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Advanced Features of The Best Firefox Extension

The FastestVPN Firefox extension add-on offers the most advanced features to provide you with the best browsing experience.

VPN Coverage

Extensive server network with 550+ servers in 40+ countries at your disposal.

Easy to use

A simple and easy-to-use Firefox extension VPN. Stay anonymous on the internet with one click.

WebRTC blocking

Ensure that no website ever discovers your real IP address and DNS.

Location spoofing

Connect to the server network of your choice to unblock geo-restricted websites with ease.

Secure with HTTPS

Connect to the HTTPS version of websites with the best Firefox VPN extension.

Top-level security

Browse the internet with 100% anonymity and keep your online data safe from online surveillance.

How to Setup FastestVPN Firefox VPN Extension

Get the FastestVPN extension for Firefox and experience the best internet freedom. FastestVPN enables you to take control of a VPN directly from the web browser. It’s a lightweight package that takes a small memory footprint. Connect on the FastestVPN icon, connect to any VPN server, and start surfing.


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VPN Protection From The Web Browser

  • Ad-blocker
  • WebRTC Blocking
  • Smart Connect
  • Servers for Streaming Channels

If you need help, The FastestVPN Support Team is available via live chat and email.

Convenient Access and Lightweight

FastestVPN’s firefox extension is quite lightweight and enables you to browse the internet anonymously. Thanks to its convenient access, you do not even feel that you are connected to a VPN Firefox extension because of how smoothly it works.

Protection Against Leaks

FastestVPN being the best Firefox extension VPN, ensures that your actual identity stays anonymous while you browse the internet. Thanks to the FastestVPN WebTRC feature, your Firefox browser communicates with different websites for voice and video without revealing your identity. Many VPNs don’t offer protections against WebRTC leaks, but FastestVPN does.

Block Ads

With the help of the FastestVPN Ad-blocker feature in the Firefox extension, you will be dodging the malicious ads coming your way. Nothing can be more frustrating than dealing with ads while you are looking for something important on the internet. Get the FastestVPN extension for Firefox today and enjoy a flawless browsing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is FastestVPN the Best Firefox Extension?

The process is very simple. Download the Firefox VPN extension from FastestVPN’s website and let it install on your web browser.

How to login and connect to Firefox VPN Extension?

Once you’ve subscribed to FastestVPN, use the credentials to login from the extension’s interface.

How to Access your Favorite Website?

Connect to the server of your choice. Once the VPN status shows established connection, visit your favorite website without any restriction.

Is FastestVPN’s Firefox VPN Extension Free or Paid?

Firefox VPN extension is free to download and install. However, it requires login credentials to access VPN service.

24 Hours Live Chat Support

24 Hours Live Chat Support

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Buy With Confidence

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