Who Are We?

FastestVPN is a product of Fastest Technology Limited which is a Cayman-Islands based IT Security Consulting Company. This venture was a result of a meeting that was held by the company. Since the meeting’s core discussion revolved around internet safety issues, a solution in the form of FastestVPN emerged as an ideal one. FastestVPN is, therefore, designed exclusively to create a Virtual Private Network in order to safeguard every individual’s privacy from getting intruded.

At FastestVPN, we have collaborated with some of the finest of IT professionals who are determined individuals focused on eradicating all possible threats of cybercrimes. As well-learned tech personnel, we envision FastestVPN standing as the only prevailing name in the VPN industry.

Our Mission

Faster VPN Service

Whether you surf, chat, watch or read, do it all with our super-fast network connection. Never see a video buffer again!

Access to hundreds of Channels

FastestVPN’s diverse IPs allow you to access countless different channels to entertain yourself with that will keep you riveted to your seats all day long!

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Contact our team of well-accomplished individuals and get help through live chat, an email, a phone call or Skype-all in your native language!

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