What Are Datacenter Proxies? And How to Use Them – Explained

Datacenter proxies are gateways between internet-enabled devices and the websites they visit. When you access the internet with these proxies, your IP address will be replaced by one from a data center owned by a private company that is not a regular internet service provider.

Datacenter Proxies

This is similar to a VPN and it makes you anonymous on the internet, lets you access geo-blocked content, and gives you other features that most internet users do not enjoy. You can get FastestVPN for utter online security.

Before choosing a datacenter proxy provider, consider their subscription fee relative to their quality of service and how reliable they are. Most of them offer the same service, which is internet anonymity that allows you to bypass the security protocols of certain domains.

While this sounds like a holy grail for cybercriminals, datacenter proxies are not illegal and have many genuine use cases like the following:

  • Monitoring marketing activities

Companies spend huge sums of money on advertising and might want to monitor their ad performance. They can use datacenter proxies to digitally emulate their target audience to ensure that their ads are being displayed as intended.

  • Conducting market research

You can use datacenter proxies to conduct market research by integrating them with web scrapers. Web scrapers scan websites to copy their information so you can analyze them. This information can include the prices of an item on different ecommerce sites and new developments on your competitors’ websites.

  • Circumventing IP bans

Some websites and social media platforms ban the IP addresses of internet users that violate their terms of service. If you get banned by mistake, you can use a datacenter proxy to hide your IP address, visit the website and create a new account.

  • ¬†Bypassing location restrictions

Some websites only permit people from a specific region to visit. You can bypass those restrictions with a datacenter proxy that can lease you an IP address from the permitted region.

  • Purchasing limited items

When an item that is in limited supply hits the market, it will be challenging to purchase a couple of them because the retailer might limit the amount each shopper can buy. This is common with sneaker drops and concert ticket releases. Datacenter proxies let you appear like different people on the internet so you can circumvent those restrictions and buy as many of those items as you wish.

How to Use a Datacenter Proxy

You can use a datacenter proxy by following these three steps:

  1. Purchase and set up the proxy gateway on your internet device.
  2. When you go online, your device connects to the data center, getting an IP address.
  3. Your requests to websites will have this IP, hiding your identity.


You can use datacenter proxies on devices like phones, tablets, and laptops. Just find a good provider. Most charge a monthly fee to use their IP addresses. If you need a lot for big tasks, some providers let you lease many at once.

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