How To Watch Australian Open Live For Free (2024 Updated)

It’s that time of the season when we get to see one of the biggest tennis tournaments – the Australian Open 2024. Top tennis stars including Flavio Cobolli, Tomas Barrios Vera, Hugo Gaston will be battling it out to win the ultimate prize. People living in Victoria (Australia) will most probably be joining these stars on the tennis court. And those at home will be glued to their television screens or online streaming the Australian Open live on their devices.

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Watch Australian Open Live Online

Australian Open Date, Time, and Venue

The Australian Open will kick off on 14 January 2024 and conclude on 28th January 2024. The whole tournament will be taking place at Melbourne Park in Melbourne, Victoria.

The event will be having day sessions from approx. 11:00 am to 7:00pm (AEDT) and night sessions from 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm. Since it’s a grand slam, it’s uncertain how much time will each game run for. Most high-profile matches tend to run significantly over time. We don’t know who will be facing who right now, but since the draw will release in January on the Australian Open official website, we are sure to find some of the greatest face-offs in tennis history.


Men’s Singles:

  • Novak Djokovic
  • Carlos Alcaraz
  • Jannik Sinner
  • Daniil Medvedev

Women’s Singles:

  • Iga Swiatek
  • Aryna Sabalenka
  • Elana Rybakina
  • Coco Gauff

Watch Australian Open Live For Free

Eurosport is the official broadcaster for the Australian Open tournament. The whole event will be live on Eurosport, and Eurosport player.

You will find tons of free and paid streaming channels that will be broadcasting the whole event. But free streaming channels such as Eurosport are geo-restricted in the USA, Canada, Italy, etc., which means you will not be able to access it and watch your favorite players live. However, there is one way to access Channel 9 and that is through a VPN.

Using a top VPN service like FastestVPN allows you to access these online streaming channels. With A VPN, you will be able to watch Australian Open 2024 for free on your PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox, Apple TV, Kodi, Roku, Chromecast, etc.

Stream Australian Open Tennis Anywhere

Eurosport and Eurosport Player, Now are geo-blocked, hence it is only accessible to local audiences and blocked for viewers outside Australia. By using FastestVPN you will be able to access  Eurosport and Eurosport Player for free and watch your favorite Tennis tournament live with the utmost convenience and complete anonymity. All you need to do is to sign-up to FastestVPN on your devices. Here is a simple guide to watch Australian Open live for free:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN.
  • Download and install the FastestVPN app on your device.
  • Now Select “Australia” as your preferred server location and connect.
  • Once you have done that, visit the Eurosport website on your browser.
  • Enter an Australian postal code (such as 3000 or search on Google for any Australian postal code).
  • Live stream all your favorite matches and watch Australian Open online from the comfort of your home.

With FastestVPN, you can unblock any website and bypass all geo-restrictions to watch the Australian Open 2020 live. FastestVPN masks your IP address and makes you anonymous online, allowing you to freely watch the tennis event without the fear of getting tracked or traced online.

Watch the Australian open final 2024

The main event of Australian open’s  Men’s and Women’s 1st Round will be held on 14 January. Find the dates and venue of the matches below.

DaySessionDateTimeFeature Matches
1DaySun, January 1411:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 1st Round
1NightSun, January 146:30 PMMen’s and Women’s 1st Round
2DayMon, January 1511:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 1st Round
2NightMon, January 156:30 PMMen’s and Women’s 1st Round
3DayTues, January 1611:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 1st Round
3NightTues, January 166:30 PMMen’s and Women’s 1st Round
4DayWed, January 1711:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 2nd Round
4NightWed, January 176:30 PMMen’s and Women’s 2nd Round
5DayThurs, January 1811:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 2nd Round
5NightThurs, January 187:00 PMMen’s and Women’s 2nd Round
6DayFri, January 1911:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 3rd Round
6NightFri, January 197:00 PMMen’s and Women’s 3rd Round
7DaySat, January 2011:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 3rd Round
7NightSat, January 206:30 PMMen’s and Women’s 3rd Round
8DaySun, January 2111:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 4th Round
8NightSun, January 217:00 PMMen’s and Women’s 4th Round
9DayMon, January 2211:00 AMMen’s and Women’s 4th Round
9NightMon, January 227:00 PMMen’s and Women’s 4th Round
10DayTues, January 2311:00 AMMen’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
10NightTues, January 237:00 PMMen’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
11DayWed, January 2411:00 AMMen’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
11NightWed, January 246:30 PMMen’s and Women’s Quarterfinals
12TwilightThurs, January 2511:00 AMWomen’s Semifinals
13DayFri, January 2612:00 PMMen’s Semifinal
13NightFri, January 267:00 PMMen’s Semifinal
14TwilightSat, January 2712:00 PMWomen’s Final
15TwilightSun, January 287:00 PMMen’s Final

Watch Australian Open 2024 In the UK

British netizens can watch the live coverage of this year’s Australian Open on Eurosport. If you live in a UK region where Eurosport is blocked, you need to first get your Eurosport subscription and then a fast VPN – like FastestVPN to get access to Eurosport and watch your favorite Tennis tournament live.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can watch the Australian Open in the UK:

  • Get your EuroSport subscription.
  • Get the FastestVPN app on your device.
  • Run the app and select the UK as your location server and connect.
  • Go to the Eurosport website.
  • Go to Australian Open Live Streaming and Hit play.

That’s it, now you can enjoy the event live on your device. With the FastestVPN app, you can access Eurosport from anywhere within the UK and live stream every match of Australian Open 2024 with ease.

How To Watch Australian Open On Kodi:

Users looking to watch Australian Open 2024 on Kodi must use a Kodi VPN to live stream the event to ensure complete internet security. Since Kodi is open-source software, it is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. So, you need a fast and reliable VPN to watch Australian Open 2024 live with complete security and anonymity.

Here is how you can watch Australian Open on Kodi:

  • Sign up for FastestVPN
  • Get the FastestVPN app on your computer or any other device compatible with Kodi.
  • Configure VPN for the router and connect the device with a VPN-enabled router or download the FastestVPN app for your device
  • Select Australia as your server location and hit connect.
  • Open your Kodi App (must be connected to the same router) and go to settings.
  • Select the “Add-ons” option
  • Now select the “Install from repository” option.
  • Click the ‘Kodi add-on repository’ option and then the ‘Video add-ons’ option.
  • Now add any online streaming channel add-on of your choice i.e. BBC iPlayer, Pro Sport, etc.
  • Hit Install.
  • Go back and play the channel.

There you go! Now you can watch all the Australian Open matches on Kodi with complete online freedom and security.

Australian Open Tennis 2024 On Roku

Roku users can now watch the Australian Open 2024 Live on Roku without any worries. By subscribing to “The Tennis Channel” app for just $99.99/year and installing it on your Roku device, you can live stream Australian Open on Roku easily. Once subscribed to “the Tennis Channel” app, you need to set up a VPN so that you can watch the whole tournament with smooth quality and zero lag. FastestVPN gives you the freedom to enjoy online streaming without a buffer.

Here’s how you can watch Australian Open 2024 on Roku:

  • Subscribe to the FastestVPN plan of your choice
  • Configure FastestVPN on the router
  • While configuring choose the Australian server
  • Connect Roku device with VPN-enabled router
  • Get “The Tennis Channel” subscription
  • Now run your Roku device and go to the Sports tab
  • Select “The Tennis Channel”
  • Enjoy the live stream of Australian Open 2024

Australian Open Tennis 2024 On Android

Android users can also enjoy the Australian Open tournament on their devices with the “Tennis TV” app. But you will also need a VPN to keep hackers and cybercriminals away while you watch your favorite tennis matches live. So if you’re a tennis lover and want to live stream tennis matches on your android devices, follow these simple steps:

  • Get FastestVPN
  • Download the FastestVPN app on your Android phone, laptop, tablet, or Android box
  • Choose Australia as your server location
  • Download the “Tennis TV” app from the Google Play Store
  • Enjoy streaming all Australian Open matches live

Australian Open 2024 On iOS

Watching live sports online using iOS devices is very difficult. But worry not, now iOS users can also watch Australian open online on their iOS devices. The “Tennis TV” for iOS allows you to watch your favorite tennis tournaments live on your iOS smartphones. But before you download the app, you must make sure that your iOS device is safe. For that, you need a VPN, which will make your device invisible to online threats.

To watch Australian Open 2024 on your iOS device, follow these simple steps:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN
  • Install and configure the FastestVPN app on your iOS
  • Now download the “Tennis TV” app on your iOS device from the iOS app store
  • Open the Tennis TV app and watch Australian Open live with ease

Stream Australian Open Tennis 2024 On Apple TV

For those who want to watch Australian open online on their Apple TV, there is an official Tennis TV app for Apple TV available. To use this app you must first subscribe to the Tennis TV app, which is available for $99.99/year. This Tennis TV app allows you to watch tennis from around the world, highlights, and live to stream all tennis tournaments.

To enjoy flawless Australian Open live streaming, you must first set up FastestVPN on your Apple TV through your router.

Follow these steps to watch Australian Open on your Apple TV:

  • Sign up for a FastestVPN account
  • Get the FastestVPN app on your device and configure it on your Apple TV through a router
  • Subscribe to the “Tennis TV” app for Apple TV
  • Launch the Tennis TV app on your Apple TV
  • Livestream Australian Open 2023 and enjoy watching your favorite tennis stars in action

Australian Open Live On Xbox

People who use their Xbox to stream online content can now watch Australian Open live on their Xbox with ease. To watch the first grand slam tournament of the year, you need to first subscribe to Xbox live free service. Xbox live is one of the most popular Video-on-demand (VOD) streaming services and is compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox One devices. However, you may find some programs on Xbox live blocked due to regional restrictions. You will need FastestVPN to bypass these regional restrictions.

Follow these steps to watch Australian Open Tournament on your Xbox devices:

  • Get a FastestVPN account
  • Configure FastestVPN with router selecting the Australian VPN server
  • Connect Xbox with VPN-enabled router
  • Subscribe to XBOX Live
  • Go to VPN for Xbox live and select the channel on which you want to watch the Australian Open tournament

Livestream the Australian Open Tennis Tournament with ease.

Broadcasting Channels For The Australian Open Tennis Tournament 2024

The 2024 Australian Open is certainly one of the top sporting events of the year. Due to this reason, a great number of online channels will be broadcasting the event live around the world.

Since Eurosport is the exclusive broadcaster for the event, people living outside Australia, especially in the US and UK will find it hard for them to find live streaming of the tournament in their region. In situations like these, FastestVPN can be very helpful.

With FastestVPN, you can bypass geo-restrictions and unblock streaming websites by using an Australian IP. Simply put, the VPN will mask your original IP address and change it with an Australian IP that will allow you to watch online streaming channels in Australia with ease.

Here is a list of channels that you can access via a VPN:

Free Streaming Channels:

  • Eurosport
  • Channel 9 (Australia) (9Now)
  • WatchESPN (the US, requires American cable subscription)
  • BBC iPlayer (UK)
  • NOS (Holland)
  • SRG (Switzerland)

Paid Streaming Channels:

  • Eurosport (Most of Europe)
  • BeIN Sports (Middle East)
  • SuperSport (Africa)
  • Fox Sports (South Korea)
  • SonyLiv (India)

Conclusion – Watch the Australian open final 2024

Most online streaming channels are available to local users only due to geo-restrictions. But you can easily unblock them all by using FastestVPN and watch Australian Open live online with complete internet freedom and privacy.

So, are you ready to experience the most exciting tennis tournament live on your devices?

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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