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What is VPN and why I need it?

A VPN benefits you in multiple ways such as hiding your IP and providing you complete online freedom, anonymity, privacy as well as data protection. Moreover, it enables you to access various websites or online channels which are geo-restricted.

What are the pricing plans of FastestVPN?

Please find our Monthly, annual and biennial plans here

Do you offer free trial?

We are not offering Free Trial at the moment, but we do offer a 15-day money back guarantee so there’s no risk whatsoever.

Do you log my information?

No, we do not track or log your information except some necessary data such as username, password and login attempts that you make to our server in order to counter abuse of multi-login feature and troubleshooting any server-end errors. Please visit our Privacy Policy for details.

Can I use a single FastestVPN account in multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, you can use a single FastestVPN account in up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Do you allow P2P filesharing and downloads?

FastestVPN supports P2P on almost all servers. However, some servers are not recommended for P2P such as the United States, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, India, Mexico, Germany, Japan, Russia, Sweden and Luxembourg.

Do you offer Static / Dedicated IPs?

Currently we are offering Static IP addresses only.

Can I use Netflix with FastestVPN?

FastestVPN supports US Netflix. Please connect with support via email [email protected] or livechat for more information.

Can I Setup FastestVPN in My Smart TV / Apple TV?

For Apple TV, please visit FastestVPN setup guide here. For Android TV/ Android Box, you can download FastestVPN App from Play Store. If your Smart TV doesn’t have an Android OS, you can Setup FastestVPN on a WiFi Router and connect your TV with that WiFi connection.

What bandwidth / Speed FastestVPN will offer as compared to my original connection speed?

Speed depends on many factors, for example stability of your internet connection, VPN protocol you are connected to, distance between your actual location and VPN server etc. At FastestVPN, your service speed is generally not compromised. It is also recommended to connect to a server which is geographically closest to your actual location.

I have successfully signed up for a FastestVPN subscription but can’t find my login credentials.

Please check your email inbox/ junk/ spam or promotions folder and look if there’s any email by FastestVPN. If you are unable to locate any, please contact our support.

Can I change my FastestVPN username?

No, you cannot change it but in case you need to change it necessarily for some reasons, then please contact our customer support.

Can I change my FastestVPN password?

Yes you can do this by logging-in to your Account on FastestVPN website.

How to boost my VPN connection speed?

How to boost my VPN connection speed?
Why does your internet speed drop?
Normally VPN connections are slow due to added plug-ins, protocols, and the encryption, which is providing your devices end-to-end security. However, at FastestVPN your service speed is generally not compromised but also enhanced when turned-on. If you do face any issue regarding speed at some point then know that there must be a critical error at the back-end operations of the VPN.
How can I fix increase my speed?
Connect to FastestVPN and check the speed at and note down the download and upload speeds. Do not close or refresh speedtest page and disconnect FastestVPN. Then in the seedtest page, click on ‘Again’ and it will now find your connection speed without VPN connection. Compare the both speeds i.e. with and without VPN. If there is a major noticeable drop in speed with VPN, try following steps. Often speed is related to the protocols you select as PPTP offers higher speed rate but weaker encryption in contrary to the L2TP and OpenConnect, which offer stronger encryption but slightly slower speed.

I am getting 'Authentication failed' error OR I am getting an error that “User name and password combination you provided is not recognized.

Your username and password are case sensitive so make sure to enter the upper case and lower case letters same as received in the email by FastestVPN. Still if it doesn’t work, please contact our customer support anytime

I am getting disconnected to FastestVPN frequently

Please follow these steps in this case.

Switch the VPN protocol
If you face any disconnection issues while using our VPN service, you can switch between different protocols.

Switch between the servers
Try switching between servers offered by FastestVPN.

Turn the firewall off
You’d need to check your router or 3rd party Firewall settings if you are facing unstable connection issues as firewall tends to conflict with the VPN. What you need to do is turn-off your firewall from the settings so that it enables your VPN to stay connected.

Check your Internet connection
If after trying every step in this guide you are still facing problems in connection then there might be some issues with your ISP not being able to route you with proper service or might have limited internet connection activity. In this case, you are recommended to check your ping.

How to change server / protocol in FastestVPN Windows / Mac app.

Click on the menu button at the top left side and click on “Locations” to change server/ location, while click on “Settings” to change VPN protocol.

My antivirus is blocking FastestVPN app.

In that case, you can allow access to FastestVPN from your Antivirus/ Firewall settings.

Can I Setup FastestVPN on my Amazon Fire Stick/ Fire TV?

Yes FastestVPN has an App available for Amazon Fire Stick/ Fire TV. Please visit the setup guide here.

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24 Hours Live Chat Support

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