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FastestVPN’s Advanced VPN Browser Extension Features

Our VPN proxy extension for Microsoft Edge ensures complete private and secure access to the internet, securing your browser traffic and preventing third-party websites or your ISP from spying on you or stealing your data.


The FastestVPN Extension for Microsoft Edge comes with an Ad-blocker feature. Enable it to enjoy uninterrupted streaming or browsing without constant malicious ads.

Block WebRTC

Enable the Block WebRTC feature on FastestVPN’s Microsoft Edge VPN extension and prevent websites using WebRTC from tracking your IP address and location.

HTTPS Protection

The FastestVPN Microsoft Edge extension comes with HTTPS protection. This is to ensure that your connection is encrypted and secure over access to any website.

Safe Browsing

Connect with any global server that is the best for your location and access numerous websites safely and privately. Our servers are designed for safe browsing online.

3 Steps to Get the Best VPN Extension for Microsoft Edge


15-Day Money Back Guarantee

First, head to the FastestVPN website



Subscribe and create your account.



Download the FastestVPN extension for Edge.

Why You Need the Best VPN Extension for Microsoft Edge

The internet is vast, and so are the threats and restrictions that come with it. With FastestVPN’s proxy extension for Edge, you’re able to secure your internet traffic, encrypt your connection, and change your IP address to any location while browsing on Microsoft Edge. The extension’s Ad-Blocker, HTTPS protection, Block WebRTC, and international servers are what allow you to make the most of your time online and safely.

Fast Browsing with Unlimited Bandwidth

Our VPN browser extension is streamlined to give you quick access to the best websites without having to wait too long for them to load. Our servers are revamped to produce 10Gbps faster speeds. This means zero buffering or lagging while loading websites or streaming online.

Stream & Access Websites Without Boundaries

With FastestVPN as the best Microsoft Edge VPN provider, you can connect with any of our 600+ servers in 50+ locations. This way, you can privately access any websites you like, be it for accessing streaming platforms, games, social media accounts, and more.

Prevent Malicious Ads, Links & Other Threats

Most websites with ads are malicious and threatening. If you click on the wrong links, you could lose data, be tracked, or have your devices infected with viruses. FastestVPN is the best VPN extension for Microsoft Edge that blocks ads and prevents malware intrusions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Microsoft Edge have a VPN?

Yes, Microsoft Edge does offer a free in-built VPN, but its functionality is not as good. Plus, it’s never recommended to connect with free VPN services, especially since they monitor and track your data.

How do I set up a VPN on Edge?

First, head to the FastestVPN website and create your account. Next, download and install the Microsoft VPN extension on your browser. Sign in to your FastestVPN account and connect to the best server according to the website you want access to. You can also enable the Ad-Blocker or WebRTC Block tool manually from the Settings.

Is the Microsoft Edge VPN any good?

The Microsoft Edge VPN is said to come with encryption, but there is no saying to what degree. Free VPN proxies are usually not the best solution because of their nature. Plus, the servers that it offers are extremely limited and barely unblock most websites. This is why using premium VPN extensions for Edge, like FastestVPN, is recommended.

Can I use a free VPN for Microsoft Edge?

The Edge VPN is free to use but doesn’t seem to provide much functionality compared to FastestVPN. Our Edge VPN extension helps secure your browsing, produces 10Gbps fast speeds, hides your IP address, blocks malicious ads, and protects against websites using WebRTC.

How do you use a VPN Edge extension?

First, you need to create your account with FastestVPN by choosing a paid subscription from the website. Now, once you’ve signed up with FastestVPN, you can either download the Edge VPN extension from our website or from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons Store. Sign in to your account, tweak the settings if needed, and connect to the best server location.

Is the free Edge VPN safe?

It is marked as safe, but free VPNs don’t have the same functionality as premium or paid providers. FastestVPN gives many more features for you to use for online protection, access to unlimited websites, and fast speeds.

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