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Why you should choose FastestVPN for your IOS device?

It is no secret that you’re browsing and streaming activities are closely monitored by your Government and your Internet service provider. Most Internet providers are legally obliged to log all of your data and if required they can share this data. However, if you use a VPN software for IPhone and IPad you can circumvent this issue as a VPN provider will not log or share your sensitive data. Furthermore, a VPN will encrypt your online traffic using iron clad encryption which will provide you with sound online security, complete anonymity and access to geo restricted content.

FastestVPN also gives you the ability to;

Bypass censorship

Protection against data retention and surveillance

Block ISP from tracking and throttling speed

Access geo-restricted content from anywhere

How to get started with the Best VPN for iOS

FastestVPN connections are secured with the strongest encryption protocols as well as other features that enhance your experience on the web. As soon as you connect to FastestVPN’s high-speed servers, you can access region-locked websites and streaming services by downloading iOS VPN app without worrying about getting caught.

Getting FastestVPN for iOS can be done in just 3 simple steps:


Buy Vpn Subscription

Get a subscription plan
that suits you


Configure on Router

Download the Fastest VPN
iOS app


Connect Countries

Connect to your
desired VPN server

How to set up a VPN for iOS

VPN Protection on the Go:

  • Over 350 servers worldwide
  • Dedicated app that works on iPhone and iPad
  • Instant protection with one-click
  • Military-grade encryption for security on public Wi-Fi
Download App

Take Internet Freedom
Wherever You Go

FastestVPN for iOS is the key to your online freedom. Say goodbye to geo-restriction problems when you travel outside your country. Take your TV channels and favorite streaming services with you. Connect to your desired VPN server and instantly access content as if you were present in that region. Protect your identity wherever you travel.

Vpn iOS Home
Vpn iOS Search

Share Files over P2P

Whether you are running VPN on iPhone or iPad, FastestVPN app is embedded with strong encryption as well as multiple protocols. In addition to complete privacy and security, features like Ad Blocker, compatibility with older iOS versions, and the ability to switch between regions any number of times, make for the best browsing experience.

Bypass Local Censorship
and Surveillance

FastestVPN guarantees privacy wherever you are in the world. Connect to our secure VPN server and bypass the ISP from knowing your online activities. Be off the radar and stop the websites that you visit from gathering cookies and keeping caches of your information. If you don’t want to present anyone with the opportunity to get close to your sensitive information, then FastestVPN is the shield for you.

iOS Vpn Setting

FastestVPN’s Advanced Features

FastestVPN gives you the power to take control of your privacy. It was developed with features that offer the best value. And each feature serves towards the goal of giving you the best browsing experience.

P2P File Sharing
P2P File Sharing

Download/upload torrent files instantly with P2P-optimized servers. All FastestVPN servers deliver the best speeds on your connection.

NAT Firewall
NAT Firewall

An extra layer of protection against online threats, stopping malicious content from entering your device.

add blocker
Ad Blocker

Hate ads popping on your screens while you browse? Adblocker feature prevent ads from appearing on your screens.

Unlimited server-switching
Unlimited Server-Switching

Connect to your preferred servers and switch between them as many times as you want.

5 simultaneous connections
10 Simultaneous Connections

Enjoy unlimited online access at home, work or on the go. You can setup FastestVPN easily on up to 10 different devices simultaneously.

24/7 Live Chat
24/7 Live Chat

Get all general queries and technical issues resolved within minutes via email or live chat any time of the day.

Why do you need the best VPN for iOS devices?

Using the best VPN for IOS is crucial for complete online freedom. Once you start using a renowned VPN for IOS you can say goodbye to geo restricted websites, torrents and streaming channels. With an IOS VPN, you will instantly gain access to global content just by a simple push of a button. Consider using a VPN for IOS a prerequisite if you torrent as a secure network will provide you with comprehensive online anonymity. Ultimately a VPN will allow you to browse the internet with freedom you deserve!

Apple devices compatible with FastestVPN:

Apple devices
  • Apple iphone 11, Apple iphone 11 Pro
  • Apple iphone X, Apple iphone XS, Apple iphone XR
  • Apple iphone 7, Apple iphone 7 plus
  • Apple 6, 6 Plus & 6S
  • iPad 2, iPad Mini 3 & 4, iPad Air & Air 2
  • iPod Touch and a number of other Apple devices
VPN for iOS app are compatible with the following OS versions:
  • iOS 13.3.1
  • iOS 12
  • iOS 11
  • iOS 10 and a few previous versions.

FastestVPN Works on all Devices

FastestVPN is not just for iOS users, it works flawlessly on other devices and OS as well, with dedicated apps for Mac, Windows and Android, and manual configurations for Roku, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick. With FastestVPN on board, the best online experience is guaranteed.

Download best VPN for iOS and use up to 10 different devices simultaneously!

VPN for Firefox Extention
VPN for Firefox Extention

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best VPN protocol for iOS?

IKEv2 is the default and the preferred VPN protocol for iOS. It provides a good balance between speed and security. However, you will have the option to switch to other VPN protocols.

What is the difference between free VPNs and FastestVPN?

Free VPN service simply does not have the features that FastestVPN offers as standard across all of its subscription plans. You have the freedom to connect to any server at will and download with no bandwidth limitation. Moreover, it encrypts internet communication with military-grade encryption; it’s the most secure iOS VPN that does not compromise on security.

These are just some of the many reasons why a free VPN simply has no standing against FastestVPN.

Does FastestVPN work in China?

Yes, FastestVPN works in China. Download the VPN app for your iOS device and connect to any server outside China and instantly bypass censorship.

Can my ISP track me if I use a VPN?

Your ISP can only see that you are using a VPN, it cannot see your activities. FastestVPN moves your internet traffic securely through its VPN servers, thus preventing any third-party from knowing your identity or your browsing history.

How many devices can I use with FastestVPN?

One FastestVPN subscription gives you the option to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. There’s no restriction on the type of device either.

How do I setup Fastest VPN for iPhone and iPad?

Open App Store on your iOS device and head to the Fastest VPN download page, and connect to any VPN server to begin surfing with VPN protection.

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