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Get the Best MacOS VPN for Advanced Security & Privacy

FastestVPN gives you Malware protection with its VPN app for Mac. When you connect to the VPN, you can successfully prevent malware attacks and other kinds of viruses from reaching your device.

Secure your device and data from any location, even while using public Wi-Fi. Simply install the FastestVPN Mac app and connect to any server. It instantly protects your data and privacy while connecting with public or free Wi-Fi.

Our macOS app secures your connection with its industry-leading AES 256-bit encryption. All the FastestVPN apps, including the macOS VPN, operate with the best security to protect your data and digital footprints.

How to Set Up the Best VPN
for Mac

  1. Create your FastestVPN account.
  2. Download the VPN app on your device.
  3. Launch the VPN and connect to the best server.
  4. You now have secure access online on your Apple computer.

Contact the FastestVPN Support Team through live chat or email for further assistance.

Why is FastestVPN the Best for Mac?

The FastestVPN app for macOS comes with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and protocols such as “Auto,” “IKEv2,” and OpenVPN “TCP/UDP” that you can connect with on the best Mac VPN app. This ensures you get nothing but the best for security and privacy online.

With FastestVPN, you can download its VPN app for macOS and access the best geo-locked content globally. Download VPN for Mac, sign in, and connect to the best server. FastestVPN allows you to access both local and international apps and content.

When you install the macOS app, it protects you against government surveillance and censorship. Not only that, but it also helps you overcome ISP restrictions. Enjoy content without any censorship and surveillance issues on your Mac computers.

We help you control how your data or personal information is stored or monitored. Most websites log users' data and sell them to third parties. Get our app for Mac and prevent data retention. Neither your ISP, websites, nor we can store your data.

3 Steps to Get a FastestVPN Account for Mac Devices


VPN for Mac
Choose a FastestVPN subscription and create your account.


VPN for Mac
Type your name, and email, and choose a payment method.


VPN for Mac
Check out and download the macOS VPN app.

Install FastestVPN on Mac Devices (Apple PC/Laptops)

Mac devices are known for their security features; despite that, cyber threats always find their way around. To leverage complete digital freedom on your Mac device, install the best macOS VPN app.

Bypass geo-restrictions and access your favorite platforms using FastestVPN for macOS. Connect to one of the P2P-optimized servers, and once done, digital freedom awaits!

This best VPN for Mac will instantly provide access to geo-restricted content and protect your digital footprints. You can use the internet without ever having to worry about anything. The FastestVPN app for macOS prevents ISP throttling and prevents data leaks.

FastestVPN apps for macOS are compatible with versions 10.15 and later for OS X Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, and more. The supported Mac devices are compatible with the FastestVPN Mac app including Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Pro, iMac & Retina 5K, and Mac Mini and all earlier models.

A Mac VPN for Gaming

Many games are geo-restricted, while others are censored due to the laws in your country. If there are no geo-limitations, expect a great difference in pricing. The packages offered often come with different tags based on the region.

If you use a Mac for gaming and plan on bypassing these restrictions, the FastestVPN app for macOS has to be your pick! Download VPN for Mac and connect to one of the high-speed servers to change your IP address and access them.

Gaming also requires fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which your ISP throttles. With our VPN for Mac, you can bypass ISP throttling, lower high ping issues, and prevent DDoS attacks or malware infiltration that always come with gaming.

FastestVPN Features for macOS

P2P File Sharing

With our P2P servers, you can privately and safely access the best torrenting platforms. Expect speedy downloads on your Mac device.

Ad Blocker

Gaming on a Mac device? Tired of ads constantly popping up? The FastestVPN app for macOS offers an in-built Ad-Blocker.

10 Simultaneous Connections

With the same FastestVPN subscription, you can download the Mac VPN on your device or up to 10 other devices.

NAT Firewall

Install the FastestVPN Mac app and get a NAT Firewall feature to prevent malware attacks and other online threats from infiltrating your macOS devices.

Unlimited Server-Switching

Start streaming the best movies and TV shows, or even get access to gaming apps with our Mac VPN. You can make unlimited server switches.

24/7 Live Chat

If there are any questions or concerns, contact the FastestVPN 24/7 live chat through its homepage or the direct extension on the VPN for Mac app.

FAQs - Mac VPN

What is the best VPN protocol for Mac?

The FastestVPN software for Mac comes loaded with several features, one of which is its protocols. Our app for Mac features “IKEv2,” “Auto,” and OpenVPN “TCP/UDP.” All protocols work equally well with Mac. However, your usage depends on which protocol you decide to connect to. OpenVPN has UDP and TCP protocols that can be used for different purposes. TCP is ideal for browsing, whereas UDP is great for video calling. You can also use UDP for streaming as it does not wait for the retransmission of lost packets and does not wait for acknowledgment from the client; therefore works faster than most protocols.

Should I use a free VPN for Mac?

You shouldn’t. Free VPNs for Mac are not safe, and they come with limitations. The speeds are extremely slow, bandwidth is limited, and you won’t have enough server access to unblock the best streaming services on Mac. FastestVPN is the best affordable MacOS VPN and offers industry-leading security and optimized servers.

Does the FastestVPN app for Mac work in China?

Yes, FastestVPN works everywhere, be it China, or US, or Russia. The usability of our VPN apps are not limited to any country or region.

Will a Mac VPN keep me anonymous?

Yes, a VPN for Mac will keep you anonymous online. FastestVPN runs your internet traffic securely through its server. As a result, the ISP or any third party cannot see what you are doing on the web. Our apps secure your connection and ensure full privacy at all times.

Can I use my Mac VPN on other devices?

As the top VPN for Mac, FastestVPN believes in giving value. You can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously with a single subscription. There is no restriction on the device type either so you can connect several different devices.

24 Hours Live Chat Support

24 Hours Live Chat Support

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Buy With Confidence

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