How to Watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

Reeling back in time with your favorite Star Trek series or digging into the Paramount archives – a Paramount Plus subscription can be the holy grail for many! And, for all streaming enthusiasts, Saturday nights call for watching Paramount Plus on Samsung TV.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

According to Zippia, Paramount’s streaming services, including Paramount+, have a global subscriber base 77 million. This user base comes from the list of features Paramount+ offers. From multi-device compatibility to diverse categories, including sports, this VoD streaming service offers it all!

Speaking of compatibility, this article walks through a set-up guide and troubleshooting steps for watching Paramount Plus on Samsung TV.

Note: Paramount Plus isn’t available in various regions, and you can only access it via FastestVPN.

Is Paramount Plus Available on Samsung Smart TV?

Paramount Plus is available on various devices, including the Samsung Smart TV. Initially, you need to purchase a Paramount Plus subscription to stream your favorite titles. Then, install it from the app store and log in to start streaming your favorites.

And, despite how seamless this process looks, Paramount+ is geo-restricted, and that’s where you need to use a VPN, like FastestVPN. Before getting your favorite munchies ready, set up FastestVPN. If you’re new to that too, we’ve got you covered.

How to Watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV Outside the US

The Paramount+ titles, sports events, and impressive catalog are a holy grail to all streaming enthusiasts. But to our disappointment, it’s always apparently limiting users’ access to their favorite streaming content.

That’s where FastestVPN steps in. Offering over 800 servers with simultaneous connections for up to 10 devices is all you need to bypass geo-limitations. But despite how technical VPNs sound, setting them up is only a five-finger-exercise. That said, here’s a brief tutorial on how you can watch Paramount Plus on Samsung TV outside the US:

1. Purchase a FastestVPN Subscription

You’ll see a list of plans, find your preferred option, and proceed with the payment information.

2. Install the FastestVPN App

From the Downloads page, navigate to the device you want to install the VPN. Click on it and wait until the application is installed.

3. Log in and Connect to the US Server

After installing the app, log in with your credentials and connect to a US server. Although Paramount Plus is available in more locations, it’s best to connect to one of the US servers.

4. Go to Paramount Plus Homepage

The Paramount Plus homepage welcomes you with the “Try it free” option. Click on that and provide your email, password, and other required information. However, this will require payment information and only accepts a US payment method.

5. Purchase a Paramount+ Gift Card

This step is only for the ones that don’t have a US payment method. For others, this step is essential. Purchase a Paramount+ gift card from any store, such as Walmart. For example, getting a $25 helps you align with the monthly requirement of the platform. If you run out of money in your gift card, you can repeat this step and proceed with that.

6. Stream Paramount Plus

Head back to the website and continue with providing the payment details. Enter the gift card details and follow the on-screen instructions. Once done, you can log in to your account and stream your favorite titles!

How Do I Add Apps to My Samsung Smart TV?

You can install apps to your Samsung Smart TV via the apps menu. Let’s take the example of Paramount Plus for this section. Here’s a step-by-step process of how to add the Paramount Plus app to Samsung Smart TV:

  • Press the Home button from the remote control.
  • Click on APPS and then click on the Search icon. You can navigate it from the top-right side of the screen.
  • Type Paramount Plus and click on Enter.
  • Click on Install.
  • Once installed, press the Home button to find and launch the app.

Why Is Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV?

Paramount Plus might not be working for various reasons, such as the cache, using an older version, and much more. Here’s a list of the 5 troubleshooting steps if Paramount Plus isn’t working on your Samsung TV:

1. Check the Internet Connection

Generally, a slow Internet connection leads to Paramount Plus crashing on Samsung TV. Here’s what you can do to resolve the issue:

  • Reset the Internet via the router.
  • Recheck the wires if you’re using an Ethernet connection
  • If you’re using a WiFi connection, switch to a wired connection.

2. Clear the Application Cache

Clear the application cache if you’re witnessing the Paramount Plus crashing on a Samsung TV. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Go to Smart TV Settings.
  • Go to Support>Self Diagnosis>Device Manager.
  • You’ll see the Memory Boost section. Right below that, select Clean Now.
  • This can take a short while. Once completed, click on the Show App List.
  • Scroll down the applications list and find Paramount Plus. Click on that, and select View Details. Following that, select the Clear Cache option.

3. Check for Smart TV’s Software Updates

Similar to your smartphone or laptop, Smart TVs get regular updates, too. And an older software version can result in app glitches. To resolve the issue of Paramount Plus crashing on Samsung TV, here’s what you can do:

  • Go to the Home menu.
  • Click on Settings and then scroll to Support. Select Software Update.
  • If you see a pending software update, initiate it.
  • This should take a few minutes.

FAQs - Paramount Plus on Samsung TV

How do I add Paramount Plus to my Smart TV?

Here’s how to add Paramount Plus to your Smart TV:

  • Go to the Home screen./li>
  • Navigate the Apps menu and search for Paramount Plus.
  • Click on Install.

Why can't I find Paramount Plus on my TV?

This can be possible if your TV model doesn’t support the Paramount Plus app. To verify this, go to your TV’s app store and search for Paramount+.

How to update Paramount Plus on Samsung TV?

If you see Paramount Plus crashing on Samsung TV, here’s how you can update Paramount Plus on Samsung TV:

  • Power on the TV and open Smart Hub./li>
  • Go to Samsung Apps and navigate Paramount+.
  • Hold down the center button of the directional pad for a few seconds until a menu or extra options appear.
  • Click on update apps.
  • Restart the TV once the update is completed.

Wrapping Up

Paramount+ is available on various devices, such as the Samsung Smart TV. However, if you’re outside the US, Paramount Plus will be inaccessible due to geo-restrictions. For this, you must use a reliable VPN, like FastestVPN, that ensures seamless access to your favorite Paramount Plus titles.

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