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Why Watch US Netflix in Japan

Although Netflix Japan owns the biggest selection of Japan-only movies and anime, still, you won't find some content on any other Netflix libraries except the US Netflix.

By watching US Netflix in Japan, you can add more to your binge-watching list. Since the Holiday season is about to fall upon, therefore, it's the best time to unblock US Netflix to enjoy the most sought-after Hollywood titles.

Why Watch US Netflix in Japan

How to Watch USA Netflix in Japan with FastestVPN?

For streaming US Netflix in Japan, you have to trick Netflix into believing that you’re streaming within the USA. You can do this with FastestVPN by installing our VPN app on your device. FastestVPN hides your IP address and provides a new US streaming IP that unblocks the US Netflix library. Here’s how to connect with FastestVPN to watch US Netflix in Japan:

  • Subscribe to your favorite FastestVPN Plan
  • Install VPN app that supports your device
  • Login VPN app with provided credentials
  • Select US server location
  • Wait till it connects
  • Open Netflix
  • Now, stream your favorite US movies and TV shows.

Why Can't I Watch US Netflix in Japan

Why Can't I Watch US Netflix in Japan

If you've ever tried to access US Netflix from Japan, you may have noticed that most US content is blocked. It means that you can only get to access limited, regional titles. It is due to Netflix's geographic restrictions.

Netflix is a region-restricted streaming platform. It has to comply with content copyright laws. There are licensing contracts that Netflix has to follow to publish content in only approved locations. Therefore, watching US Netflix in Japan ends you up with a blockage.

On What Devices Can I Watch USA Netflix in Japan?

FastestVPN supports many devices and offers you VPN access for:

Apple TV Samsung TV Amazon Fire TV Laptops Desktops Mobiles Tablets

With the above in mind, we also have router support to help you stream Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, and other on-hand devices with no added cost.

Why FastestVPN is the Best VPN to Watch USA Netflix in Japan

There’s support for up to 10-simultaneous devices with a single account. FastestVPN is a solid VPN, having all the decent features, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, a wide choice of protocols, torrent support, a smart kill switch, split tunneling, and a 15-days money-back guarantee. Well worth a try!

Digging Deeper, FastestVPN brags a 350+ server count spread across 42+ countries and 52+ locations. It connects you with the blazing-fast server for seamless streaming pleasure. From a higher server count to app usability, it nearly has everything that makes it the best streaming VPN in Japan.

Why FastestVPN is the Best VPN to Watch USA Netflix in Japan

Frequently Asked Questions

What Else Can I do With FastestVPN?

Besides unblocking US Netflix shows, there is a number of things that you can do with FastestVPN. Streamers can get access to Hulu, BBC iPlayers, and Disney Plus too. FastestVPN offers robust gaming servers that give you a chance to play unlimited international titles other than regional ones.

Is It Legal to Watch US Netflix In Japan via a VPN?

Using a VPN for content streaming is absolutely legal in Japan. However, performing any activity that conflicts with the regional laws will be deemed as illegal.

Why Should I use a VPN in Japan?

A Japan VPN will keep your traffic private and evade network throttling. You can get to access tons of online services that are locally blocked. Not to forget mentioning, Japan supports The Five Eyes Surveillance Alliance that intensely watches over internet traffic.

Access More Netflix Libraries with FastestVPN

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