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Why Watch US Netflix in UK

When you watch US Netflix with VPN in the UK, you’ll get you as many as twice as many titles for the same price. However, if you’re living in the UK, you should know that US Netflix is restricted in your region.

US Netflix offers more movie titles and TV shows than the UK Netflix. US Netflix has 7,437 movies and TV shows of all genres. Whereas, UK Netflix offers 5,412 movies and TV shows.

Why Watch US Netflix in uk

Why Can't I Watch US Netflix in UK

Why Can't I Watch US Netflix in UK?

Netflix is available to almost every country. But, the content catalog is changed depending on the location. It means that if you’re a UK citizen, then you can’t watch US Netflix on Smart TV or any devices in all locations except the United States.

Clearly, you’re getting less for your buck because UK Netflix has less to offer than US Netflix. It is because of the content copyrights and legality terms.

Steps to watch US Netflix in the UK?

Wondering how to watch US Netflix in UK on Firestick? FastestVPN’s got you covered. It takes less than 5 minutes, and you can watch US Netflix in the UK by following the steps below:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Install VPN app that supports your device
  • Login to your VPN account using credentials
  • Connect to US server location
  • Open Netflix and stream the US Netflix library.

On What Devices Can I Watch USA Netflix in UK?

FastestVPN supports many devices. You can watch US Netflix on Smart TV, Windows, Android, and more, in the UK.

Apple TV Samsung TV Amazon Fire TV Laptops Desktops Mobiles Tablets

With the above in mind, we also have router support to help you stream Netflix on Xbox, PlayStation, and other on-hand devices with no added cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shows are not available on UK Netflix?

A lot of great shows are not available on the UK Netflix and some of those shows are The Departed, House, The Theory of Everything, Pulp Fiction and The Kings Speech. You can use FastestVPN to access all the listed shows from the UK. Simply, change your IP address from the UK to the US and enjoy these binge-watching US Netflix shows.

Why FastestVPN is the Best VPN to Watch US Netflix in the UK?

FastestVPN is the best streaming VPN in the UK. It supports a massive collection of devices and platforms. Apart from multiple device support, FastestVPN brings you to ease with its P2P-Optimization. With our dedicated, P2P-Optimized servers, you can quickly connect to US Netflix from the UK and enjoy watching the world’s best shows for the same price.

What Else Can I do With FastestVPN?

With FastestVPN you can unblock all the major streaming platforms and access various streaming sites, online games, and e-commerce sites. FastestVPN is the top-of-the-line VPN that protects data with first-class security features. You can expect utter anonymity and online privacy using FastestVPN for streaming and torrenting.

Is it legal to Use FastestVPN for Watching Netflix?

Using FastestVPN for streaming Netflix is absolutely legal unless you’re not doing anything against your country’s law.

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