How to Turn On Keyboard Light on Windows & Mac

How to Turn On the Keyboard Light

It’s getting late; you need to turn the lights off, but there’s still so much work to get done! If you’re not a huge fan of using a laptop lamp, you should know that your keypad lights up, too! Not sure how to get started? This guide will show you how to turn on keyboard light on your Windows and macOS devices.  

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This guide below is for device keyboards that have this functionality. Not all keyboards have the light-up option, so ensure that yours is compatible with the tutorials ahead. 

How Do You Enable the Keyboard Light Up Option?

Most laptops with backlit keyboards have a dedicated button to turn on the light. However, if you can’t find a button or it doesn’t work, your computer’s settings might control the lighting. Check your operating system settings or any software from your laptop manufacturer.

How to Turn on Keyboard Light On Windows

 On Windows laptops, a function key (usually labeled with a light icon) controls the keyboard backlight, but it varies by manufacturer. Try looking for the light icon on the function keys (F1-F12) or experiment by pressing them while holding the “Fn” key. If you’re stuck, consult your laptop manual or the manufacturer’s website to find the exact key.

Even among Windows laptops, the keypad light key isn’t always the same. Some laptops allow you to toggle the light on or off. Others might offer a few brightness levels, while some provide a whole range of adjustments.

With that said, here is how to turn the keyboard light on Lenovo and other Windows devices: 

  •  Check to see where the light button on your keyboard is. This can be the F-number or a key with light rays on it. 
  •  Press the F5, F9, or the F11 button. 
  • If the brightness is still dim, click on the button again if you’re not satisfied, 

Windows Keyboard Light Not Coming On

Hitting the function key might not always control your keypad light. If that’s the case, look for the option in Windows Mobility settings, but keep in mind this feature isn’t always available there. Many manufacturers include their own app to manage the keypad light. If you can’t find the setting in Windows Mobility settings, check your manufacturer’s website or contact them to see if they have a dedicated app for controlling the backlight.

Here is how you can turn on the keyboard light on Windows using the “Mobility” settings: 

  • Tap on the “Windows + X” keys.
  • Select “Mobility Center.” 
  • From the settings, tap on “Keyboard Brightness.” 
  • You will see a slider bar. Drag it to the right, according to how bright you want it. 
  • That’s all. You now know how to turn a Dell keyboard, Lenovo, or other compatible keyboard lights on. 

How to Turn on Keyboard Light On Mac

MacBooks and Macs typically have two brightness buttons (F5 and F6) to control the keypad light. To turn on keyboard light on Macbook Air or other models, you can do so by pressing the brightness up button (F6). 

This is only if the keypad light is off. If your Mac has a Touch Bar instead of function keys, then the Touch Bar will have controls for adjusting the keyboard backlight.

That said, here is how you can turn on the keyboard light on Mac devices: 

  • On your Mac, find the “Increase Brightness” button. It’s usually the F6 key. 
  • Press down on the brightness increase button. 
  • Keep pressing the button if you’re unhappy with the keyboard brightness level.

My Mac Keyboard Light is Not Turning On

Even though Macs have brightness keys (F5 and F6) to adjust the keyboard light, it might be turned off in your system settings. 

Just in case the brightness level keys on your keyboard don’t work, you can go to your system settings. There, you will be able to check whether the keyboard light is disabled. 

Here is how: 

  • On your macOS, click on the “Apple” icon. 
  • Select “System Preferences.” 
  • From the list, click on “Keyboard.” 
  • Enable the “Adjust keyboard brightness in low light” box. 
  • Now, enable the box that says, “Turn keyboard backlight off after _ secs of inactivity.” 
  • This will turn the light on the keynoard off once the timings are set. 
  • That’s all. 

FAQs – How to Turn on Keyboard Light

How do I make my keyboard light up?

The F5, F9, or F11 keys are usually the shortcut version to turn on the Windows keypad light. However, on your Mac device, the key has a rising sun inscription on it. If you have the latest model of laptops, there will be a backlit feature.

Which keys turn on keyboard light?

To turn the keyboard light on Windows, press the F5, F9, or the F11 keys. If you have a Mac laptop, the brightness button is the one with the sunrise drawing on it.

How do I brighten my screen on laptop?

On most Windows computers, you can adjust the screen brightness using the battery icon in the taskbar. Click it and move the slider to set your desired brightness. If you don't see the slider, check the Notes section for alternative methods. Some Windows PCs also have a feature that automatically adjusts brightness based on the lighting around you.

What is the shortcut key for keyboard light?

For Windows laptops, hit one of these keys (F5, F9, or F11) to activate the keyboard light. It might be labeled with a tiny light icon. Macs use a key with a rising sun symbol (usually F6) to adjust the light.

How do I turn on the keyboard light on Microsoft Surface laptop?

Many laptops have a backlit keyboard, but it needs to be turned on. On your Microsoft Surface laptop, look for a key with a little sun or flashlight symbol on the function keys (F1-F12). This key might also have a label like "KBL" for the keyboard backlight. Hold down the "Fn" key. This is usually located near the bottom left corner of the keyboard. Now, press the key with the light icon to activate the backlight.

How to turn on keyboard light Lenovo laptop?

If it has a backlight option, try pressing the F5 key to turn the keyboard light off or on.


To Conclude

That’s a wrap! You now know how to turn on Keyboard light on Windows and Mac devices. However, there are certain situations where the tutorials don’t work, and the standard keypad light buttons don’t function. 

This could be due to a deeper issue. When this happens, it’s usually a BIOS malfunction. You can check the laptop manufacturer’s website, for example, HP or Dell, and follow their instructions.

 The BIOS settings need to be strategically executed with the proper guidance from the manufacturer. This is because tweaking the settings is a little risky. Also, note that any outdated BIOS can result in compatibility issues. Ensure that you update it. 

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