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3 Steps to Set Up Hotstar Malaysia VPN

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Why is Disney+ Hotstar Blocked in Australia?

Why Isn't Hotstar Available in Malaysia?

Due to licensing agreements and content restrictions, Hotstar is only accessible within India, Canada, and the United States. As a result, individuals residing in countries such as Malaysia cannot access Hotstar. The service employs an IP tracking system to determine the user's location and restrict content accordingly. To circumvent this, a VPN is required to mask the actual location and make it appear as if the user is accessing it from within locations where Hotstar is officially available.

How Do You Pay for Hotstar in Malaysia?

If you don’t have an account and would like the Indian version of Hotstar in Malaysia, you first change your IP address and then proceed to pay for your account. Here’s how you can start:

  • Begin by subscribing to FastestVPN and creating your account.
  • Connect to FastestVPN's Indian server.
  • Visit the Disney+ Hotstar website.
  • Look for the "Subscribe" option at the top of the screen and click on it.
  • Select the Disney+ Hotstar package that suits your requirements and click on "Continue."
  • To proceed, provide an Indian phone number. You can either find a website that offers temporary phone numbers or ask a friend for assistance.
  • An OTP (One-Time Password) code will be sent to the phone number you provided. Enter the code into the designated field and select a payment method.
  • Fill in any remaining necessary details and patiently wait for your account to continue processing.
  • Congratulations! You can now enjoy watching Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia.
How Do You Pay for Hotstar in Malaysia?
Instant Privacy


Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia offers an extensive selection of movies for streaming, with over 800 movies and a diverse range of original content, including both Hollywood and Bollywood.

What Can You Watch on Disney + Hotstar Malaysia?

Encrypted Tunnel

TV Series

Enjoy your preferred TV shows, catering to both Indian and international content. Unlock the top-notch Disney+ Hotstar shows in Malaysia and get an exceptional streaming experience.

Extensive Compatibility

Local Content

Explore various regional content on Hotstar and indulge in your favorite movies and TV shows in various regional languages such as Bengali, Telugu, Hindi, and more.

Anti-Malware Protection


Experience the comprehensive sports coverage offered by Disney+ Hotstar, which includes live sports streaming and a wide range of sports-related content. From cricket, football, and beyond.

Unrestricted Access to the Internet

Kids and Family

Get the joy of watching Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia while your little ones are immersed in the world of their favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse, Marvel superheroes, and more.

Unblock Netflix


With Hotstar, a plethora of studio originals awaits you at your fingertips. Delight in timeless favorites from renowned brands like Pixar, Disney, Star Wars, and many more.

Why is Disney+ Hotstar Blocked in Australia?

Why Choose FastestVPN to Unblock Disney Plus Hotstar in Malaysia?

You might be wondering why you should opt for FastestVPN to watch Disney+ Hotstar in MY. That’s a practical question, and we have the most compelling reasons.

With FastestVPN, you can easily overcome barriers and gain access to Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia and beyond. By connecting to a virtual Indian server, FastestVPN effortlessly bypasses geo-restrictions, granting you access to the vast content library.

Let's take control of your streaming experience with the best Hotstar VPN. Connect to our virtual Indian server, mask your IP address, and indulge in your favorite content today!

Unblock Hotstar Malaysia on Supported Devices

FastestVPN supports up to 10 simultaneous connections across a variety of devices. Seamlessly unblock and access Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia on Android, Windows, iOS, Firestick, and more.

FAQs - Disney+ Hotstar Malaysia

How to unblock Hotstar in Malaysia?

One of the fastest ways to access Hotstar in Malaysia is by connecting to a VPN. By connecting your device to a VPN and selecting an Indian server, you can bypass the restrictions and enjoy Hotstar shows from any location. Keep in mind that Hotstar employs IP tracking, so it's advisable to opt for a reliable and paid VPN service just like FastestVPN.

Is Hotstar available in Malaysia?

Hotstar is not available in Malaysia right now. However, you can bypass content restrictions to watch Hotstar content in Malaysia with FastestVPN. Simply sign up for the VPN server, connect to a virtual Indian server, and enjoy unblocking Hotstar in Malaysia.

Is Hotstar and Disney+ Hotstar same?

Disney Plus and Disney+ Hotstar are separate streaming platforms. Disney Plus is a streaming service based in the United States, while Disney+ Hotstar is a combined platform that brings together Disney+ content and Hotstar's library. However, it's worth noting that Disney+ Hotstar is currently only available in India and not accessible outside of the country without a VPN.

Can I watch free Hotstar in Malaysia?

Yes, Hotstar is a free streaming platform accessible to Indian citizens. This implies that to watch the Hotstar series for free, you need to either be located in India or use a VPN to bypass the geographical restrictions. It's important to mention that Hotstar offers VIP and Premium subscriptions, which provide access to a wider range of content, including the complete Bollywood library and the Disney+ catalog. The free catalog is limited.

Unblock Hotstar in Maximum Countries with FastestVPN

Hotstar is only available in the US and Japan. With FastestVPN, you can now unblock Hulu in your
country without any setbacks.

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