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Why Choose FastestVPN for Chrome Extension?

FastestVPN brings VPN protections straight to your web browser. Install FastestVPN extension on Google Chrome and toggle VPN protection directly from the browser. It’s a simple way to unblock websites and takes a small memory footprint. Enjoy VPN protection in a lightweight package!

Access geo-restricted

Block ISP from tracking
and throttling speed

Defend against hackers
and surveillance

Avoid data retention and copyright laws

How to Get Started with Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension is even simpler to get started with. As a focus to deliver you the best privacy tool that’s also easy-to-use, FastestVPN’s simplicity also extends to the extension. A 3-step process lets you start using VPN immediately.


Buy Vpn Subscription

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Buy VPN page


Configure on Router

Choose a pricing plan of
your choice and subscribe


Connect Countries

Install Fastest VPN
extension for Chrome

How to set up a VPN for Chrome Extension

An Extensions that’s More than an Unblocking Tool

  • VPN Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • WebRTC Blocking
  • HTTPS Redirection

If you need help, The FastestVPN Support Team is available via live chat and email.

WebRTC Protection

Web Real-Time Communication is a way for browsers to communicate by revealing your public IP address to the site that you are visiting. WebRTC essentially enables data communication between two web browsers and allows users video calling, video chat and peer to peer file sharing entirely in the web browser. FastestVPN’s Chrome Extension has built-in protection against WebRTC Leaks, so that your websites cannot detect you. Using FastestVPN’s Chrome extension will offer you end to end encryption between peers and websites, so you will never have to worry about WebRTC leaks again.

Chrome Extension Login
Vpn Chrome Extension Activated

Light Weight Size

Chrome Extension is designed to be a light-weight package that not only downloads and installs instantly but also consumes a very small memory footprint. This extension is designed to allow users to have as many tabs as they need open at the same time as the extension will unload each tab while retaining its favicon and title text. Connect to FastestVPN’s servers just the way you would with the desktop app and surf anonymously on the web.

HTTPS Redirection

HTTPS is a version of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that is used for secure communication. It is used to websites want to communicate information using SSL handshake, such as for asking login information. The built-in redirection takes you to the HTTPS version of the website that you want to visit.

HTTPS Redirection

FastestVPN’s Advanced Features For Chrome Extension

FastestVPN gives you the power to take control of your privacy. It was developed with features that offer the best value. And each feature serves towards the goal of giving you the best browsing experience.

Global VPN Network

Get access to server locations worldwide and change your IP unlimited times to best suit your need.

VPN Kill Switch

Get disconnected immediately in case your VPN connection drops unexpectedly and put a stop to any dreaded IP leaks.

DNS Leak Protection

Keeps all unauthorized and third parties, like your ISP or DNS service, at bay from prying on your online activity.

WebRTC Blocking

Keep your privacy intact and prevent websites from discovering your physical location with WebRTC blocking.

Location Spoofing

Changes your geolocation in Chrome browser to that of the IP address of the VPN location that you choose to be connected to.

HTTPS Everywhere

The VPN extension automatically directs you to the more secure HTTPS version of the website that you access.

Fastest VPN Works
Just As Seamlessly on Other Devices

A VPN that is built to give you absolute freedom to surf the internet freely and anonymously.

FastestVPN works on devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, iPhone, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles and more. Browse the web or stream geo-restricted content on your favorite device once you’re connected to FastestVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install a VPN for Chrome Extension?

Go to the FastestVPN page to get your account credentials. Once you got the credentials email, go to the “Apps” page. Scroll down and click when you find ‘’VPN for CHROME EXTENSION’’. Now, you will navigate to Chrome Web Store, click at “Add to Chrome” wait for the installation to continue using FastestVPN on Chrome.

How to login and connect to the Fastest VPN Chrome Extension?

Follow these instructions to connect FastestVPN Chrome Extension:

1) Launch Chrome browser and click at FastestVPN icon appearing on the browser’s top right corner.

2) Enter your credentials and click to login

3) Choose your server location

4) Now click at the connect button to run FastestVPN Chrome Extension.

How to access your favorite website?

To access your favorite website using FastestVPN Chrome Extension simply, launch extension, select your preferred location and wait to get connected. Once you connect, go to any website and have full access without restrictions.

Is the Fastest VPN Extension for Chrome free or paid?

FastestVPN Chrome Extension is free to download. However, to have a VPN service on your browser, you need to get login credentials first.

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