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Why Do You Need the Best Germany VPN?

Online surveillance and censorship are the main reasons to get the best VPN for Germany. Here’s how a German VPN can help you:

Eliminate Data Retention

In Germany, government agencies have made it mandatory for Telecommunication and Internet Service Providers to retain their users' data. It includes browsing activities, websites visited, and more. A Germany VPN prevents the compromisation of data and maintains anonymity, where you control the internet.

Unblock German TV

German TV channels like ZDF, MDR, Das Erste, and even Netflix Germany are blocked outside the country. You need the best VPN for Germany to unblock and access these services from abroad. It gives you a reliable German IP address to make you appear in the country to access local content.

Security Over Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi hotspots are incredibly unsafe. Anyone with the right tools or software can infiltrate your connection and compromise your device. When you connect to a VPN in Germany, you can securely connect to any WiFi source without worrying. Your connection is secured with AES 256-bit encryption.

Evade Mass Surveillance

Surveillance agencies have been known to monitor their citizens online for years. Moreover, the government has planned a massive increase in its budget for such activities. A VPN is needed for online protection against mass surveillance and data retention. It encrypts your data and keeps you anonymous.

FastestVPN for Germany in 2023

Access the best German TV shows, apps, and websites abroad, or maintain online privacy and security with the FastestVPN Germany VPN app. We aim to offer:

  • Secure Germany VPN and global servers.
  • Bypass ISP throttling.
  • Access to banking apps and German TV abroad.
  • AES 256-bit encryption for all devices.
  • Get secure German IP addresses.
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31-day money-back guarantee

3 Simple Steps to Get the Best VPN for Germany

FastestVPN gives you affordable yet industry-demanding features for online protection in Germany. Here’s how to get your Germany VPN:


31-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up

Subscribe to FastestVPN and select a package.




Download and install the VPN on your device.




Start the VPN, sign in, and connect to a Germany VPN server.

Reasons to Connect with the FastestVPN Germany Servers


Access German TV, Games, and Websites

FastestVPN offers secure German IP addresses to unblock all local moves, TV shows, and apps in any country.


Securely Access Banking Apps

Making online transactions or accessing banking apps are made secure with the FastestVPN Germany VPN servers.


Evade Online Surveillance in Germany

The internet in Germany is constantly monitored by ISPs. The FastestVPN servers make sure your traffic is private.


Secure Emails, Passwords & Accounts

Safely and privately secure your social accounts, lock passwords, and send emails privately with FastestVPN German servers.


FastestVPN - A Germany VPN that Works!

The internet in Germany is constantly under surveillance and scrutiny. You visit no website that your ISP does not monitor. Then, when you travel outside the country, you lose access to all German TV shows, apps, and even more. Geo-blocks are real issues globally, and Germany is no exception.

With the best VPN for Germany, you can circumvent these geo-restrictions and access local content in any country. It is why most Germans are looking for reliable and working VPNs. FastestVPN not only gives you access to the best Germany IP addresses and unblocks content, but it has apps that are secured with military-grade features. But is using a VPN illegal in Germany? Yes, they’re 100% legal to use, but just not for copyright content.

FastestVPN for Germany - Advanced Features

FastestVPN secures your internet connection in Germany with nothing but the best-streamlined features. Here’s what to expect with our German VPN app:

Secure P2P Servers

Torrenting platforms aren’t the safest to access. Our FastestVPN P2P German servers ensure security for legal torrenting.

Ad Blocker

There are many German websites that come with an influx of ads. Evade them with the FastestVPN Germany servers.

10 Multi-Device Logins

With one FastestVPN subscription, you can use the Germany VPN on up to 10 connections, and that too simultaneously.

NAT Firewall

Block unsolicited traffic from infiltrating your network in Germany with the FastestVPN NAT Firewall feature.

Unlimited Server-Switching

Either connect with our German VPN server or use another global option; it doesn’t matter since there are no limits!

24/7 Customer Support

If you need to set up your Germany VPN or require help getting started, contact our 24/7 customer support.

FAQs - Germany VPN

Is torrenting illegal in Germany?

Yes! Torrenting is considered illegal in Germany. The internet laws in the country are harsh, and that means restrictions on a number of activities, including torrenting. The government has enforced heavy fines on any German citizen who downloads content. It’s why we recommend using only the best Germany VPN service that offers secure P2P-optimized servers.

Can I use a free VPN for Germany?

Free German VPNs are usually a very bad idea to use. There are numerous laws against what you can and cannot access online. Free providers often come with vulnerabilities like zero encryption, slow speeds, and extremely limited servers. It’s never a wise decision to use a free VPN for Germany. FastestVPN, instead, offers a premium, secure and affordable option to use. Plus, it comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with these services.

Is streaming illegal in Germany?

Only streaming pirated content in Germany is illegal. However, you can still access popular streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, and more. If you travel to Germany and your streaming accounts are blocked, we recommend connecting to FastestVPN and change your IP address to a secure local one.

How do watch German TV abroad?

It’s easy to watch German TV in any country. The best way to unblock German TV globally is by using the best VPN service for Germany. FastestVPN offers a German IP address that encrypts your connection and secures your traffic, keeping you anonymous. With its German VPN server, you can access German TV in any country.

Are VPNs legal in Germany?

Yes, a VPN is legal to use in Germany. There is no law at the moment against using VPNs in Germany. The only obstruction lies in using a VPN to download copyrighted or pirated content. You can use a VPN to secure your connection, prevent security risks, and safely access popular streaming services.

How do I get a German VPN?

You can easily get a German VPN by first subscribing to FastestVPN. It’s secure, fast, and the most affordable right now. All you need to do is create your account, download and install the VPN on a supported device and connect to a German IP address.

Why do I need a VPN in Germany?

There are many reasons why you’d need a VPN for Germany. When you use a VPN, it helps secure your connection and improves your privacy online. Plus, there are many streaming services, websites, and apps that are blocked in the country. You can use the FastestVPN global servers to access them. Additionally, you need a German VPN to bypass ISP throttling and prevent harsh online surveillance and data retention.

Can I use a Germany VPN extension?

Yes, you can use a VPN extension for quick secure access to any website that you visit. FastestVPN offers VPN extensions for Chrome and Firefox that you can download in Germany.

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