How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription on Different Devices

Paramount Plus is one of the best over-the-top video-on-demand services that offers access to popular streaming services. However, if, for some reason, you’re not looking to cancel Paramount Plus subscription, we’ll show you how to get started.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

The easiest way on how to cancel your Paramount+ subscription would be via the website, but this would only work if you’ve got a subscription directly from the service. So, just in case you’ve signed up for a Paramount Plus account through third-party sources, we’ll show you how to cancel it via other methods. 

Short on Time? Here Are Quick Tutorials

  • Via the Paramount+ website: Go to > “Account” > click on “Subscription & Billing” > “Subscription” and then click on “Cancel Subscription” > “Yes, Cancel.”
  • Cancel via Amazon: Click on “Your Account” > “Subscriptions” > “Memberships & Subscriptions.” Look for “Paramount+” > “Cancel Subscription.”
  • Via the iOS App Store: Click on the “account icon” > “Subscriptions” > “Active” > “Paramount+” > “Cancel Subscription” > “Confirm.” 

Now, if you’re looking for a detailed guide on how to cancel a Paramount Plus subscription via its official website and other third-party subscriptions, we’ve highlighted the tutorials below. Before we begin, just in case you’re traveling outside the US, to a region where the service is not available, and you need to sign in to your account to cancel it, you need to change your IP address to a US location. This is where the best VPN can help you. Sign up with FastestVPN, and connect to a US server.

How to Cancel Paramount Plus via its Website

As mentioned above, if you’ve got a Paramount+ subscription directly from the website, it’ll be much easier for you to cancel your account. So, to do that directly from the website, follow the instructions below: 

  • Go to the Paramount website and sign in to your account. 
  • Click on your ID, and select “Account” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Now, click on “Subscription & Billing,” followed by “Subscription,” and then “Cancel Subscription” on the top right of the screen. 
  • Click on “Yes, Cancel.” 
  • That’s about it; you’ve now applied for an account subscription cancellation on Paramount+. 

How Do You Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription via Amazon

To cancel the Paramount+ subscription via Amazon, you can do it directly from your Amazon account dashboard instead of its account support page. Here is how you can begin: 

  • Go to your FireTV, and sign into your Amazon Prime account. 
  • Hover over your account name on the top-right corner of the screen, and click on “Account Settings.” 
  • On the top bar, click on “Channels.” 
  • Look for the “Paramount+” channel, and click on “Cancel Channel.” 
  • Just in case you get an account retention offer, simply click on “Cancel my subscription.” 
  • You will now receive a confirmation notice saying that “Your subscription to Paramount+ will not be renewed.” 
  • That’s it! You’ve now canceled your Paramount+ subscription. 

How to Cancel Paramount+ Subscription on iOS Devices

Just in case you signed up for your Paramount+ account via the App Store, you can cancel it from there. So, if you have a Paramount Plus account on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, here is how you can cancel your account:

  • On either your iPhone or iPad, go to the App Store, and click on your account icon. 
  • Click on “Subscriptions.” 
  • Now, under “Active,” click on “Paramount+.” 
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription” or on “Cancel Free Trial.” 
  • Tap on “Confirm.” This should now complete the cancellation process because you will also receive a notification telling you when your account will expire. 

Cancel Your Paramount Plus Subscription on Apple TV

  • Go to your Apple TV. 
  • Click on “Settings.”
  • Next, select “Users & Accounts.” 
  • Click on “You Account Subscriptions” > “Paramount Plus.” 
  • Lastly, select “Cancel Subscription.” 
  • That’s all. This tutorial works on Apple TV 4th Gen and later. 

How to Cancel a Paramount+ Subscription on Roku

  • Sign in to your account from Roku’s site. 
  • Select the account icon, which is on the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Click on “Manage Subscriptions.”
  • Look for the Paramount+ service. You will find it under “Active Subscriptions.” 
  • Select “Cancel Subscription.”
  • You’ll need to select a reason for canceling. Once you do, select Continue to Cancel.
  • Click Finish to confirm.
  • That’s all. 

Cancel Paramount Plus on Android Devices

Canceling your Paramount Plus account on Android devices is pretty straightforward and easy to execute. So, if you’ve already got a Paramount Plus account created via the Google Play Store, you only need to: 

  • Sign in to your Google account. 
  • Open the Play Store app. 
  • Head to the Play Store’s Subscription Page. 
  • Click on “Paramount+”
  • Select “Cancel subscription.”

FAQs - Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription

Does Paramount+ offer a free trial?

Yes, Paramount Plus does offer a 7 day free trial. You can cancel it at any time during the seven days. However, make sure you cancel it in time to avoid being charged for the effective billing cycle.

Can I cancel the Paramount Plus free trial?

To cancel your Paramount free trial also means canceling your account subscription. To do that, you only need to sign in to your account, click on your profile picture, and select “Account.” Next, simply click on “Cancel Subscription.”

Do I need a VPN for Paramount+?

Paramount Plus is only available in a few countries globally. You will have access to it if you live in the US, the UK, AUS, Canada, Latin America, Ireland, or the Nordics. If you’re outside any of these countries, you need to change your IP address to unblock it, even to cancel your Paramount+ account while traveling. FastestVPN offers global servers that you can connect with to make this happen. Simply subscribe to the service, connect to the best server, and unblock your account or sign up.

Can I cancel Paramount Plus on iPhone?

Yes, you can. Click on your Apple ID and then on “View Apple ID.” Sign in and scroll down to “Subscriptions.” Click on it, and then on “Paramount+.” Next, click on “Cancel Subscription.” That’s all. Give it some time for your account to be canceled.

How do I cancel my Paramount+ subscription?

To cancel your Paramount+ subscription, go to the website, and click on “username,” which is in the top-right corner of the screen. Click on “Account” followed by “Cancel subscription.”

Is there a number to call to cancel a Paramount Plus subscription?

Yes, there is. Just in case you’re not willing to cancel your Paramount Plus online from the website itself, you could use the customer support or advisor number for the service and request that they cancel your subscription. The number for Paramount Plus is 1-888-274-5343.

Why did Paramount Plus charge me during a free trial?

This is sometimes a glitch, but other times; it happens when you’ve accidentally created another account with a different email address. When this happens, you might be certain account charges that you never signed up for.

Will I be charged if I cancel Paramount Plus?

No, you can cancel your account at any time within the given timeframe; only then do you not get charged. If you cancel your Paramount Plus free trial, for example, after 7 days ends, you will get charged for the subscription package you signed up for.

To Conclude

That’s a wrap! You now know how to cancel your Paramount Plus subscription from the official website. Just in case you’ve signed up for the service from third-party sources, we’ve also highlighted tutorials for you to cancel your account via Amazon, Google Play, and App Stores.

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