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Why Do You Need a Netherlands VPN?

ISPs pry at your online activities, and some content is blocked in the country. Secure your connection and access global content with a Netherlands VPN. Here’s why you should use one:

Mass Surveillance & Censorship Prevention

As part of the European Union, the Netherlands has to adhere to specific laws that allow ISPs and third parties to pry into your activities and censor content. The best VPN for Netherlands protects you against mass surveillance by making you and your internet activities anonymous. No more censorship via surveillance!

Protection Against Data Retention Laws

The Netherlands has stringent privacy laws, especially the data retention law, which allows ISPs to retain your data and personal information for up to 6 months. Furthermore, the Netherlands is part of the 14-eyes alliance, where all data retained is shared with other government agencies. A Netherlands VPN can prevent it.

Browse Dutch Content Online

Many users become victims of geo-restrictions when they travel. But by using a Netherlands IP address, they can easily bypass all restrictions and access Dutch content. So if you want to access websites, online channels, and P2P services abroad, connect with the best Dutch VPN server that works!

Complete Security on Wi-Fi Networks

Connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots is risky and can allow ISPs and cybercriminals to steal your online data. But that’s not a concern when you use a VPN Netherlands server on public Wi-Fi hotspots. It uses robust security protocols to encrypt your internet traffic, making it impossible for ISPs and hackers to intercept and decipher.

FastestVPN for the Netherlands in 2023

Never miss out on your local entertainment content with a Dutch IP address with FastestVN for the Netherlands. Here’s what to get with FastestVPN:

  • 10 Simultaneous connections
  • Fast Dutch IP addresses.
  • Secure VPN apps for all your devices.
  • Excellent security features
  • Access Dutch content in any country.
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3 Steps to Get the Best Netherlands VPN!

FastestVPN is the best VPN for the Netherlands to browse the internet safely with a Dutch IP! Get started now:


31-Day Money Back Guarantee

Sign Up

Create your FastestVPN account to get an active VPN subscription




Download and install the FastestVPN app on your device.




Sign in and connect to a Netherlands VPN server to browse privately!

Why Use Our Netherlands VPN Servers?


Unblock Streaming and Gaming Content

With the FastestVPN Netherlands IP address, you can access Dutch streaming channels and games restriction-free from any country.


Take Care of Your Banking Apps

Get the Netherlands IP abroad and safely access local services and banking apps with a safe, secure, and encrypted internet connection.


Mask your Online Activities in the Netherlands

Enjoy private browsing with a VPN in the Netherlands. Mask your original IP address and encrypt your traffic – safe browsing on the go!


Prevent Data Theft and Monitoring

Protect your data from phishing and cyberattacks with a VPN for Netherlands. Prevent data theft and traffic monitoring with an untraceable Dutch IP.


FastestVPN - A Netherlands VPN For Secure Banking, Streaming & More!

What makes FastestVPN the best VPN in the Netherlands are its security features. When you connect to our VPN in the Netherlands, you can safely and privately access banking apps in and out of the country. The powerful VPN encryption protects your network traffic from prying eyes.

We offer a privacy-first VPN in the Netherlands. All your sensitive information, including baking details, credentials, and passwords, remain concealed and encrypted even on a public or unprotected network.

FastestVPN for Netherlands gets you an untraceable Netherlands IP address that allows you to safely restore access to local streaming and banking services even when you’re abroad. Most Dutch content and apps are geo-restricted abroad.

However, when you connect to our VPN servers in the Netherlands, you can instantly access websites when you travel outside the country. Stream and download anything you want, torrent with high speeds, and protect your online data with military-grade security and privacy features. It doesn’t matter if you live outside or within the Netherlands; you have the power to use the internet the way it was meant to be.

With FastestVPN global servers, you can stream and enjoy streaming services from around the world. Watch Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Hotstar, and more with a Netherlands VPN.

Furthermore, FastestVPN never imposes bandwidth caps, so there is nothing to stress about bandwidth limitations. Enjoy using the internet without thinking about your bandwidth consumption.

FastestVPN for the Netherlands - Advanced Features

FastestVPN is the best VPN for the Netherlands with improved privacy and advanced features on a budget!

P2P File Sharing

FastestVPN Netherlands servers are optimized to provide safe access to P2P-File sharing sites, keeping your connection safe.

Ad Blocker

Say goodbye to those annoying ads in the middle of your browsing session with the FastestVPN ad-blocker feature.

10 Simultaneous Connections

With one FastestVPN subscription in the Netherlands, you get access to up to 10 multi-device connections simultaneously.

NAT Firewall

Our Netherlands VPN app has a NAT Firewall feature that prevents malicious traffic from accessing your connection.

Unlimited Server-Switching

Enjoy security with our Dutch VPN servers, or connect with any of our 600+ global VPN servers with unlimited server switching.

24/7 Live Chat

If you need assistance getting started, setting the VPN or connecting to a Netherlands server, our 24/7 customer support is available.

FAQs - Netherlands VPN

How do I get a Dutch VPN?

First of all, create your account by subscribing to FastestVPN. Next, download and install the VPN app on your device. Sign in to your account and connect with a Netherlands VPN server. You now have a Dutch VPN to unblock local services abroad. With FastestVPN for the Netherlands, you can pay for your account using your preferred method, i.e., Credit card, PayPal, and other methods.

How do you use FastestVPN to switch to Dutch IP address?

It is easy! Login to your FastestVPN app, select our Netherlands server to get a Dutch IP address and wait till the VPN connects. That’s it!

Can I access Dutch services overseas?

FastestVPN is a true Netherlands VPN. It allows you to access international content from the Netherlands and unblocks Dutch services abroad. Simply sign in to your VPN app, select the Netherlands server, and connect to any Dutch TV platform or local online services. You will now be able to access them without any issues.

Is a Netherlands VPN legal to use?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN in the Netherlands. Using a Dutch VPN is okay as long as you are not engaging in any illegal activities.

How can I watch US Netflix in the Netherlands using FastestVPN?

To watch US Netflix in the Netherlands, you have to trick Netflix into believing that you’re streaming from the USA. With FastestVPN, you can log in, connect to a blazing-fast US server, and sign in to your Netflix account to watch unlimited American shows and movies.

Is the Netherlands part of the Nine-eyes?

Yes, the Netherlands is part of the Nine-eyes alliance. Nine Eyes is a surveillance alliance between various countries with the common goal of gathering and sharing signal intelligence through mass surveillance. They are working as a single entity to spy on you and monitor your activities. The Nine Eyes group of countries includes the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. If you live in any of these countries, then you should be concerned about your online privacy. The best way to avoid this is by using FastestVPN. No logs policy means that there is no chance anyone can collect your online data or you become a victim of mass surveillance. FastestVPN ensures anonymity and protection against such entities.

Can I use a free Dutch VPN?

You can use a free Dutch VPN since they sometimes offer a Netherlands IP address, but then you will compromise security and speeds. Privacy laws in the Netherlands are stringent, and by using a free VPN, you cannot fully protect yourself against surveillance. Free VPNs can only go as far as unblocking a website for you, but they don’t offer the same level of protection as FastestVPN. Every free VPN provider will limit you to a daily or monthly bandwidth and a handful of slow servers. If you are serious about your privacy, FastestVPN is the best VPN service in the Netherlands that truly protects you online.

Is torrenting illegal in the Netherlands?

BitTorrent and many other torrenting platforms are illegal in the Netherlands. It does not matter whether you’re visiting the country or are a citizen; the law applies to all. This is why using the best VPN in the Netherlands that offers P2P-optimized servers is always recommended. It is the safest bet for you to control your privacy and to ensure your data is protected on malicious torrenting sites.

Can my ISP see my activities if I use a VPN?

No, they can’t. A VPN uses security that encrypts your data, and the encrypted data is passed through a secure tunnel, making it almost impossible for your ISP to trace it or read it. Your ISP will only see that you’re sending and receiving data from a particular location, but they won’t be able to figure out what data you’re sending and receiving. It is always recommended to use a VPN in the Netherlands or any country if you want your online traffic to be secure. It prevents monitoring and tracking by ISPs and surveillance agencies.

How do I get a free Netherlands VPN?

You can get a free Netherlands VPN server if you subscribe and create your account with FastestVPN. We have affordable prices that you can choose from. Once your account is created, sign in and connect to a Netherlands server and get a free Dutch IP address. FastestVPN comes with a 31-day money-back guarantee that you can use as a risk-free trial period.

Is the Netherlands good for VPN?

Yes, you can use a VPN in the Netherlands. The country has some strong privacy laws but is still part of the 9-eyes alliance. This means your data and privacy is never truly maintained. Many websites are blocked in the country, which is part of censorship and geo-restrictions. This is why using a VPN in the Netherlands is sometimes a good idea. It helps keep your data secure and your connection stable and gives you safe access to numerous blocked content.

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