Privacy Policy

FastestVPN Privacy Policy

At FastestVPN, we are totally committed to keeping your online activities private. This document will define what information we keep, how we collect that information and what we do with it.

FastestVPN Does Not Store Any Logs, Period!

We do not store your logs in anyway. Any information or logs related to your browsing history - the websites you visit, the content you download or stream, your traffic destinations, or your DNS queries - stays with you and you alone.

What Information Do We Keep?

Only the email address that you share with us when you sign up for our service; and that too is kept for billing purposes and account registration. Once a user deactivates their account, their email address is also removed from our data base. Other than that, we do not keep any logs nor any credit card info.

FastestVPN also uses Google Analytics, Hotjar and Livechat software to enhance user experience and website performance.

What If Any Authority Wants To Inquire About A Specific Customer Or An IP?

Since we don’t log any user activity, we can’t connect any activity to a specific user. The only information that we keep, as mentioned above, is the email address - that too for billing purposes. We do not log any history or session data, hence cannot provide any data to the authorities.

In Case You Receive Any Legal Notice, What Will You Do?

As we cannot connect any activity with a particular user, we cannot provide anything that can be presented as evidence in court of law. Since we are based in Cayman Island, one of the few countries with “No Mandatory Data retention laws”, therefore we are not legally bound to store any user data or share it with anyone.

Is P2P File Sharing Allowed?

P2P file sharing is allowed on all of our servers.

How Can You Contact Us?

For queries regarding our website, Apps or any other information related to FastestVPN, please contact us at:

Important Note

FastestVPN reserves the rights to make amends and/or change its privacy policy without prior notice. Any user continuing the usage of our service after modifications in privacy policy shall be viewed as in-acceptance of then-effective privacy policy.

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