Is Brave Browser Safe and Secure to Use?

In this blog, I will cover Brave browser review. Is Brave browser safe? That will be my prime topic of discussion. Many users believe that Brave is a privacy-focused alternative to the Chrome browser. Do you think Brave browser is secure?

Is Brave Browser Safe

We’ll dig into that to find out more about how safe is the Brave browser and if brave is an alternative to Chrome and Firefox. Let’s start with what is Brave browser.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a web browser created by Brave Software Incorporated in 2016. Brave has a primary focus to surpass industry security standards and helping users surf the internet with ease.

Similar to Chrome and Edge, Brave is built in Chromium. It is an open-source project aimed at producing safe and stable web experiences for all internet users.

So far,  everything seems to be working correctly, however, Brave is still a work in progress and exciting features are added with each update.

Unlike many other browsers, Brave is ad-free, and Brave Software Incorporated has painstakingly demonstrated transparency by making this browser open source.

To keep the browser clean and forthright, independent programmers are allowed to fix bugs and suggest changes. That said is Brave browser safe? Let’s learn more.

Is Brave Browser safe?

Undoubtedly, Brave browser is safe. It is much safer than the popular secure web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. The best thing about Brave is it has a robust privacy policy, and it is powered by several digital security shields.

Moreover, when you close the app, Brave can completely discard your browsing data which is something that Chrome cannot do.

Brave also has a cookie control feature that prevents all websites from tracking cookies, collects no personal data, and covers you with detailed security customization.

Brave also blocks website scripts, prevents fingerprints, and allows you to completely block all ads. Not only that, but Brave also has a built-in password manager.

It also offers a selection of seven search engines, Brave search, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, Qwant, Startpage, and Google. As per your choice, you can set any of these as your default search engines.

In addition, you can install most Chromium-based browser extensions. There’s so much good about Brave browser isn’t? Does brave browser have any drawbacks at all? Let’s find out in the next section of my blog.

What Are the Drawbacks of Brave Browser

Brave also has various drawbacks, since there is no one-time fix internet security tool. However, Brave is constantly trying to fill the gaps, and improve its overall security and services.

Although there are no unsolicited ads, you might still see banner ads from time to time. When you block pop-up ads, the browser replaces them with Brave-approved ads by default. Brave does this for funds and profits for maintaining its mission.

Brave also has a whitelisting feature that allows certain websites like Facebook to bypass all of brave’s security features to help the browser function properly.

However, if you’re a privacy-focused individual, and conscious about maximum online security, then you can use Brave browser with a VPN.

A VPN works with different algorithms to form a secure and encrypted connection between your browser and the internet.

It offers you a private tunnel for anonymous browsing, thereby securing you from unsolicited ads, hackers, and invasive third parties.

Besides online security, a reliable VPN just like FastestVPN also helps you with other activities like streaming, torrenting, and gaming.

Brave vs. Chrome: Which is Better?

Both Chrome and Brave are built on the Chromium architecture, and there’s no significant difference in speed and performance. Upon conducting a Chrome vs. Brave performance assessment, it was found that Brave browser RAM usage was nearly 400mp lesser than that of Chrome.

The built-in ad-blocking also makes the page loading time shorter as well.

Reward System: How to use Brave browser to make money?

Brave has a built-in ad system that rewards you with Basic Attention Tokens, BAT for viewing ads. You can contribute your earned BAT monthly to support websites that accept BAT. You can also exchange it for cash value gift cards, or save and swap it in your crypto wallet, just like any other crypto asset.

Brave vs. Tor: What to Use for Private Browsing?

Talking about Brave vs. Tor, then it is important to mention that Brave also integrates the Tor node system, and it’s a huge security update on Chrome and Firefox. You should definitely give Brave browser a spin if you haven’t done so.

In addition, keep in mind that using the Tor browser instead of Brave to browse hidden services is still recommended since with Brave it’s easier to identify you because there are fewer users compared to the Tor browser.

Brave Security Features

These are the best security features of the Brave browser:

  • Tracker and an ad-blocking feature
  • Password Manager
  • GDPR and CCPA policies for data protection
  • Built-in IPFS integration
  • Brave wallet and reward system

Pros and Cons of Brave Browser

These are the pros and cons of Brave browser:

Fast browser with memory efficiencyThe update cycle is not frequent
Advanced security and privacy featuresThe mobile version integration is weak.
Privacy-based advertising model with a reward system
Ad-blocker and crypto wallet


Is Brave a safe browser?

Yes, Brave is a safe and secure browser that focuses on user privacy and security. It also has a tracker and ad-blocking system to prevent privacy invasion.

Is Brave Safer than Chrome?

Since Brave browser has built-in support for blocking advertisements, cross-site cookies, and trackers. Therefore, it is considered safer than Chrome.

Does Brave hide your IP address?

Brave hides your browsing from tech giants and keeps you anonymous on both regular and incognito windows. It also gives you two options to conceal your IP address while browsing. You can either select built-in Firewall+ VPN or Private windows with Tor.


Brave is a fast and secure browser, and a good alternative to Chrome, Firefox, and even Edge and Apple Safari. What makes Brave browser stands out is its enhanced security and privacy features, and a  reward system. You should also give it a try to see how Brave browser serves your online experience.

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