Kodi VPN: How to Setup a VPN on Kodi (Updated August 2019)

Kodi VPN: Kodi is an open source application that is popular amongst many. Many users of Kodi still are not aware of the far reach that Kodi has. When Kodi is paired with a VPN, the dynamics change completely, opening multiple doors letting you have a large pool of access to different add-ons, channels, and shows.

What is Kodi VPN?

Kodi is a streaming service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, Sports, live TV, and listen to music. It has become a perfect source for all your entertainment needs, and by installing different Kodi add-ons, you can stream the latest media content on Kodi without any hassle. However, when using Kodi, users may encounter geo-restrictions that stop them from accessing various channels. By using a Kodi VPN, users can bypass geo-blocks and stream unlimited blocked content securely without worrying about DMCA notices.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the best Kodi VPN and how you can configure it on different devices, so keep on reading.

Kodi has recently introduced the latest version of their service after a super long wait. Kodi Leia 18 comes equipped with a vast range of features including; radio data system, keyboard support, third-party game consoles support, Live TV features, global direct channel support, and a Python 3 interpreter, to name a few.

Download Kodi 18 Leia for Your Device

Downloading this latest version is not difficult, simply follow these links to download Kodi 18 Leila for your device.

Kodi 18.2 Leia 32 Bit Download for windows.

Kodi 18.2 Leia 64 Bit Download for windows

Mac Devices

For Mac devices follow the following link.

Kodi 18.2 Leia Download 64-Bit for Mac

Don’t forget to also download FastestVPN to remove any geo-restrictions when using your favorite Kodi add-ons on this latest version of Kodi.

VPN For Kodi


Why Do I Need VPN for Kodi?

To get the most out of Kodi and enjoy limitless streaming you will need to configure a Kodi VPN or you’ll require a Kodi VPN addon. It will provide every bit of entertainment that lacks in Kodi. Following are the reasons why is a Kodi VPN needed:

To enjoy the limitless stream and get the most out of Kodi, you will need a Kodi VPN addon. It will give you unrestricted access to content that you may not get in Kodi without it. Here are some other reasons to why you should use a Kodi VPN:

  • Stops ISP from tracking your browsing activities and retain your online data.
  • Avoid DMCA notices.
  • Prevent ISPs from throttling your internet connection
  • Prevents your ISP from bandwidth throttling
  • Secures your online identity from hackers and cyber attacks.
  • Unblocks regional-restricted streaming channels such as BBC iPlayer, ESPN, Fox, and many other global TV channels.
  • Bypass geo-blocks on different Kodi Add-ons for streaming TV shows such as Game of Thrones (HBO), House of Cards (Netflix), Arrow, etc.
  • Avoid snooping and mass surveillance by NSA and other government agencies.
  • Access Torrent and other P2P websites without getting caught by copyright regulators.

Best Kodi VPN that works with every addon and device

FastestVPN is the best Kodi VPN 2018 that allows you to bypass all regional restrictions and enjoy unlimited streaming services without any problems. It can be used to change your IP address to a different one of your choice (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, etc.), where the streaming channel is accessible.

By using Kodi VPN, you can easily enjoy unlimited access to your favorite movies, music, and channels from anywhere. It allows you to access latest streaming content anonymously and protects your online identity from prying eyes while you watch your favorite video content.

FastestVPN servers are P2P supported and streaming optimized VPN for Kodi, enabling you to enjoy high-speed videos and music streaming without any lags.

What are the implications of using Kodi without VPN?

Kodi is an amazing media streaming service that lets you access Movies, TV shows, music and much more easily. But since Kodi is an open source platform, it is becoming an attractive target for cybercriminals and hackers. To stay safe and protected against these criminals, you need to use a VPN to guarantee ultimate online privacy and security. However, if you fail to use a Kodi VPN, it can have severe security implications. Other than the security reasons, using Kodi without a VPN can lead you to receive a DMCA notice, and even hefty fines and jail time if the usage is continued thereafter.

Here are some of the consequences of not using a Kodi VPN:

The trouble with Copy Right Law Enforcers

Although we don’t condone the use of Kodi for accessing copyright content, in reality, the 3rd party add-ons that give access to copyright material, is the main reason why people started using Kodi.

If you use Kodi to access pirated content, you may find yourself in trouble due to copyright infringement. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) states that it is illegal to produce and/or disseminate any device, service or technology that is bound by Copyright contract. If you are watching or streaming live shows, sports, movies or tv shows on Kodi though 3rd part or illegal add-ons you may be destined to receive a DMCA notice. If you disregard the DMCA notice and continue with your practices, you’ll then be charged in civil court which will eventually result in you paying hefty fines or worse serving jail time. To stay out of such trouble, then you must equip yourself first with a Kodi VPN.

Kodi Is Hackable

Kodi is an open source platform used by more than 40 million users every month, which means it is extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. Although the Kodi application itself is secure, the third-party add-ons that you use aren’t so. These add-ons use content from suspect websites which could access your whole system, thus makes you prone to different kind of cyberattacks. Hackers can manipulate the code of the add-on, create malicious files and used them on different repositories. When you download an add-on from such repos, you become a victim of the cyber attack and the hacker gets complete control of your device. Therefore using a Kodi VPN is a must!

Kodi Isn’t Anonymous

Kodi lacks privacy, which can be interpreted as a huge security flaw. The add-ons are not password-protected and the whole platform is unsafe in term of privacy. Hackers can access your data and steal your information with ease. Hackers and snoopers can monitor your activities easily by tracing your IP address and sending you malicious files to steal your personal information and data.

If you use Kodi daily, you need to protect yourself from all online threats. You can only do this if you have a Kodi VPN installed on your device. A VPN will not only mask your IP but also use high-level encryption to secure your data against cyber threats.

You can subscribe to FastestVPN to its amazing security features and encryption, and start using Kodi the way it should be used. FastestVPN is best Kodi VPN 2018, offering you the best security and anonymity for Kodi at the most affordable rates.

Stream Geo-Blocked Add-ons using Kodi VPN

Streaming geo-blocked add-ons on Kodi VPN is just like bypassing geo-restrictions on your browser. The only difference between them is you will be doing it on Kodi instead of a browser.

Accessing geo-blocked streaming add-ons such as BBC iPlayer is easy with a Kodi VPN. Since BBC iPlayer is a UK based channel, using a Kodi VPN with a UK server will allow you to unblock the channel streaming instantly. When connected to a UK VPN server, your IP address will be switched to a UK IP, hence allowing you to easily stream BBC iPlayer and other streaming content from the UK.

Here is a quick guide to unblock and access geo-restricted channels using a Kodi VPN:

  • Sign up for FastestVPN service at discount with Black Friday vpn deals
    buy fastestvpn
  • Download and install FastestVPN app on your device
    download and install FastestVPN Apps
  • Launch the app and switch your server location to the required VPN server (i.e. for BBC iPlayer, connect to a UK VPN Server)
  • Make sure you are connected through IKEv2 or PPTP protocols
    connect FastestVPN App
  • Launch Kodi on the same device
    launch kodi on device
  • Install your favorite streaming add-on
    install streaming addons

    install from repository

    favorite streaming addon

    watch live streaming on kodi

  • When installed, you will be able to stream your favorite channel such as BBC iPlayer easily.

Android Boxes Supported by Kodi VPN

Android boxes are an excellent source of entertainment for streaming content on your TV. They turn your usual LED TV into a smart TV, having the same features and functionalities as an Android smartphone. Amazingly, Kodi is available on almost all versions of Android Box. You can either Get Kodi from Google Play store or download its APK file for Android from the internet.

As far as Kodi VPN compatibility with Android boxes goes, FastestVPN offers its Android VPN app that is also compatible with android boxes. The best way of setting up FastestVPN for Kodi on your Android boxes is by downloading the FastestVPN Android App from play store and installing it on your android box. You can also set up the VPN through ES Explorer.

How to Add Channels on Kodi (Legal Channels)

Like most open source platforms, Kodi also doesn’t have a pre-stored channel library. This means that you will need to install latest Kodi add-ons on your own. Installing an add-on on Kodi VPN is simple and can be done within minutes. Here is a step by step guide on you can easily add channels on Kodi:

  1. Launch the Kodi app
    launch kodi app
  2. From the main menu (left corner), look for Videos option, click on then select Video add-ons
    kodi addons
  3. When clicked, a new window will appear with various add-ons
    kodi video addons
  4. Look for the options icon on the lower-left corner of your screen, click on it and then click “get more
    kodi addon browser
  5. Now you will be given a list of various broadcasting channels you can stream. Select the channel you want to watch and add them to your library
    click addon install
  6. After selecting your desired add-on, click on install
    kodi addon installation
  7. The add-on will be installed and after the installation, you will see a “tick” mark before the channel’s name
  8. Now, click on that channel and activate it
    kodi streaming content
  9. When activation is done, you will be able to stream its content
    select program in kodi
  10. Select any program or show that you want to watch
    select any show kodi
  11. Enjoy the streaming of your desired media on Kodi.
    streaming media on kodi

You can stream countless online channels on Kodi including BBC iPlayer WWW, Fox News, ESPN, MTV.de, and many other by installing their add-ons. However, some of these add-ons may not be easily accessible and may require a Kodi VPN. Using a Kodi VPN will enable you to avoid geo-restrictions and stream your favorite channels without any hassle.

How to Setup Kodi VPN Manager in Easy Steps

Since broadcasting networks and services are cracking down on Kodi VPN add-ons, devices, and servers which are hosting its content, there is a great need for an add-on that can manage Kodi VPN. Surprisingly for us, there is a dedicated VPN manager Kodi addon available online for most platforms including:

  • Linux (OSMC, Raspbian etc.)
  • LibreElec (v7 onwards)
  • OpenElec (v5 onwards)
  • Windows 7 & above

This is a great news especially for Kodi users in the United Kingdom who are not able to stream Kodi channels due to the ban by its copyright owners. Now they can easily set up and connect a VPN such as FastestVPN through the VPN manager Kodi, which is easily available from the Zomboided Repository.

Follow these simple steps to install and use VPN Manager for OpenVPN Add-on:

  • Download the Zomboided Repository first. (here is the Link)
  • Launch the Kodi app and click on add-ons button from the main menu
  • Next click Add-ons browser
  • In Add-ons browser, select “install from zip file” and then select the Zomboided Repository zip file
  • Let the repo install and display notification
  • Next, click on “install from repository“, then select “zomboided Add-on repository”, then “Services” and finally “VPN for OpenVPN“.
  • Install the add-on and you are done.
  • To use VPN manager for OpenVPN add-on, go to add-ons >Program addons > VPN manager for OpenVPN.

Kodi VPN Manager only works with OpenVPN protocols, so make sure that your VPN offers the OpenVPN protocols. FastestVPN offers various security protocols including OpenVPN and you can easily configure FastestVPN with a VPN manager for Kodi.

Kodi VPN Setup Guides: How to setup Kodi on different devices

Kodi works on almost all devices including Android, Windows, Apple TV, android boxes, Firestick, Fire TV, and many others. It is easy to install Kodi VPN on some devices while difficult on others. However, before you start setting up Kodi on your devices, you need to ensure that you have the best Kodi VPN ready so that you can enjoy unlimited channels and video streams on Kodi without restrictions.

To install a Kodi VPN, you have two different options:

  1. Install Kodi VPN separately through App or manual configuration (Recommended)
  2. install VPN on Kodi through add-ons

Option 1 – in this option, FastestVPN will be running in the background in your device, encrypting and securing all your online traffic, while you enjoy streaming on Kodi VPN. This option works on almost all devices and is much more effective. We will be covering this option for almost all setup guides below.

Option 2 – install VPN on Kodi within Kodi by first installing the “VPN for OpenVPN addon” on Kodi VPN. You can install the VPN for OpenVPN addon from Zomboided Repository which you can download from here. You will find a detailed step by step guide to set up VPN manager on Kodi already covered above.

Here are detailed guides on getting Kodi as well as best Kodi VPN on your devices.

Setup Kodi VPN on Firestick or Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV user can now use Kodi VPN on their Amazon device. To enjoy unlimited geo-restricted content with Kodi, you will need a Kodi VPN for Firestick that removes the restriction and gives you access to hundreds of channels on Kodi. Here is what you need to do:

To set up a Kodi on Firestick/Fire TV, you need these steps:

  1. Plug the Amazon Firestick into your TV
  2. Go to Settings, select “Device” and click “Developer Options
  3. In Developer Options, enable all these options: ADB debugging, Apps from Unknown Sources, and USB debugging
  4. Now, click on Search Box on top of Fire TV screen and type in “Downloader” and hit enter
  5. Install Downloader app on your Amazon device
  6. When done with the installation, launch Downloader app.
  7. You will be asked to allow the app to access your media file on your device, click “allow” button and then OK.
  8. When inside the Downloader app, type in “http://bit.ly/kodi176kftv” and click Go
  9. Once the downloading is finished, the installer will launch automatically, there click Install.
  10. Once installed, Kodi will launch automatically and you’re all set to stream all your favorite content on your Amazon devices.

To install VPN for Kodi Firestick, you will need to first sign up for FastestVPN service and then install its android app on your android device. After that do the following steps to get Kodi VPN on your Fire TV.

  1. On Firestick home screen, go to settings > system > Developer Options and enable ADB Debugging & Installation from Unknown Sources
  2. Now go to Settings again and then System > About > Network and note down the Fire TV Stick’s IP Address
  3. Download app2fire app on your android device
  4. Now launch aap2fire on your android device and scroll over on the menu at the top to “Setup
  5. In setup menu screen, enter the Fire TV/Stick’s IP address in the text field and hit save.
  6. Now go back to local apps menu screen, find the FastestVPN app and click on it and then hit install.
  7. It will connect and install the app to your Firestick TV automatically

After installing a Kodi VPN for Firestick, launch the FastestVPN app and change your server location to any country for anonymous access to streams on Kodi. You can also download various Kodi addons to guarantee unlimited access to hundreds of streaming channels.

Kodi VPN Setup on Windows

The best way to make the most of Kodi is by getting a Kodi VPN that will allow you to bypass geo-restrictions and give you access to unlimited streams on your device. Getting Kodi and Kodi VPN on Windows is pretty easy. But first, you need to sign up for FastestVPN and install its app on your PC. Once the installation is done, sign in with your account, and follow these simple steps:

  1. Inside the FastestVPN app, Click on “Select Location”, you can select the server of your choice.
  2. Select any server you desire and click connect.

Use this simple guide for an easy Kodi Setup on Windows:

  1. Search for “Microsoft app store” in the bottom search bar of your desktop.
  2. click on the “Microsft store” icon which will launch the app store.
  3. Search for “Kodi” in the search bar.
  4. Download and install Kodi App for Windows

When connected to FastestVPN servers with Kodi, you will be able to enjoy unlimited entertainment that was previously geo-blocked for you. Launch your Kodi app and install your top streaming add-ons and enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and music.

Setup Kodi VPN on iPhone, iPad and more iOS Devices

iOS devices are undoubtedly the most superior in terms of design, features and security across all platform, but when it comes to Kodi, it is almost impossible to use Kodi like the way we do on other OS. Due to geo-restrictions, one can’t simply access streaming channels and services on these devices. Configuring Kodi on iOS devices is also extremely difficult, but by using a Kodi VPN and following these simple steps listed below, you will be able to access your favorite channels on your iPhone or iPad without any problems.

Before you proceed with Kodi installation process, there’re few things that you need to equip with. Below specified tools will ease the overall installation process smoothly. Download this software from the provided link below:

Before, you start with Kodi installation, you must install these tools (mentioned below) needed to ease the Kodi installation on your iOS devices.

  1. Xcode
  2. Kodi deb file
  3. iOS App Singer

Here’s how to install Kodi VPN for iPhone (Without Jailbreak):

  1. Download and install Xcode on your Mac, and then launch it
  2. Now, plug in your iOS device into your Mac
  3. Click on “Create a new Xcode project
  4. A new window will popup, go to “Application” from the left menu list. Select the “Single View Application” option and then click next to proceed.
  5. Next, enter a name for the application i.e. Kodi. Then enter a unique name in the “organization identifier field” and proceed
  6. Choose your preferred platform for Kodi installation i.e. Kodi for iPhone, Kodi for iPad, or Kodi for iOS, or if you want to, you can select Universal to use the app on multiple iOS devices
  7. Now pick the finder location for Github repository (iOS App Singer) that was downloaded earlier. After done with selection, don’t let Xcode access the contacts
  8. Next, you will get an alert displaying “no code signing identities found”. Click the “Add” button and sign up using your Apple ID
  9. Now, Pick a development team and go forward
  10. Open App signer folder and select the file that was saved when you unzipped the file on the desktop. In input file field, select the Kodi deb file that you downloaded earlier.
  11. The system will automatically fill up all the fields. Continue forward until your Apple ID details are displayed.
  12. Here, enter your App ID and other information as required.
  13. Click “start” to initialize the signing function. Save as the field when asked and continue with the installation
  14. App Signer will unpack data and save the file. After that, press Done
  15. Launch Xcode, click the Window button and select your preferred Device
  16. You will now see your device with its detail. Click on the device and then click on + sign at the bottom-right corner of the page
  17. Now, select the file that was saved earlier by App Signer. Press Open and wait until Kodi is installed.
  18. Finally, unplug your iOS device and launch Kodi.
  19. Enjoy streaming channels on your iOS devices.

After installing Kodi, you can access various channels and streams but not all of them due to geo-restrictions. To be able to bypass all restrictions, you need a Kodi VPN. By getting a Kodi VPN you will be able to enjoy hundreds of channels and live TV anonymously on your iOS device without any restrictions.

Here is how you can get a Kodi VPN for your iPhone/iPad:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN via router
  3. Connect your iPhone/iPad to the router
  4. Finally, launch Kodi on iPhone/iPad and enjoy streaming hundreds of restricted channels with ease.

Kodi VPN for Android: How to setup Kodi on Android along with a VPN

Kodi is easily accessible on almost all Android devices but again you will come against geo-restrictions as soon as you try to access content that is blocked in your region. A top VPN for Kodi Android will give you the freedom to bypass these limitations and access streams on Kodi. Since Android devices are not as secure as Apple devices, you will need a Kodi VPN to protect your online traffic from ISP monitoring.

FastestVPN makes you anonymous and highly secure over the web by utilizing highest grade encryption and cutting-edge tunneling. An extensive list of fast servers by FastestVPN adds even more versatility to your Kodi experience. Not only will it give you unlimited access to blocked streaming services, but also secure your online traffic and encrypt your emails and chats, and many other advantages.

To install VPN for Kodi Android:

  1. Sign up for FastestVPN service
  2. Download and install FastestVPN app on your Android devices from play store or through FastestVPN website
  3. Open the app and change your server to US or UK to gain unlimited access to streaming services on Kodi.
  4. Enjoy streaming unlimited content with Kodi VPN on Android.

To get Kodi for Android devices, follow these simple steps:

  1. On your Android device, go to Settings > Security menu > Unknown Sources option, enable this option. This option will let you configure Kodi app on Android.
  2. Now, go to Play Store and search the Kodi app.
  3. Download and install the latest Kodi app.

(If you want Kodi for Android TV, follow these steps for your Android TV as well and enjoy Kodi with your Android TV)

Kodi VPN For OpenELEC Setup Guide

OpenELEC is an open source, operation system for Kodi that boasts third-party add-ons through which you can setup VPN on Kodi. OpenELEC works with various VPN services and you can easily configure OpenELEC VPN easily using the below guide.

If you are running an OpenELEC version that still uses Jarvis then follow the steps below to add FastestVPN on Kodi:

  1. Download and transfer the Zomboided Repository to your OpenELEC device
  2. Open Kodi and go to SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install from zip file
  3. Go to where you saved the Zomboided repository and select it
  4. Now go back and select “Install from repository” and then “Zomboided Add-on Repository
  5. Select “Services” then “VPN Manager for OpenVPN” and finally click Install
  6. Wait for the “Add-on enabled” notification
  7. A popup will appear prompting you to configure VPN, click OK to proceed
  8. In VPN Configuration Window select VPN Provider and scroll through until you find FastestVPN, select it
  9. Now enter your FastestVPN credentials (Username and Password)
  10. Go to the VPN Connections tab and select “First VPN connection
  11. A window will appear where the app tries to connect to FastestVPN When connected, a list with all available FastestVPN servers will appear and you can choose the server you wish to connect to as your main VPN server. You can add as many as 10 servers on the list.

For newer versions of OpenELEC with Krypton

  1. Download and transfer the Zomboided Repository to your OpenELEC device
  2. Launch Kodi and go to Add-ons
  3. From here, Select the Box icon that can be found at the top left corner of your screens.
  4. Now select “Install from zip file” and go to where you downloaded the Zomboided repository and select it
  5. Wait until you see the “Add-on enabled” notification
  6. Go back and select “Install from repository” and after that Select “Zomboided Add-on Repository
  7. Select Services > VPN Manager for OpenVPN, and then hit install
  8. Wait for the “Add-on enabled” notification
  9. Click OK when a popup appears that prompts you to set up a VPN
  10. In the new window, click on VPN Provider button and look for FastestVPN and click on it
  11. Enter your FastestVPN Username and Password
  12. Go to the VPN Connections tab and click “First VPN connection
  13. A popup will appear in which it connects to FastestVPN A list will appear with all available FastestVPN servers. select any server you want to use as your main VPN server
  14. You can add 10 different FastestVPN servers and use them to access worldwide content. You can also set some add-ons to not use the FastestVPN

Kodi VPN setup on Roku

Roku is one of the most versatile streaming devices on the market but it doesn’t support Kodi. The reason for that is Kodi is an open source service and uses unofficial, third-party add-ons that are technically illegal to install. Due to this, you cannot setup Kodi on any Roku device.

But this doesn’t mean that you cannot use Kodi easily with Roku. There is one way called “Screen Mirroring” that you can use to stream on Kodi with Roku. However, screen mirroring Kodi on Roku is only possible with Windows and Android devices.

  1. Launch Roku and go to Settings > System Updates and Update your Roku device (screen mirroring option is only available on Roku v 5.6 or above, so if you have a lower version then you need to update your Roku device immediately).
  2. Now, go back to Settings and open screen Mirroring option.
  3. Here, enable Screen Mirroring
  4. This will allow you to connect your android or windows devices easily and stream Kodi without any hassle.

Here’s how to enable screen mirroring on Windows 10 devices:

  1. Launch the Start Menu of your Windows PC
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Devices
  3. In the new window, look for an option with says “Add Bluetooth or other devices
  4. A popup window will appear, here select wireless display
  5. You will find a list of devices you can connect to. Select your Roku device from the available sources.
  6. You will see your Windows screen on your TV through Roku.
  7. Launch Kodi windows and enjoy streaming content for free on Roku.

Get Kodi for Roku Via Android Smartphone

  1. On your Android, go to Settings > Display.
  2. You will see a Cast option that will allow you to mirror your Android screen on your Smart TV through Roku. In some Android devices, you will get screen mirroring option with a different name like Smart View, Wireless Display, Screen Casting, Display Mirroring, or HTC Connect.
  3. Now, plug in your Roku device on the TV, and enable Screen Mirroring just like we explained above.
  4. Once you enable screen mirroring on Roku, your Android phone would display your Roku device on the list.
  5. Select Roku device name on your phone’s screen mirroring list.
  6. When selected, it will connect your phone’s screen to your TV through Roku
  7. Launch Kodi on your Android device and enjoy unlimited streams on Roku for free

Although you can now use Kodi easily on your Roku devices, you won’t be able to access various popular channel add-ons due to geo-blocks. You require a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and access those add-ons. A VPN will also protect your online traffic on Kodi with high-level encryption. FastestVPN is Prominent VPN service in the market that enables you to access Kodi streams on Roku without any restrictions.

To secure Roku devices from ISP monitoring and data retention, configure FastestVPN on your Android or Windows devices and use screen mirroring (as explained above) to access geo-restricted streams with ease.

How to Setup Kodi VPN on Chromecast

Chromecast is a very popular streaming device that lets you stream videos on TV. Using Chromecast, you can access various streaming services such as Netflix, PopcornTime, Hulu, Youtube, and much more. But when it comes to Kodi VPN, Chormecast does not support Kodi, but you can still stream Kodi easily on Chromecast by casting your TV or mobile device screen with Chromecast on your TV. So here is a simple guide to setup Kodi Chromecast from your personal devices.

To Setup Kodi Chromecast with Android:

  1. Download and install “Google Cast” app from play store
  2. Launch the Google Cast app.
  3. From the main menu, select ‘Cast Video/Audio
  4. Here, select your Chromecast device under ‘Cast to’.
  5. Now launch Kodi on android and select the video you want to stream.
  6. The video will now stream to Chromecast device on your TV screen.

Though there are other methods of streaming Kodi with Chromecast, this is the easiest one. However, this method will drain your Android’s battery life quickly and you will not be able to use your Android for anything else until you are done with streaming.

To Setup Kodi Chromecast for PC/Mac:

  1. Install the Chrome browser on your PC/Mac
  2. Add the Chromecast extension to your browser
  3. Install Kodi on your PC/Mac
  4. Now, launch the Chrome browser and click on the settings Icon (three vertical dots) from the far right corner of your screen
  5. Then select “Cast to” and choose ‘Cast Desktop
  6. Now, launch Kodi in your PC/Mac and select the video you want to stream
  7. The video you have select will now stream to Chromecast on your TV.

If you want to use unofficial, third-party add-ons to stream channels, live TV, etc., on Kodi, you will need to setup VPN on Kodi to bypass restrictions and access all third-party add-ons such as iPlayer, ABC Family, etc. FastestVPN is an ideal choice to stream Kodi as it lets you avoid geo-restrictions and gives you unlimited access to various blocked add-ons. FastestVPN secures all your data including all your streaming activities through encryption and keeps you anonymous all the time.

How to setup Kodi VPN on Apple TV

Apple TV is a versatile digital media player that can be used with Kodi to stream video content for better viewing. By setting up Kodi on Apple TV, you will be able to stream HD movies, TV shows, Live TV and much more directly from the internet. So for you to use Kodi with Apple TV, we have listed a step by step guide on how to setup Kodi on Apple TV.

To enjoy Kodi on your Apple TV, you must first sign up for an Apple developer account. Furthermore, you will also need the following software and files to install Kodi on Apple TV.

Plug in and connect your Apple TV to your Mac using a USB cable, and then follow the below steps:

  1. When your devices are connected, run the Xcode app and select “Create a new Xcode Project”. From the left menu section select Application and then choose “Single View Application” from the main screen before clicking Next
  2. Now create a new Project and fill out the app name i.e. Kodi and organization name fields. Enter the same details while filling out the Bundle Identifier field. Here the details would be entered into a reverse-domain style, I.e. com.arcade.kodiappletv. Fill out all the filed before clicking Next. Lastly, save the project on your desktop so you can access the file easily
  3. Now, go back to Xcode’s main window. Here you will see an error that says “Matching provisioning profile cannot be found:”
  4. To resolve this error, simply click on “Fix Issue”. You may be asked to sign in with a developer account. So proceed to sign with your new developer account. If you want to, you can skip entering details as they are optional.
  5. After signing in with your Apple ID, select your development team and click choose. Once done, the Xcode will fix the error to create a provisioning profile.
  6. Now, choose Apple TV and other options including the Play and Stop buttons from the drop-down menu that you can find at the top left corner of the Xcode app.
  7. Once done, launch iOS App Signer. Choose the correct Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile. Select Kodi .deb file as the Input File you have already downloaded. Enter the app display name that you used for your project name on Xcode earlier.
  8. After filling out all details, click start. Once you do that, the app signer will create a .ipa file that you can install on your Apple TV.
  9. Return to Xcode, Click on Window menu from the top and select Devices, then choose Apple TV.
  10. Now then select the IPA file you just created to install it on your Apple TV.
  11. Done! Enjoy Kodi and stream unlimited video content on your Apple TV with full confidence.

How to setup Kodi VPN on Smart TV

Kodi runs on a variety of hardware, including smart TV, set-top boxes, PCs, smartphones. However, not every smart TV can run a custom software like Kodi. Moreover, running a large app like Kodi will require a high processing and storage that most Smart TVs lack. Many Smart TV uses their own OS, which makes them incompatible with Kodi VPN.

So, installing Kodi directly in your Smart TV will depend on the type of Smart TV you have. If you have an Android Smart TV that includes a Google Play Store inside, you will be able to install Kodi from there. If you have an Android Smart TV without the Google Play Store, you won’t be able to setup Kodi on your Smart TV. However, you can use other options such as Firestick or Roku to access Kodi on your Smart TV.

As we have said, some Smart TV support Kodi installation, some don’t. Here is a list of some of the biggest Smart TV providers that are and are not compatible with Kodi:

  • LG Smart TVs: runs webOS, which is incompatible with Kodi
  • Panasonic Smart TVs: All Panasonic’s Smart TVs run their custom OS and are not compatible with Kodi
  • Samsung Smart TVs: All Samsung Smart TVs run on Custom OS and doesn’t support Kodi
  • Sharp Smart TVs: run third-party OS and are incompatible with Kodi
  • Sony Smart TVs: Sony’s Smart TV devices run various different OS which includes Android. If you have a Sony Android TV and can access the Google Play Store, you can install Kodi easily.

If your Smart TV runs an Android OS, that includes Google Play Store inside, then you’re in luck. It’s really simple to setup Kodi on these devices. All you need to do is to go to the Play Store and install Kodi. Here is a quick guide on what to do to install Kodi on Smart TV:

  1. Launch Google Play Store from the menu.
  2. Search for “Kodi“ and click install (make sure you are logged in to your Google account)
  3. Depending on your connection speed, Kodi, when installed, will be displayed on your apps menu
  4. Launch Kodi and enjoy streaming on your Smart TV!

Note: if you’re using Kodi and wants unlimited, anonymous access to hundreds of streaming services, use FastestVPN. Smart TVs with Android OS support VPN apps, which means you can use FastestVPN to stream on Kodi with complete privacy now.

Here is how to setup FastestVPN on Android Smart TVs:

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Launch the Google Play Store on your Android Smart TV
  3. Search for FastestVPN app
  4. Download and Install the FastestVPN app on your Android Smart TV
  5. Launch the App can configure by switching between servers according to your preference
  6. Launch Kodi and enjoy streaming global content.

Even if you have a Smart TV which runs a custom OS instead of Android, you can still stream with Kodi on it with complete online privacy. How? For that, you need to configure FastestVPN via your internet router and use the same internet connection on your Smart TV. You will be able to stream with Kodi on your Smart TV with ease and anonymity.

Setup Kodi VPN on Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a tiny, board size computer that was basically developed for teaching programming. However, after making a few tweaks and modifications, internet geeks transformed it into a streaming device. And now you can also setup Kodi on your raspberry devices with ease.

Here is how you can get Kodi on raspberry pi:

  1. On your computer, launch the browser and go to OpenELEC website
  2. Click on Downloads from the main menu and then Scroll down to Raspberry builds. You will find separate builds for Raspberry Pi 1, 2, & 3
  3. Click on Raspberry Pi First-Generation build and download the zip file onto your computer
  4. After downloading the zip file, extract it on your hard drive (remember the location where you are saving it)
  5. Now, copy the extracted file to a micro SD card
  6. Download “Rufus” software from your browser (Rufus creates bootable USB drives)
  7. Once downloaded, launch Rufus, from here you only need to select your SD card from the device option and browse the extracted file from your hard drive, and finally hit the Start button. Rufus will create a file image on your micro SD card.
  8. Now eject your micro SD card and plug it into the Raspberry Pi device.
  9. Once you turn on your Raspberry Pi device, it will boot into Kodi automatically.
  10. Enjoy streaming with Kodi on your Raspberry Pi.

To install Kodi on Raspberry Pi 2 or 3, instead of selecting first generation build, you need to select Raspberry Pi 2 (Disk image file) and download the zip file on your computer, then follow from step 4 till you have Kodi on your Raspberry Pi.

Note: since Kodi uses third-party add-ons that collects content from torrents, you must use a Kodi VPN Raspberry Pi to ensure your online safety and privacy.

To enable Kodi VPN Raspberry Pi, you need to setup VPN on Kodi via a router. By setting up the router with FastestVPN settings, you connect to our VPN servers and use Kodi on your raspberry pi device with total privacy and online freedom.

Kodi VPN on Chromebook

Chromebook users who want to use Kodi can now easily install Kodi on their Chromebook through this guide. However, before you go straight to the steps, you should know that there are different versions of Chromebook, due to that, we will show you two different methods to install Kodi on your Chromebook version.

Install Kodi on Chromebook through Google Play Store

If your Chromebook device has Google Play Store, you will be able to install Kodi instantly. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Launch Google Play Store on your Chromebook
  2. Enter “Kodi” on the search bar
  3. Install the Kodi app on your Chromebook
  4. Once the installation is complete, you can now use Kodi to stream thousands of channels and music on your Chromebook instantly.

How to Install Kodi on Chromebook without Google Play Store

Installing Kodi can get a bit complicated if you don’t have Google Play Store on your Chromebook. However, you shouldn’t lose your hope, because we are bringing you an easy guide to get started with Kodi on your Chromebook.

Step 1: Update to Chrome OS53

Check your Chromebook’s setting to know whether you can update your Chromebook OS or not. Go to settings > About Chrome OS > for more info. Here you will find a “Channel” and a “Change Channel” button.

To find out which Chrome OS version you are using, see the numbers next to Version. To know if you can upgrade to OS 53 or above, click the “Change Channel” button.

Step 2: Get Arc Welder

Although Arch welder is a developer’s tool to work on new software, you don’t need to be a developer for it. You just need to install Arch welder and it will do the work for you. Get the Arch Welder from here and install it on your Chromebook.

Step 3: Get the Kodi APK

Now its time for you to get a Kodi APK from any Android application package (APK) website. There are many APK websites from where you can get the Kodi APK for your Chromebook. Once you have found the right version of Kodi APK for your Chromebook, download it to your storage.

Step 4: Configure Arc Welder

To setup Arch welder, run the Arch Welder application on your Chromebook and click on the orange plus sign with the text “Add your APK” (this will open the file locator). Now navigate to where you downloaded the Kodi APK file, select the file and click open.

The software will load the file. Once the loading is done, you will see the “test your App” interface on your screen. Don’t change or type anything, just click on “test” button on bottom right of your screen. It will take a couple of minutes to load the Kodi, but once done, you will be able to enjoy unlimited access to Kodi streams on your Chromebook instantly.

Transform the Kodi APK into a Google Chrome Extension

Moreover, with Arc Welder, you can also turn the Kodi APKI into a Chrome extension, so that you won’t have to run the Arc Welder app and load Kodi APK all the time. You can simply run Kodi from your Chrome Extension.

To do that:
  1. Go to Google Chrome extension by click on the three dots in the top right corner of Google Chrome.
  2. Scroll down to more tools and then click Extensions.
  3. Ensure that the developer mode on the top of the page is checked.
  4. Now click on “load unpacked extensions” button in the top left corner.
  5. You will find a file named “Kodi.apk_export”, select it to add it to your Chrome extensions.
  6. Once you have done that, you can use Kodi as a chrome extension.

Setting Up Kodi VPN on Chromebook

Setting up a Kodi VPN on your Chromebook is as important as any other software for your device security. By installing FastestVPN for Kodi, you will have guaranteed privacy and anonymity when using VPN for Kodi.

Here is how you can install FastestVPN on your Chromebook:
  • Open Google Chrome browser
  • enter “chrome://settings“ in the address bar
  • Under the “Internet Connection”, click the “Add Connection” button.
  • Click “OpenVPN / L2TP” or “Add private network
  • In the “Server Hostname” box, enter the server address you want to connect to from our list of Servers.
  • For Provider Type field, select “L2TP / IPsec + pre-shared key
  • In the Pre-Shared Key field, type “FastestVPN
  • For username and password, enter the credentials provided by FastestVPN when you signed up.
  • Check the box “Save identity and password” to save your login credentials in the Chrome browser
  • Leave everything else as default or unchanged
  • Now hit Connect
  • You can also add more FastestVPN servers to Chrome from our list.
  • Once you are connected to the server, open Kodi and start streaming media and access blocked websites you like with ease.

Configure Kodi VPN on Now TV

Now TV box is a media streaming device that lets you watch your favorite video content that includes movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries and much more. But there are many Now TV users who want more than just that. They want to get Kodi in their Now TV box as well. And for that, we are here to provide you the right method of installing Kodi on your Now TV box.

Most Now TV boxes come with pre-installed Kodi build and add-ons. So before installing Kodi on Now TV box, you need to delete that Kodi builds because this build can bring viruses and malware on your Now TV. So remove the pre-installed Now TV app from your Now TV so that you can install the latest version of Kodi in it.

Another thing to remember is that only those Now TV boxes support Kodi that comes with pre-installed Google Play Store. So, if you have a Now TV box with Google Play Store in it, you can install Kodi instantly.

Installing Kodi on Now TV box is simple. Here is a simple step by step guide to do that:

  1. Launch Now TV box and go to the Google Play Store
  2. in the search bar, type “Kodi” and click enter
  3. Download and install the Kodi app on your Now TV box
  4. Once done with the installation, launch Kodi on your Now TV box and enjoy watching your favorite content instantly.

Installing Kodi Add-ons on Now TV

When it comes to installing Kodi video add-ons on Now TV box, the users do not have to follow a cumbersome method. Here is the list of steps you can follow to attain your purpose without any hassle. The list of steps includes:

If you want to add third-party add-ons to stream thousands of channels and Live TV on your Now TV box, then you must install Kodi video add-ons to do that. Here is a simple guide you can follow to watch add third-party add-ons on Kodi:

  1. Launch Kodi on your Now TV and go to add-ons
  2. Click the Package Installer Icon from the top left corner
  3. Now, navigate to Install from Repository > Kodi Add-on Repository > Video Add-ons.
  4. You will see a list of video add-ons that you can install on Kodi. Click on any add-on you want to add and then hit Install
  5. Wait until you get the “Add-on Enabled” notification
  6. Now go back to your Kodi > Add-ons
  7. Click on Video Add-ons and select the one you just installed

By following these simple steps, you will be able to install the best Kodi add-ons and start streaming them on your Now TV straight away.

Setup Kodi VPN on Now TV

Kodi is an amazing open source media platform that allows you to stream your favorite content by adding top Kodi add-ons. You can easily install Kodi on your Now TV box and stream everything you ever wanted. However, there is a huge security risk in using Kodi. Kodi uses torrents to fetch your requested video content, which means that you are using someone else content and you may get in trouble due to copyright infringement. Therefore, you need a Kodi VPN on Now TV to safeguard your online identity from copyright holders and government surveillance.

To protect your online identity when you stream blocked content, subscribe to FastestVPN and configure it via a router. By configuring VPN through the router, you will be able to use the Kodi VPN add-ons services on multiple devices as well as your Now TV (when connected to the router).

Here is how you can setup FastestVPN on your Now TV via a router:

  1. Configure FastestVPN on your router
  2. Launch Kodi on Now TV, install third-party add-ons with freedom and watch your favorite video content instantly.

Kodi VPN on Kindle Fire (Fire Tablet)

Kodi doesn’t come with a pre-installed app on Amazon Fire tablet. However, users can install Kodi on their Fire tablet because of Fire OS, which is based on Android platform. This means you can easily install Google Play Store and Kodi on your Amazon Kindle Fire.

Here is a simple guide to install Kodi on Kindle Fire directly:

  1. On your Tablet, go to Settings > Applications > and enable Apps from Unknown Sources
  2. Now launch Silk browser and download the Kodi (ARM). APK file from a trusted APK website.
  3. Once downloaded, open the file and hit install
  4. After the installation is done, launch Kodi and enjoy streaming your favorite content on your kindle fire.

You can also get Google Play Store and download Kodi on Kindle Fire, however, getting Google Play Store in your Amazon Fire table is a very complicated task, so it is better to download Kodi through the above method than through Google Play Store.

Since Kodi uses third-party add-ons, you also need to install a Kodi VPN for kindle fire to secure your online privacy. Follow the below guide to install FastestVPN on your Amazon fire tablet instantly:

Note: Set up a lock screen password or PIN while setting up a Kodi VPN (if required)

  1. Go to Wireless network settings.
  2. Click on VPN and then + sign to add VPN configuration.
  3. Enter these VPN profile configurations:
    • Name: enter a connection name (i.e. fastestvpn_UK)
    • Type: Select a security protocol (i.e. PPTP, L2TP/IPSec)
    • Server Address: Enter any server address from this list of FastestVPN servers
    • PPP encryption (MPPE): must be Checked (if you require PPP encryption)
    • Click on “Save” button to create the VPN profile
  4. Now on the VPN screen, click the newly created VPN profile.
  5. Enter username and password (provided by FastestVPN), and then click Connect.
  6. You will be connected to FastestVPN servers straightaway and then able to use Kodi without any restrictions and threats.

Kodi VPN on Xbox

A new version of Kodi has been released for Microsoft Xbox One and it is available worldwide. Setting up Kodi on Xbox is really easy and can be done in minutes. So, if you own an Xbox and want to install Kodi on it, use any of the two methods to get the latest version of Kodi on your Xbox:

  • Install Kodi on Xbox using Microsoft Store
  • Install Kodi on Xbox from Xbox Store

To setup Kodi on Xbox using Microsoft store. Follow these Steps:

  1. launch Microsoft Store on your Xbox.
  2. Go to the search bar and enter “Kodi”.
  3. Choose the Kodi App and install it by clicking the “Get” option.
  4. Once done with the installation, launch Kodi App and you’re are ready to use Kodi on Xbox.

To setup Kodi on Xbox using the Xbox Store:

  1. Launch the Xbox Store on your Xbox.
  2. Search for Kodi app from the search option.
  3. You’ll be redirected to the Microsoft store. You’ll see the Kodi App here and you can download it on your Xbox easily.
  4. Launch the Kodi app and enjoy streaming global content instantly.

If you are installing Kodi on Xbox for the first time, it will be completely empty. You will have to install add-ons to be able to use Kodi properly. To stream global content or download blocked games on Kodi without being restricted or monitored, you will need a Kodi VPN on your Xbox as well.

The best way to get Kodi VPN on Xbox is by configuring it on your router that can be used to connect all your devices including your Xbox.

To configure Kodi VPN on your router, follow the instructions given below and gain unlimited access to Kodi on your Xbox:

Once the router is VPN configured, all you need now is to connect your Xbox Wi-Fi to the router.

Here is how to do it:

  1. On your Xbox controller, click on ‘LIVE’ button to get to the menu.
  2. Now, go to Settings > System Settings > Network Settings.
  3. In the ‘Network Settings’ section, select your routers wireless network.
  4. Now, type in the WPA key or Wi-Fi password (if you haven’t changed the WPA key ever, you will find it written under the router).
  5. Now, continue for a ‘Test Connection’.
  6. Once you are connected to the VPN, sign in with your Xbox account. And you’re done!
  7. Launch Kodi and enjoy downloading games and stream blocked content instantly.

Kodi VPN on Plex

Plex media server is a software that lets you manage movies, music, videos, photos, and much more from a central location. For those users who use Kodi regularly, they can use Plex within Kodi and access their personal content on Kodi VPN easily.

To install Plex on Kodi, you must first install Plex media server on Windows or Mac in order to load your media file easily on other devices.

1. Here is how to install Plex media server:

  1. Organize your media such as Movies, Music, Videos, Photos, etc., into different folders.
  2. Name all your media folders just the way they are named in Plex servers
  3. Install Plex Media Server on Windows or Mac.
  4. Create Plex Server libraries.
  5. Connect the Plex player to the Plex Media Server via the streaming
  6. Don’t forget to create cloud backup plan.

There are two ways through which you can install Plex on Kodi. You can install the official Plex add-on on Kodi or you can install a third party Plex add-on for Kodi called Plex Connect. Both methods are simple and don’t require Plex pass subscription.

For both methods, you must first register for Plex account. Registering on Plex is free, so do it and then follow any one of the below methods.

2. How to install Official Plex Add-on for Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Add-ons from the menu on the left
  2. Click on the package icon from the top left corner
  3. Now, go to install from repository > Kodi repository > Video Add-ons
  4. Scroll down to find Plex in list, click on it and then hit install
  5. Go back to add-ons and click on the Plex Add-on
  6. Sign in with your Plex account by visiting the Plex website and entering the code you are provided in Plex Kodi add-on
  7. That’s it, now enjoy your own media content using Plex Kodi on different devices.

3. How to install Plex Connect Add-on for Kodi

  1. Launch Kodi and go to Settings > System Settings > Add-ons and enable unknown sources
  2. Go back to Settings and click on File Manager
  3. Click on add source and enter this address “https://troypoint.com/repo
  4. Name the Repository anything (i.e. TP) and click on OK
  5. Now go all the way back to Kodi home screen and click on Add-ons
  6. Click on the package icon
  7. Click on “Install from Zip File” and select the repo you added in earlier step (i.e. TP)
  8. Now click on “Plex Kodi Connect Repository” zip file and wait for add-on installed message
  9. Head back to package installer and click on “Install from Repository
  10. Select “PlexKodiConnect add-on” and then Video Add-ons
  11. Now, click on PlexKodiConnect add-on
  12. The add-on will install automatically and you will receive a notification as soon as it gets installed
  13. Finally, go back to add-ons from the main menu and launch Plex Kodi Connect
  14. Continue with the setup process and after that, you are good to go.

To view your media content safely on Plex, you need a Kodi VPN add-on that can secure your online traffic and let you stream your favorite content without any hassle.

Install and configure Kodi VPN on your device through our setup guide above and use Plex on Kodi anonymously and with absolute freedom. If you’re using Plex Kodi on Android, Windows, or Mac, then you can install the FastestVPN app on your device and connect to our FastestVPN servers to say protected and anonymous. If are using Plex Kodi on iOS devices, you must configure FastestVPN settings on your devices (explained above on “setup Kodi VPN on iOS”) and then use Plex Kodi freely.

Why you shouldn’t get a free VPN for Kodi

Using a Kodi VPN is essential if you want to access unlimited streams and content on Kodi without compromising on your online security and privacy.

But when it comes to getting a Kodi VPN, most people initially prefer free VPN services. But after giving free VPNs a couple of tries, many of them end up getting a paid VPN. Why? The reason is solely in a VPN’s ability to offer security and reliability that every free VPN lacks. There are many other reasons you should never get a free Kodi VPN, here are some of the most important ones:

Online Security:

The most important aspect of a VPN that a free VPN may not provide you is this. Online security is crucial if you want to secure your online credentials and payments, and a free VPN doesn’t use any kind of security feature or secure connection that can protect your online data. A paid VPN like FastestVPN uses different online protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, etc., to secure your online traffic from hackers and government surveillance.


Nobody wants a VPN that isn’t fast or slows your connection down. Free VPN usually doesn’t offer any security which in turn can crowd your internet connection with threats or online tracking and that will ultimately slow your connection down. A paid VPN will not only secure your connection but offer you fast speeds while you browse and stop your ISP from throttling your connection speed as well.

Data Encryption:

A free VPN usually offer low-level data encryption that can be decrypted by hackers easily. Since hackers now have their hands on advanced decryption tools to unlock your data and steal your information, a paid VPN is a must if you want to ensure top-grade encryption.

FastestVPN uses the most secure AES-256 bit Data encryption to protect your data against hackers and snoopers. AES-256 bit encryption is a military-grade encryption protocol recognized worldwide and used by most paid VPN providers as well.


A VPN that doesn’t offer privacy is not a VPN. Most free VPN can only connect you to a remote server and that it. Free VPN doesn’t change your IP or protect it when you connect to their server, making you vulnerable to copyright infringement. A Paid VPN not only masks your IP but lets you connect to its secure servers worldwide without compromising your privacy.

FastestVPN uses advanced technology to protect your IP at all cost and connect you to its 95+ secure servers in various locations including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore among many.

The Best VPN for Kodi – Features to Look Out For

Remember, a free VPN may never offer you the features that can ensure high security and anonymity online. So a paid VPN is necessary if you want to protect your online identity at all cost.

There are many VPN features that must look for in a VPN when your purpose of getting a VPN is to use it for Kodi to access content without restrictions. A good Kodi VPN will offer you the best security features and protect your privacy while you stream on Kodi.

Here are some of the features of a Kodi VPN you should look out for:

Strong Encryption

Encryption protocols play an important part in protecting your online information. AES-256 bit encryption is the highest grade encryption available. When you use Kodi, you want to secure your data from copyright infringement, and by using a Kodi VPN that offers AES-256 bit encryption, you will have your data protected and away from prying eyes.

FastestVPN is equipped with AES-256 bit encryption that ensures ultimate data protection.


If you are a dedicated Kodi user, then you will surely have Kodi installed on most of your devices. This means you must have VPN installed on all your devices. Most VPN providers offer the multi-login feature that allows you to use the Kodi VPN service on different devices with a single account. This way, all your devices are protected and you can enjoy Kodi on them with complete anonymity.

FastestVPN allows you to connect to 5 different devices simultaneously and enjoy streaming on Kodi with freedom.


Adblocker is a feature that prevents unfavorable advertisements from appearing on your devices while you surf the web with a VPN. Many VPN providers don’t offer this feature but there are some that do. So look out for this particular feature if you have ads.

FastestVPN offer adblocker feature in all its subscription plans.


Having a wide range of server locations to connect to can be a blessing for Kodi users. So a VPN must have enough servers worldwide to allow you to stream content from around the world easily without any restrictions and delays.

FastestVPN have more than 95+ high-speed servers worldwide and connecting to them is super easy and quick. Using the FastestVPN app, you can connect to any server location within second and access Kodi VPN add-ons freely and securely.

Kodi VPN Errors/Not Working/Issues

OpenVPN Executable is not working on Kodi

This error may occur if you run the VPN and VPN related add-ons at the same time. Once you have configured the VPN in Kodi and its running then you don’t need any additional VPN add-ons.

Solution: Uninstall any VPN related add-on you have excluding the configured VPN, and this issue will be resolved.

VPN Manager for OpenVPN is Currently Not Supported on this Hardware Platform

This error will occur when you try to use it on an Android device.

Solution: Don’t try it on android, if you do then you may get the error. Rather do it on any windows device or fire stick device. VPN Manager will run smoothly on those devices.

VPN for OpenElec Error

Kodi users using OpenElec are also starting to get various errors. Here are some errors that you may encounter and their solution:

“Check the Log for More Information”

Kodi users may continuously get VPN for OpenELEC error when trying to setup a VPN. The error suggests users check the log for further details.


To solve this error, you need to follow our guide of ‘How to setup Kod VPN Manager in easy steps’ to stop this error from occurring.

“Size Check Failed Error”

You may receive the ‘Service Check Failed Error’ while trying to update the ION system with OpenELEC 7 Jarvis beta.


Resizing the partitions will solve this problem. You can do that by using “Tuxboot”. It’ll create a bootable USB stick and the partitions would be made as SDA1 and SDA2.

Kodi Proxy vs Kodi VPN

Kodi is an open source streaming service that using third-party add-ons and content fetched through a torrent site. This means users who use Kodi to access copyrighted content can get in trouble, receive DMCA notice or get sued for copyright infringement.

To stay away from such trouble and to secure your online identity when using Kodi, we recommend a Kodi VPN instead of Kodi proxy.

A Kodi proxy is similar to a Kodi VPN in some ways as it routes your internet traffic through another IP. But the alarming thing is, it doesn’t encrypt your online data, which isn’t the case with a Kodi VPN. A Kodi VPN not only routes your data through a secure server location of your choosing, but it encrypts it as well so that your data – if ever gets monitored by anyone, cannot be read or used in any way against you.

Avoid Free VPNs and use the best Kodi VPN

You must be wondering that there are numerous free VPNs in the market today, so why should you pay for the best Kodi VPN. Undoubtedly, using a free VPN instead of the best VPN for Kodi does not guarantee you the same level of protection and security. Free VPNs, due to the fact you’re paying no money for their services, the company essentially creates revenue by selling your data to advertisement sites. This in turn compromises your online privacy.

10 of the best Kodi add-ons of July 2019

If you’re looking to download the best Kodi add-ons to watch your favorite content then follow this list. Don’t forget to also subscribe to FastestVPN if the add-on is geo-restricted in your region.

  1. Exodus (Version 8)
  2. The Magic Dragon
  3. Loki
  4. Exodus Redux
  5. Tempest
  6. Movie Theater Butter
  7. Scrubs v2
  8. ReleaseBB
  9. Nole Cinema
  10. 7of 9 AIO

Installing Fusion for Kodi

Fusion is one of a kind add-on which allows you to download multiple adds-on on Kodi with absolute ease. Fusion is this all in one multi-tool, which also gives you access to indigo, and lets you search for and manage these official Kodi add-ons for no cost at all. Follow this comprehensive step by step guide to downloading fusion for Kodi. Don’t forget to also subscribe to FastestVPN to access geo-restricted add-ons from anywhere in the world.

  1. Go to the Gear Icon on the home screen to access settings which is on the top left-hand corner.
  2. From the menu bar, on the side click the add-ons option.
  3. Select unknown sources option.
  4. A popup box shall appear, click on yes to confirm.
  5. Return to the previous menu bar after the option to enable unknown sources.
  6. Click on the file manager icon.
  7. Add Source.
  8. In the ‘None’, option enter the following exactly as it is: http://fusion.tvaddons.co.
  9. Select input box at the bottom of the screen, and access Fusion using the on-screen keyboard.
  10. Confirm your choice by clicking ok at the bottom of the screen.
  11. Return to the home screen after Fusion is installed.
  12. From the menu bar, select add-ons once again.
  13. Enter the add-on browser.
  14. Install from the zip file menu.
  15. Find the Fusion Installer.

The “begins-here” file installs Indigo, Kodi-repository folder holds numerous repositories, and the Kodi-scripts file holds dependencies such as (Meta handlers and URL resolvers).

Note; An important note when downloading fusion add-on for Kodi, is to also download FastestVPN, which undoubtedly is the best Kodi VPN with its vast range of optimized for maximum user-experience servers and low cost. Certain add-ons may also be geo-restricted in your area, which is why downloading FastestVPN should help alleviate this issue.

Again, A Kodi proxy is a good choice to watch geo-restricted content on the go, but it is not secure enough to protect the content providers. And if authorities can get them, they can get you.

Whereas, a Kodi VPN will guarantee your data security through encryption and let you access blocked and licensed content without any trouble.

FastestVPN offers Kodi users the best security and access to unlimited streams on the go. Get FastestVPN subscription and configure our Kodi VPN settings on your Kodi app, and start using Kodi the way it is supposed to be.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

Get FastestVPN

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