How to Unblock RARBG – List of RARBG Proxy Sites

Is RARBG blocked in your region? No worries there are, in fact, various methods to access RARBG whenever it is blocked or not working. Nevertheless, you can always use one of the many RARBG Proxy sites in our blog or RARBG Mirror sites.

However, those who have had the unfortunate circumstance of looking for the perfect proxy sites would know that they are not easy to find. Fortunately, for you, we have prepared a list of the best RARBG proxy sites for you to download the best RARBG torrents unrestricted.

While proxy sites are the easiest method, they are by no means the safest way to access RARBG. The safest method is by using a VPN. FastestVPN was built 2 years ago, in the Cayman Islands, which means it does not log any user data. Subscribers of FastestVPN enjoy absolute anonymity, meaning you don’t have to worry about annoying ads as well when you are using some of these RARBG Proxy sites or RARBG Mirror sites.

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Note: FastestVPN is the best VPN for downloading torrents from online. Their P2P-optimized servers are perfectly suited for torrent downloads, and with unlimited bandwidth and 99.99% uptime you can truly maximize your torrent speeds by using FastestVPN. One of the most notable features include “dedicated ad-blocking capability,” meaning when you use these RARBG Proxy sites, you can enjoy your content to the fullest, without those irritating ads bothering you or using your data.

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RARBG Proxies

RARBG Explained

For those wondering what RARBG is, let us explain. RARBG is one of the world’s best torrent downloading websites. Their website is home to all the best movies, TV shows, E-books, software, dramas, games, and anime series.

Whether you wish to download your favorite content in 1080p or CAM RARBG has whatever you need. You can even download these torrents with subtitles for those who were wondering. However, different locations around the world have different restrictions on torrenting, and for that reason, RARBG maybe geo-blocked or unavailable in your area. Using these RARBG Proxy sites should help you alleviate this issue. You can also check out our various alternatives to unblocking RARBG, instead of using RARBG Proxies/Mirror Sites section in our blog.

We stated before that using these RARBG Proxy sites should eliminate geo-restriction easily. However, you should also consider subscribing to FastestVPN for maximum security.

Alternative Ways to Unblock RARBG Instead of Using RARBG Proxy Sites

As stated above, there are numerous ways you can unblock RARBG, instead of using RARBG Proxy sites or RARBG Mirror Sites. Here are some of the ways you can unblock RARBG;

TOR Browser

The Onion Router or ‘TOR’ is a group of networks, which allows users to communicate information amongst through them anonymously. This essentially means you can use a TOR browser to unblock any geo-restricted website regardless of where you are in the world.


Virtual Private Networks are the most secure method for unblocking RARBG, instead of using RARBG Proxies. FastestVPN is a good example of a secure and privacy-focused VPN’s. VPNs work by extending a privately controlled network over a public network. Thus allowing you to watch any content unrestricted and completely anonymously.

RARBG Proxy sites

Below is a list of RARBG Proxy & Mirror Sites. These mirror sites are not as common, that means they should be accessible from your country.

RARBG Proxies/ RARBG Mirror Sites URL
Access rarbg
rarbg unblock
Rarbg proxy 1
Rarbg unblocked proxy
Rarbg proxy 2
Rarbg access

Can Using These RARBG Proxy Sites Land You in Trouble?

Probably the most searched query on the internet is whether using proxy sites are safe. We are here to assure that all of the RARBG Proxy sites in over list are 100% safe to use. However, on the other hand, watching or downloading pirated contents is illegal and in many countries can land you in trouble with the authorities.

Note: The government constantly monitors your data by tracking your IP address, which is essentially your digital footprint online. Using these RARBG Proxy sites does not protect your IP address, but FastestVPN, on the other hand, comes equipped with all the latest security protocols and encryption software. This in-turn translates to hiding your IP from any third-party site like these RARBG Proxy sites.

RARBG Alternatives

Although you can use these RARBG Proxy sites to unblock RARBG, we also compiled some of the best RARBG alternatives, which may or may not be geo-restricted in your area.

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. 1337X
  3. LimeTorrents
  4. Torlock
  5. Library Genesis
  6. SCI-HUB
  7. am
  8. Zooqle
  9. BTDigg
  10. com
  11. Demonoid
  12. Bit Che
  13. TorrentRover
  14. WiDownload
  15. Magnetico

Regardless of what RARBG alternative you use, you should protect yourself with a VPN.

Wrapping UP

Before you head off to download and watch your favorite content from RARBG using the RARBG Proxy sites given in our blog, you should subscribe to FastestVPN for the added security, and to ensure you don’t run into any hackers, or harmful viruses when using these RARBG Proxy sites or RARBG Mirror Sites.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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Rohit sharma
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RARBG Proxy and RARBG Mirror sites are used for downloading latest movies, TV shows, games, music, eBooks and it is the best torrent sites. Using RARBG is simple. Once you have enabled the use of a VPN on your computer or device, then click on one of the links above or access the primary platform. You will discover several different categories to explore on the left-hand side of the page. Choose your preferred option.