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About FastestVPN

FastestVPN is a Cayman Island based company that brings you a team of dedicated IT specialists who are truly committed to provide you a seamless blend of fast and secure network connection.

The Problem

With technological advancement in modern age, comes many safety and confidentiality related issues. The internet gives a free ground to opportunist to gain multitudes through the medium. But along with harmless house consumption, companies, and small businesses, there exists evil too who work around to procure access of your most intimate practices and routine. These include spammers, advertisement agencies and hackers who pose serious threat. Public Wi-Fi hotspots are also playing fields for hackers to intercept personal credentials such as passwords and credit card numbers. Over the internet, data of our everyday lives is exposed to interested parties who use it to their advantage which is not aligned with your interests.


The Solution

Solution to third party interference is to create a secure tunnel network between you and your internet activities. FastestVPN is especially built with advanced protocols and 256-Bit AES encryption which secures you on public Wi-Fi networks, clears cookies and commendably protects your identity. It works as the best solution for anonymity, privacy and security.

Our Promise

Our team at FastestVPN seriously commits to cater to its customers. We prioritize our customers’ privacy and security
and make sure to protect their rights to uniqueness. FastestVPN aims to assist you to a secure internet experience without leaking your
data to third parties. Surf the internet stress-free with FastestVPN.

Online Privacy & Security

You are vulnerable to online attacks over public and private networks. Take control of your security and privacy with advance features (256-Bit encryption, best protocols, and anti-malware) that are incorporated in FastestVPN connection.

Free Internet
Open & Free Internet

Today we are faced with complex privacy and security issues that were not existent even 15 years in the past. As the Internet came into existance, many different entities such as spammers and advertising firms have gained terrifying access into our most intimate habits. In addition, using tracking, data collecting, hacking, and other various techniques, these entities have a more detailed model of our behaviors, interests, as well as information on every website we visit.

Fastest Blazing Speed

Get unlimited bandwidth and ultra-high speed while downloading and uploading. FastestVPN is optimized for P2P file sharing; choose a server location and get the highest speeds. With 99.99% uptime, enjoy fastest VPN connectivity round the clock.

Blazing Speed
No Logs
No Log Policy

We follow all our policies very stringently including our zero logging policy. Surf the internet without any tracks as we keep no data that could be used to identify you. Your activity is limited to your browser as we do not maintain any activity or connection logs.

Protect your Privacy with FastestVPN

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with a hidden IP address and encrypted internet traffic.

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