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To all our valued customers and future partners, we’re excited to announce that FastestVPN passed its first independent Audit by the renowned Altius IT, a leading independent California-based Certified Information Systems Auditor. The FastestVPN no-logs policy underwent 360 scrutinies, where we can show you that we truly represent a secure and reliable no-logs policy.

The entire VPN app, its servers, its features, and all legal policies were held under evaluation. As promised, FastestVPN is there to secure your anonymity, enhance your privacy online and ensure that no one, not even us, has access to your sensitive information.

Let’s get you into the details!

Why is it Crucial to Verify a VPN’s No-Logs Policy?

Trust is a primary and binding key factor for any VPN provider to maintain a secure relationship with its customers. Almost any VPN provider can claim they’re a no-logs VPN, but to what degree is that true?

How can an active user or potential customer know for a fact that a VPN’s no-logs policy is authentic? Or to be respectful of your privacy whenever you connect to a VPN server?

This is why we’ve taken significant steps to ask a top-league auditing firm like Altius IT to analyze our FastestVPN software. They went through every nook and cranny and verified that FastestVPN does not violate and breach its terms of service, its privacy policy, and specifically its no-logs policy. FastestVPN claims and still remains a certified no-logs VPN that cares about your privacy.

Third-Party Audit - What Does that Mean for a VPN?

An external VPN audit's purpose is to unveil whether the VPN provider’s policies are true or accurate. There is no point in a VPN provider claiming they’re no-logs but have no proof or certifications to prove it. This is why we perform third-party audits to prove our policies are authentic and trustworthy.

A Milestone Achieved in Our Aim to Provide Online Privacy

FastestVPN is constantly striving to improve and design a VPN software that simply secures, unblocks content, maintains privacy, and works! This audit is proof and another stepping stone achieved on our road to offering you nothing but the best.

Our headquarters are in the Cayman Islands, which is a secure location. By law, this location does not have policies to retain user data. We at FastestVPN settle only for the best and nothing less than that. We’re not only the best VPN that secures your device, data, and anonymity, but we aim to offer price packages that everyone can enjoy.

Our apps are designed with stream-lined technology and give you access to industry-leading security features. Over time, we’ve executed significant changes that revolutionized our apps. We’ve included 10Gbps servers, the WireGuard protocol, and even have a working Kill Switch on all apps.

Our no-logs and privacy policy are the binding and underlying foundation that keeps our users safe. It ensures that your IP addresses, passwords, and other identifiable data are never logged. The sole purpose of a VPN, other than accessing geo-restricted platforms, is to ensure that you do it anonymously.

We’re here and always ready and eager to cater to all your streaming, gaming, and privacy needs. FastestVPN aims to protect.

We are the Service You Deserve!

Our audit process is the icing on the cake. We’re incredibly proud to call ourselves a no-logs VPN and equally proud of the results post-audit. Our software and services give you the best-budgeted plans and the transparency that you require. We’ve been working hours on end to give you all-inclusive security software that works because you deserve nothing but the best!

We’d like to thank the never-ending support of our customers. We are constantly trying to improve our product, giving you services according to your requirements.


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