4 Ways to Protect Your Data from Leaking

Many companies around the world try to do as many things as they possibly can to make their systems safe. However, experienced hackers can manage to find their way into almost any network.

Ways to Protect Data from Leaking

Most of the data leaks are accidental, but sometimes your weaknesses are the third parties attached to your company. For instance, maybe a piece of software that you purchased from a third party is not as secure and safe as the rest of your system.

Ways to Protect Your Data

To make your systems safer, here are four ways you can try.

Identify Your Critical Data

As a business, you must be able to recognize your own data and identify the critical areas. That means you need to be able to categorize your data in the order from most sensitive to the least. This can help you understand what data needs the most protection and how your team can utilize data loss prevention.

In this strategy, you can’t tackle the project as a whole. You can try to classify the types of data to the policies of your company first. Then you can look into small modules and endpoints to provide your employees with learning opportunities before broader deployment.

Monitor Activity and Access

Many hackers do a little reconnaissance within a system for a few weeks or months before they actually breach it. That means that a business can recognize strange behavior and easily prevent a breach.

That is why you need to assign a team to closely monitor the traffic on every single network in your company. Accurately discovering, mapping, and tracking every single thing in your business can provide a clear picture of your network.

You can also get monitoring tools to supervise the activity and access. They can notify you or the person in charge of any red flags as soon as they appear.

Back Up Your Business Data

A breach in data security can cause a great deal of damage to a company’s data, including a loss of income, the loss of client data, theft of intellectual property, harm to the company’s reputation, and legal consequences. Such consequences underline how important it is for businesses to have a data backup plan.

Storing essential data in virtual environments has become typical for businesses nowadays. Companies must use a data backup solution such as NAKIVO Hyper-V Backup to avoid losing business data stored on virtual machines. With this solution, companies can immediately back up their virtual machines to an external device and ensure that important data is safe and can be accessed even if the system goes down or a natural disaster happens.

Encryption and Protection

If your business is not already implementing various encryptions methods, then you need to get started on them immediately.

Encryption turns all of your data into unreadable and useless code. But it can be reverted to normal with a particular key and method. With proper encryption on all the different areas of your network, you can protect your system from even an advanced attack.

However, experienced hackers can still find a way to decrypt data. That is why you should also use a VPN to make your system even safer.

Endpoint Security

Data within your company’s IT infrastructure leaves networks through specific exit points or endpoints. If you use the right data loss prevention software, then you can easily monitor and act at these exit points.

This can give your IT team more control over the information or data that is leaving. They can even see when it leaves, what channel is used, and what device was used to access it.

Your company may have a ‘bring your own device’ to work policy, as it can be crucial for employee productivity. But since these devices don’t have the defenses your business systems do, endpoint security is a necessity.

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plex system
plex system
3 years ago

IT team can control over the information or data that is leaving.Now a day everything are on internet , you can easily access of information…keep it up