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The 3-Step Disney+ Hotstar USA VPN Set-up

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Why is Disney+ Hotstar Blocked in Australia?

Why Opt For FastestVPN to Access Disney+ Hotstar in USA?

Don't let geo-restrictions stop you from enjoying your favorite shows and movies on Disney+ Hotstar! FastestVPN is the ultimate solution that will break down these barriers and give you access to Disney+ Hotstar in USA and other regions.

FastestVPN bypasses geo-restrictions by connecting to a virtual Indian server convincing the website to allow access to its content library. Subscribe to a trusted Hotstar VPN and take the freedom back into your hands.

Connect to an Indian server, spoof your IP address, and enjoy your favorite content today!

How Do You Pay for Disney+ Hotstar in USA?

  • Subscribe to and create your FastestVPN account.
  • Connect with FastestVPN’s India virtual server.
  • Go to the Disney+ Hotstar website.
  • Click on the “Subscribe” option on the top of the screen.
  • Choose the Disney+ Hotstar package you require and click on “Continue.”
  • You need to provide an Indian phone number to complete the process. Find a website that offers one or ask a friend.
  • An OTP code will be sent to the number you entered. Input it into the designated field and choose a payment method.
  • Fill in the remaining necessary details and wait for your account to continue processing.
  • You can now watch Disney Hotstar USA.
How Do You Pay for Hotstar in Malaysia?
Instant Privacy


Access a vast library; featuring various genres to choose from. From sci-fi to fantasy, Disney+ Hotstar is a one-stop solution for all in the USA.

What Is Available on Disney+Hotstar ?

Encrypted Tunnel

TV Shows

Watch your favorite TV shows. Depending on your preference, you can avail of Indian and international content. Unblock the best Disney+Hotstar shows in USA.

Extensive Compatibility


With Hotstar under Walt Disney's ownership, many studio originals are now at your fingertips. Relish in timeless favorites from Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, and beyond.

Anti-Malware Protection


Disney+ Hotstar provides live sports streaming and sports-related content, including cricket, football (soccer), badminton, Formula 1, tennis, and more.

Unrestricted Access to the Internet

Kids and Family Content

Designed especially for kids, watch Disney+ Hotstar in USA while your kids enjoy their beloved characters of Mickey Mouse, Marvel, Disney, and much more!

Unblock Netflix

Regional Content

Featuring different regional content - watch your favorite movies and TV shows in different regional languages; Bengali, Malayalam, Tegulu, Hindi, and so on!

Unblock Disney+ Hotstar USA on Compatible Devices

Access unlimited video streaming and limitlessly explore the entertainment world by downloading FastestVPN on your preferred devices.

FAQs - Disney+ Hotstar USA

Which VPN to use for Hotstar in USA?

FastestVPN is a highly recommended option for accessing Hotstar USA. It spoofs your IP address, convinces the website that you're accessing through an Indian location, and allows you to access its diverse library - offering an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Does Hotstar India subscription work in USA?

No Hotstar does not work in the USAm and was discontinued in 2021. It is only available with limitations via Hulu due to content license distribution specifically available for India. However, you can bypass the geo-restrictions by using a trusted VPN, such as FastestVPN, and watch your favorite video content on Disney Hotstar in USA.

Is Disney+Hotstar discontinued in USA?

Yes, it’s not available anymore - confirmed by a Disney announcement. However, that doesn't state the end of it. Disney+ Hotstar outside India can still be accessed through FastestVPN. Subscribe today and avail what others miss! You can alternatively access it with a Hulu bundle offer.

Does Disney Plus include Hotstar in USA?

Yes, you can access all premium features of Disney+ Hotstar by using FastestVPN and changing your IP address through it.

What is the difference between Disney Plus and Disney Plus Hotstar?

Disney is a global entertainment platform. Meanwhile, Hotstar is an Indian streaming platform offering a blend of regional and International content. Since Walt Disney's Hotstar acquisition, Hotstar now provides a combination of Disney's and Hotstar's content. Disney Plus Hotstar is the platform providing regional and international video content.

What is available in Disney+ Hotstar?

Disney+ Hotstar offers a vast collection of movies, TV shows, originals, sports content, and documentaries. Subscribers can access popular titles from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The platform also provides live sports streaming for cricket, football, and other sports, along with regional language content and exclusive Disney+ Hotstar originals. The upcoming sports events, such as the world cup and premier league, can also be accessed through Disney+ Hotstar.

Unblock Hotstar in Maximum Countries with FastestVPN

Hotstar is only available in the US and Japan. With FastestVPN, you can now unblock Hulu in your
country without any setbacks.

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