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Get Netflix VPN to Access International Content Catalog

Enjoy fast, secure and throttle-free Netflix sessions. Beat geo-restriction and watch your favorite Netflix catalog from anywhere with a VPN.

Stream from Netflix USA on your favorite devices using Netflix VPN.


Stream with Advanced Netflix VPN Features

Sit back and enjoy the best Netflix streaming experience with FastestVPN.

Watch Netflix on Multiple Devices Watch Netflix on Multiple Devices

Install FastestVPN and watch Netflix on 10 devices simultaneously.

Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Bandwidth

FastestVPN lets you binge Netflix without bandwidth caps.

Kill Switch for Added Protection Kill Switch for Added Protection

Protect network traffic when the connection drops using FastestVPN.

Unblock Netflix Libraries with Super-Fast Servers

FastestVPN offers the fastest Netflix solution to help you stream Netflix catalog from anywhere. Connect to your nearest server location and log in your Netflix account to stream content.

FastestVPN provides an enormous network of servers. All servers are fast, P2P-optimized and quickly connect to Netflix regions such USA, UK, and Canada.

Unblock Netflix Libraries with Super-Fast Servers

How to Watch Netflix with FastestVPN

FastestVPN is the best VPN for Netflix, offering the affordable and easiest way to stream Netflix without geographical restrictions. Subscribe to FastestVPN. Launch the app, connect to any USA server, log into your Netflix account and access your favorite Netflix movies and shows. With FastestVPN, you can stream Netflix on Apple TV and Smart TV and other devices using a router.

Why FastestVPN is the Best Netflix VPN?

Netflix is a popular platform that is available worldwide, but it isn’t easy to stream its entire catalog from anywhere.

A dedicated Netflix USA server is available 24/7. It guarantees access to Netflix’s complete library whenever you want. Moreover, unlimited bandwidth grants you the freedom to watch movies and TV shows in 4K quality. Using Netflix VPN also minimizes the chances of bandwidth throttling by the ISP.

Why FastestVPN is the Best Netflix VPN?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I need a Netflix VPN for streaming?

You need a VPN to access region-blocked Netflix libraries. A VPN can do much more beyond unblocking geo-restricted content. With the help of a VPN, you can combat ISP bandwidth-throttling, and stop intruders from monitoring your online activities.

Can I watch Netflix on other devices using FastestVPN?

Absolutely! FastestVPN supports multiple devices and all the major platforms including Windows, iOS, Mac, Linux and Android. You can use FastestVPN app for any platform and stream Netflix on any device that you own including laptop, desktop, Smart TV and mobile.

Will FastestVPN slow my Netflix streaming?

FastestVPN will not slow down your streaming session. We never impose bandwidth caps, so you can stream as much as you want without being tracked by ISP. You can contact our support team to connect to the nearest server for the flawless streaming experience.

Can I use a free VPN or DNS proxies to unblock Netflix?

DNS proxies and free VPNs are not a reliable option for streaming. These free sources log your data and sell it to third-parties. Moreover, most of free proxies and VPNs don’t work with Netflix. Therefore, a paid Netflix solution just like FastestVPN is the best bet to securely access Netflix.

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