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3 Steps to Watch Disney+ Hotstar Korea With a VPN

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Why is Disney+ Hotstar Blocked in Australia?

Is Disney+ Hotstar Available in Korea?

As of July 2023, Disney+ Hotstar is unavailable in South Korea. However, there is still a way to watch Hotstar in Korea using FastestVPN. Hotstar is an Indian OTT subscription streaming service offering an extensive content library of over 100,000 hours in 17 languages. With FastestVPN, you can watch Disney+ Hotstar Indian content in South Korea restriction-free.

The platform features top-notch shows and movies. Additionally, it broadcasts prominent cricket and other sports events such as India vs. West Indies 2023 Test Series, Wimbledon 2023, and others that you can stream in Korea with a VPN.

How Do You Pay for Disney+ Hotstar in Korea?

In order to access Disney+ Hotstar in Korea, it is necessary to have an Indian IP address. However, to sign up for the service, you need to have a working and valid Indian phone number. Here’s how to get started:

  • Start by subscribing to FastestVPN and connect to a virtual Indian server.
  • Visit the Disney+ Hotstar website.
  • Look for the "Subscribe" button in the screen's top-left corner and click on it.
  • Choose a suitable subscription package and click "Continue."
  • As part of the verification process, you will be required to provide an Indian phone number. You can obtain an Indian phone number from a friend or use websites that offer temporary phone number services (additional charges may apply).
  • Enter the One-Time Password (OTP) code sent to the provided Indian phone number and select your preferred payment method.
  • Fill in all the necessary payment details and wait for your account to be processed.
  • Once your payment is successfully processed, you can sign in to Disney+ Hotstar and start enjoying its content in Korea.
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Disney+ Hotstar in Korea offers an extensive assortment of movies that can be streamed. Users can explore a diverse range of original content from the realms of Hollywood and Bollywood, providing them with many choices to enjoy.

What Can You Watch on Disney + Hotstar Korea?

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TV Series

In Korea, Disney+ Hotstar offers a vast selection of over 100 TV series that can be streamed. Currently, viewers have shown great interest in popular choices such as Freddy, Gaslight, and numerous other captivating options.

Extensive Compatibility


By using the platform, users have the opportunity to indulge in live streaming of a wide range of sports events, like the Indian Super League, the Premier League, the 2023 AFC Asian Cup, the International Hockey Federation, and more.

Anti-Malware Protection

Kids’ Shows

Other than horror shows, drama series, or sports content, you can stream Disney+ Hotstar shows fit for kids and families. Unblock and watch classics like The Jungle Book, Mulan, and other shows from the Kid’s section.

Unrestricted Access to the Internet

Marvel / Pixar

In addition to timeless Bollywood classics and traditional TV series, Disney+ Hotstar offers an extensive collection of Marvel and Pixar shows, including Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers, and many other captivating options.

Unblock Netflix

Disney+ / NAT Geo

Disney+ Hotstar in Korea offers a diverse selection of timeless Disney movies and National Geographic content. Stream from genres like science, fiction, nature and nurture, and classic Disney-renowned collection films.

Why is Disney+ Hotstar Blocked in Australia?

How Does FastestVPN Help to Unblock Disney+ Hotstar Korea?

Disney+ Hotstar is a well-known streaming service in India with licensing agreements restricting content access outside the country. To overcome this limitation and gain access to the service, you can change your IP address to an Indian location.

FastestVPN offers VPN apps that provide optimized and functional servers in India, allowing you to easily access Disney+ Hotstar and other services from any country. Our VPN apps have WireGuard protocol implementation for faster speeds and a secure connection.

Once connected to the VPN server, your IP address is effectively disguised, creating the illusion that you are streaming Disney+ Hotstar content or watching cricket matches from India, even if you are located in Korea.

Stream Disney Plus Hotstar in Korea on Compatible Devices

Every FastestVPN subscription offers up to 10 simultaneous connections across multiple devices to unblock Disney Plus Hotstar Korea on Android, Windows, iOS, Firestick, and more.

FAQs - Disney+ Hotstar Korea

Is it legal to watch Hotstar in South Korea with a VPN?

Watching Hotstar in South Korea with a VPN is considered legal. It is a method to circumvent Hotstar's geo-restrictions and access the streaming service from your desired location. Additionally, there are no legal provisions or limitations on using a VPN to enhance your online streaming activities.

Is Hotstar available in Korea?

No. Disney+ Hotstar isn’t available in Korea due to licensing restrictions. Nevertheless, you use a VPN to switch your virtual location to India to be able to watch Hotstar in Korea without any geo-restrictions.

Can I watch free Hotstar in South Korea?

In order to access Hotstar's free plan, which offers limited content with advertisements, viewers must be located in India. To enjoy this free plan from outside India, it is necessary to use a reliable VPN service like FastestVPN. Additionally, premium Hotstar packages are available for subscription, granting access to unlimited premium content. By using a VPN, viewers in South Korea can access all the available plans on Hotstar.

Can you watch Hotstar in South Korea with a free VPN?

Although it is possible to use a free VPN to watch Hotstar in South Korea, it is strongly advised not to use it. Free VPNs tend to be unreliable, slow, and unsecure, with some even engaging in data theft and selling it to third parties. Furthermore, free VPNs often offer limited features, restricted bandwidth connections and may not be available in desired locations. For a superior VPN streaming experience, it is recommended to use a premium VPN like FastestVPN.

Why is the Hotstar app not working in South Korea with VPN?

In some cases, using a VPN to access Hotstar in South Korea may be unsuccessful due to Hotstar blacklisting the IP address obtained through the VPN. If this occurs, it is recommended to attempt connecting to different VPN servers and try again. Additionally, to prevent IP address leaks, users can disable the IPv6 network settings on their devices.

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