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Why Choose FastestVPN for Firefox Extension?

VPN gives you the power you need to browse the web freely. Much of the content on the web is locked behind geo-restriction or censored by the government. VPN bypasses all such restrictions to give you an experience that’s truly unrestricted.

FastestVPN’s extension for Firefox is lightweight package designed for those who simply want to surf the web in anonymity. With one click of a button, you can bypass geo-restrictions and censored websites that you otherwise cannot access.

FastestVPN also gives you the ability to;

Access geo-restricted

Block ISP from tracking and throttling speed

Defend against hackers and surveillance

Avoid data retention and copyright laws

How to Setup FastestVPN Firefox VPN Extension

FastestVPN extension for Firefox gives you the ability to control VPN protection directly from the web browser. It’s a lightweight package that takes a small memory footprint. Simply click on the FastestVPN icon, connect to any VPN server, and start surfing – it’s that easy.


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Configure on Router

Install FastestVPN’s Firefox VPN
extention on Firefox web browser


Connect Countries

Use the Firefox VPN extension interface
to connect with any of FastestVPN servers

How to set up a VPN for FireFox Extension

VPN Protection from the Web Browser

  • Kill Switch
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • WebRTC Blocking
  • Secure with HTTPS

If you need help, The FastestVPN Support Team is available via live chat and email.

Convenient Access and Small Footprint

Memory is a precious resource. FastestVPN’s Firefox Extension takes up very little space in the memory. In short, it is less demanding than the desktop app. It’s privacy and internet freedom in a lightweight package. The extension is built right into the Firefox web browser interface. Just download the extension, click on FastestVPN’s icon, connect to your desired location, and start surfing privately. The best part is that you don’t even have to leave your web browser.

VPN Login
VPN Connected

Kill Switch

Most people do not know this but even the most secure network can be compromised simply due to poor or dropped connections. While using a VPN if your internet suddenly disconnects, your IP address and transferred traffic is immediately exposed. Hence all of the data being transmitted through your device is not encrypted and can easily be targeted by hackers. However, our Kill switch is the perfect solution to this problem as this feature will block all outgoing and incoming traffic. This feature will also block your device from reconnecting to the internet unless the VPN is active.

Protection Against Leaks

FastestVPN for Firefox has been built to protect you against leaks that reveal your identity to websites. WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) is a built-in protocol in browsers that allows them to communicate with websites for voice and video. Some VPNs don’t offer protection against WebRTC leaks, but FastestVPN does.

VPN Settings

FastestVPN’s Advanced Features For Firefox Extension

FastestVPN gives you the power to take control of your privacy. It was developed with features that offer the best value. And each feature serves towards the goal of giving you the best browsing experience.

VPN Coverage

Connect with a network of 150+ servers located in 23 countries worldwide

Kill Switch

Prevent ISP-detection in the event VPN connection drops temporarily

DNS Leak Protection

Ensure your real location is not exposed to the ISP and websites

WebRTC Blocking

Go further to prevent websites from discovering your DNS and IP address

Location Spoofing

Use the VPN network to instantly get a private IP address, surf the web anonymously and unblock every restricted website on the internet.

Secure with HTTPS

FastestVPN connects you with HTTPS version of websites automatically for the most secure access

Fastest VPN Works
Just As Seamlessly on Other Devices

A VPN that is built to give you absolute freedom to surf the internet freely and anonymously.

FastestVPN works on devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, iPhone, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, gaming consoles and more. Browse the web or stream geo-restricted content on your favorite device once you’re connected to FastestVPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Fastest VPN Firefox Extension?

The process is very simple. Download the Firefox VPN extension from FastestVPN’s website and let it install on your web browser.

How to login and connect to Firefox VPN Extension?

Once you’ve subscribed to FastestVPN, use the credentials to login from the extension’s interface.

How to Access your Favorite Website?

Connect to the server of your choice. Once the VPN status shows established connection, visit your favorite website without any restriction.

Is FastestVPN’s Firefox VPN Extension Free or Paid?

Firefox VPN extension is free to download and install. However, it requires login credentials to access VPN service.

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