them converting are 100%. Drive customers our way; our landing pages convert them like a charm.

Icon Dedicated Account Manager

Our dedicated affiliate account managers are available to help you generate sales. They keep you looped with upcoming events and content ideas. Get information before anyone else!

Icon Recurring Commissions

Every time a customer, by your referral, renews his subscription, you get a commission upon renewal. This means that as long as the customer keeps renewing, you keep earning.

Icon Realtime Reports

You can check out your clicks and commissions through your "Post Affiliate Pro" management system - all in real time!

Icon Low Churn Rate

We are proud of our strong, loyal customer base. There are barely any customers who would opt out of re-subscribing. So, bring in customers, and you benefit from recurring commissions.

Icon Commission Payments on Time

Our affiliate program assures you that all commission payments are sent out on time and on a medium of your choosing! Earn big and on time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join FastestVPN Affiliate Program?

Joining the affiliate program is quite simple. Register by filling up the form in the header. Give in your details and submit. You will then be redirected to the affiliate client page where you’ll find your unique affiliate link. And, done!

Does FastestVPN pay recurring commissions to affiliates?

Yes, we do! When a customer renews their account, you get 35% commission upon renewal. As long as you are an active affiliate in our program, you keep cashing in commissions.

Do I qualify for the FastestVPN Affiliate Program?

If you have a website with VPN specific, technology or related material, then yes you qualify. If you don’t have a website but you have a twitter, Facebook, or Blog with considerable following; even then you can apply for the affiliate program.

Do you have any marketing materials for me to promote FastestVPN?

Yep! We provide you with all the necessary material such as banners and screenshots, once you sign up. We are also open to provide you with any other material that you feel may be missing and would benefit the campaign. For suggestions you can email us anytime at: [email protected]

How will FastestVPN know that the orders came from my site?

Through dashboard customized for our affiliates, we track each click which keeps us aware of where an order comes from. Order processing and handling customer service is also our department. You don’t have to worry about any of these and just focus on marketing and bringing in more and more clients.

How do I get paid?

Affiliates are paid via wire transfer or PayPal.

When will I receive my commission payment?

For all genuine qualified sales, we pay commission on the 15th of each month for the sales made in the previous month.customers visit.

Can I get paid for referring myself?

No, sorry. You can’t refer yourself and earn from it. Referrals should be made distinctive separate individuals.

Will I still get paid if a customer is fraudulent?

In case a customer gets flagged as a fraud through our Fraud Detection System, we will not subsequently pay commission.

What marketing methods are NOT allowed?

Marketing methods that are NOT allowed are:

  • 1) Spamming on social media, blogs, forums or any other commenting system
  • 2) Spam Emails
  • 3) Any marketing via illegal or deceptive means
  • 4) Bidding on our brand keyword "FastestVPN"
If a FastestVPN affiliate is found violating these rules or attempting to violate these rules, their commission will be voided and they won’t receive any payments. They will also be permanently banned from FastestVPN Affiliate Program.

Who should I contact if I have questions about the FastestVPN affiliate program?

If you have any further questions, you are more than welcome to contact us at [email protected]. Send in your questions anytime and we will respond back as soon as possible.

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24 Hours Live Chat Support

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