How to Find Your Lost Phone

The number of smartphones on the planet is growing year-on-year. Almost all of us own a smartphone. It is also very likely that you are reading this blog on your smartphone.

How to Find Your Lost Smartphone

Hence, the importance and value attached to the phone are significant. It is not only a cellular device; it has a necessity for most of us. Our smartphones let us store important information, connect with several people, enable easy and quick browsing, and the list goes on. Our entire lives are somewhat stored on our phones nowadays; everything is just a touch or tap away.

We cannot even begin to imagine if we were ever to misplace or lose our smartphones. The thought of a random stranger being able to access our phones and all the data stored on it is terrifying.

Protect Your Smartphone

One thing that we suggest and stress incredibly is that you should always keep your smartphone secure and protected as a precautionary measure if it does get lost or stolen. Keen on learning how to increase the security of your smartphone through numerous steps? Here’s how:

Password Protection

Make sure to always enable password protection in your smartphones. Whether it is a numerical code, an alphabetical code or even a pattern, it is always best to set your phones up with a passcode to ensure that no one but you can access it easily. Similarly, make sure that your passcode is unique and something that only you could guess so that there are fewer chances of people being able to gain access to your phone if found.

Turn On “Find My Mobile” Service

If you happen to own an iOS or Android device, it comes with a built-in feature which allows you to locate your iPhone or Android in case it is ever misplaced or stolen. You can go into your settings and enable this feature, once enabled it will allow you to temporarily lock, erase or send alert messages if ever reported lost. Also, if your phone is turned on and connected to an internet device the “Find My Device” feature will locate your phone for you as well.

Here’s how to enable Find My Device on Android:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Google or Google Services.
  3. Select Security.
  4. Turn on Find My Device.

How to enable Find My iPhone on iOS:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap on your Apple ID.
  3. Select “Find My”.
  4. Turn on Find My iPhone.

Use a VPN

A VPN can be seen as an extra precautionary measure to keep your phone and browsing activity safe. A potential hacker or criminal may be watching over your activities online and monitoring your data as well as location, which could then lead to theft. An Android or iOS VPN will generally protect you by providing a layer of security on unsecure networks wherever you travel.

How to Find Your Lost Phone

Sadly, even if you do take all precautionary measures, it still does not eliminate the chances of your smartphone being stolen or lost. It is why you should know what to do when such an event takes place.

Normally, you could locate your phone using the built-in location feature; it is probably the easiest solution. If it is not able to locate it; you can always erase your device with remote factory reset feature available on both Android and iPhone.

Other than these solutions, there are also many third-party applications which allow you to trace your smartphone and locate it; there are plenty available on the internet or your Playstore or Appstore.


The importance of a password goes beyond just putting a lock screen. Modern smartphones have built-in defences against authorized access or erase of the phone. Factory reset now requires you to verify ownership by entering the password to the email account service. The phone remains in an encrypted state unless it is unlocked with the passcode.

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