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FastestVPN processes your data very selectively and at a minimum. Our aim via the information collected is to maintain the service, process payments, and smoothen the entirety of the FastestVPN apps and website. We’ve lined out the kind of data collected and branched them into various categories:

FastestVPN - No Logs Certified and Audited by Altius IT

We do not store your logs in any way. Any information or logs related to your browsing history - the websites you visit, the content you download or stream, the amount of data you download, the time of how long you connect and disconnect to servers, your traffic destinations, or your DNS queries - stays with you and you alone. FastestVPN is independently audited by Altius IT and certified as a no-logs provider.

What Information Is Collected

When you sign up and create your FastestVPN account, only minimal information is collected to ensure the smooth running of operations between the service and our users. All the information stated below, (neither sensitive or a risk to your privacy) is not tracked or stored. We only collect small, minute detailed to make sure FastestVPN is up to standards for our users.

We only ask for:
  • Email address
  • Payment methods
  • Connection duration

This is the minimal amount of data collected to ensure successful client and user operations. It helps us build relations with our users and to drive feedback in order to create a better software.

No amounts of sensitive data is stored by FastestVPN that could leave our users in harms way. Neither us nor any third-parties are entitled to store sensitive information.

The minute our subscribers/users deactivate or delete their account with us, all email and payment details are deleted with it. However, we’d like to further emphasize on the minimal data collected to promise your excellent usage of our services throughout:

  • VPN server – WE DO NOT store or track a particular server you’re using, nor the IP address assigned to it.
  • Date of connection – WE DO NOT track or store the time you connected to our services
  • Bandwidth and consumption – the amount of bandwidth used is stored for maintenance purposes, but WE DO NOT store or track data caps for every session.
  • Physical location – We know where our users are coming from, to better offer them servers closer to their locations, but WE DO NOT store nor track your IP address or the service provider associated to your physical location.

Information Collected for Service Improvements

  • We collect data on VPN app statistics and analytics.
  • Any communication data from live chat, email, or feedback forms.

Information on Account Creation

  • Email address - When you proceed to create your account with FastestVPN, we ask for a working email address. This is the minimal information collected to stay in contact with our customers.

Social Networks Data

  • Account data - Even though FastestVPN has social networking accounts to stay connected with future or current customers (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter,) we do not collect nor store any email addresses or personal data.

Information on Payments

  • Payment data - There are several payment methods included on the FastestVPN account creation page that you can choose from, like Credit Card, PayPal, or Crypto. FastestVPN processes payments through a well known payment processor Fastspring. So no credit card details are collected at our end, once the transaction has been placed.

  • Country details - Most VPNs collect the customer's location for VAT calculation; however, we do not. Our customer base is scattered worldwide, but a particular customer’s location is never stored; it interferes with privacy protection plan. However, if users are looking for specific country-related queries, like “Does Netflix work with FastestVPN?” we ask you to state your region or country to help further resolve your problem.

  • Payment fraud prevention - When a fraud transaction is reported, we ask our users to provide a transaction ID, transaction date, and payment amount. Your email ID is then verified via our payment management partners. However, if there is a high risk of payment transactions, we decide whether to process them or not.

Information via Communication Sources

  • Email address - Your email address is collected when you sign up for the service. This way, we can stay in contact with existing customers, send them updates and news alerts, and respond to queries or complaints lodged. However, once you end your subscription, your email is deleted from our systems.

  • Communication tracking via email - FastestVPN has tools to perform mass email campaigns. Once you interact with the service via email, like clicking on the unsubscribe button or troubleshooting via your operating system, our service is alerted. However, we have no information on your device or OS. Once you contact us, we ask you to provide your device model or version number to help solve the existing issue.

  • Live chat - If users or visitors have questions, FastestVPN offers a live chat option for you to get immediate responses. What information we ask for existing customers is an email address, which is already stored.

Website Data Collection

  • IP address and OS logs - We understand your concerns about IP address surveillance and device tracking. However, we do not log or store them. This defeats the purpose of using a VPN for online protection and security. You’re free to visit our websites and scan through our tutorials, how-to guides, etc., and you can continue to do so privately.

  • Cookies - To keep you anonymous and prevent cookie trail collection, we do keep a connection with our affiliates to understand where our customers are coming from once they make a purchase via affiliate sites. No amount of identification is stored for a particular user, apart from keeping tabs on traffic coming in through partners. Other than the above, no cookies are stored.

Affiliate Data

  • Data collection on affiliate programs - Participation in the FastestVPN affiliate or referral program requires you to submit personal information like your company name, email ID, or website address. We might use it for maintaining your existing account with us, and for the arrangement of services to which this program refers. We also use it to comply with regulations regarding your registration and verification of your information provided to us; to prevent fraudulent acts.

Data that is NOT COLLECTED

Through the FastestVPN privacy policy, we lay down the terms and conditions of how you can exercise your rights as our customer. In turn, we offer you a clear lineout of how information is processed and how our software works before you make a purchase.

With that said, we promise to NOT COLLECT identifiable or confidential details, which are enumerated below:

  • Browsing history - What websites you visit are solely for your viewership. Neither FastestVPN nor your ISP has access to them.
  • Browsing activity and sites visited - Visit any website, or download an app with FastestVPN, and we won’t know about it.
  • VPN IP address - Whenever you connect to a VPN server, only the server you choose is taken into account, but not the server IP address assigned to you.
  • Connection entries - We only take into note the first time you connect to the VPN. No connection logs are stored thereafter.
  • Connection timestamps - As mentioned, only a log of the day you connect to our service is noted, but not the timestamps.

Additionally, FastestVPN does not store or monitor any DNS user queries, outgoing traffic or the kind of content you engage in or access.

Collected Data - Why is it Stored?

As mentioned above, we only collect limited data that doesn’t hamper your privacy over our service or on the internet. It’s only collected to make sure your experience with FastestVPN is satisfactory and smooth. Here’s why we collect it:

  • We strive to improve and revamp our services based on user preferences.
  • We maintain user email addresses to directly and frequently reach out to them for news alerts or communication.
  • To make sure all transactions are smooth.
  • To balance out our legal obligations or terms or service.
  • we maintain certain logs (no personal data) to make sure that our users are getting the best service.
  • To maintain performance data.

Terms for Processing Personal Data

FastestVPN takes several measures to safeguard user-information, both technically and physically in our offices. Only people designated to perform certain duties are able to access user-information. But a service can only do so much to protect its users. You, as a user, must always remain vigilant about sharing your FastestVPN account and user-information on the internet. Because FastestVPN does not store activity logs, a government’s request to share data cannot be tied to any specific user.

  • Fulfillment of contract upon purchase - Once you make a purchase, your email ID can be used to give you access to our service and to ensure smooth purchase transactions. This secures the best security, privacy, and exemplary performance of our website and software.

  • Consent provided by users - We process your information when our users or affiliates give us consent. Through this, we send out marketing emails, or new promotion alerts, keeping you in the loop. However, apart from that, no identifiable information is stored nor manipulated in any way.

  • Legal obligations - We do not store personal information but keep records of your email addresses to stay in connection with existing users. If legally required to make or break a contract upon abuse of service, we are at liberty to process it via your email.

There are a number of tools that FastestVPN uses to ensure the overall smooth running of operations; like:

Sharing Personal Data

  • Service providers - To ensure the smooth running of operations on our service, we have affiliations with third parties to process payments and attend to live chat requests via Tawk.To, to monitor the conversion attribution systems via Post Affiliate Pro or to run the website or app diagnostics.

  • Protection of our rights - We are at liberty to disclose data if led to legal issues and to exercise our power of rights. This prevents fraud or other illegal notions that can harm the service.

  • Business transfers - We do not share any personal information for business transfers. Only if required it’s done on user consent.

  • Requests for data - If data is requested by law, we have nothing to offer since we do not store any.

Rights to Personal Data

  • Request FastestVPN to give you access to the personal information collected on you.

  • Delete any data you don’t want us to have. This is rarely the case since only email addresses are kept logged.

  • Restrict how we process your information.

  • Update any information that you feel FastestVPN needs access to.

  • File a complaint if you’re experiencing issues with the service.

  • Request a refund for our service if it’s incompatible with your device or you’re not happy with it. We offer a 31-day money-back guarantee that you can use, which also depends on your case. Read the refund policy for more.

Please note - FastestVPN terminates all data when you deactivate or terminate your account. You can opt-out of the service at any time, but a refund may only be requested within 31 days after subscribing to FastestVPN.

Data Protection Practices

FastestVPN may change the Privacy Policy, at any given time, without prior notice. Users shall be notified of the updated Privacy Policy through email. Only the most recent version of the Privacy Policy shall be applicable. The Privacy Policy was last updated on: August 19, 2022

Retention and Deletion of Data

As mentioned, FastestVPN only holds on to non-identifiable information for as long as you have an account with us. For information collected or retained, we keep email addresses, billing data, the amount paid, and the method of payments. No other information is stored.

Child Protection Law

FastestVPN in no way allows the collection of personal data from anyone under the age of 18. So, if you’re under 18, please refrain from sending information to FastestVPN. We will only accept accounts from legal-of-age users or purchases made through parental supervision. If, however, we do manage to receive data from minors, we take action to delete it immediately.

Additional Terms of Policy

We at FastestVPN are here to protect your rights to the internet, maintaining your online security, privacy, or how you use the web. However, we are not to be held responsible for how our customers choose to exercise those rights. We, FastestVPN, “do not condone the violation of regulations related to the state's laws nor encourage unlawful activities with the affiliation of our services.”

We have partners affiliated with the service but may practice policies that differ from FastestVPN. If you send sensitive information to third parties with different regulations from ours, make sure you accept full responsibility. We urge you to read the privacy policy of any website you visit., eg: social media, and affiliate sites.

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24 Hours Live Chat Support

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