4 Ways Technology Has Changed Our Ability to Solve Crimes

People who are in the process of learning a criminal justice degree know the importance of technology and how it has been a huge influence when it comes to solving crimes. Where in the past, law enforcement professionals had to do everything themselves, technology has been a gift to them that keeps on giving.

How Technology Helps To Solve Crimes

How Technology is Shaping Forensics

Not only has the recent tech made crime-solving easier, but the process has gotten much more efficient as the success rate of crime-solving has gotten much better. While the list of how technology has been important to criminal justice is endless, we are going to discuss the four most important technological advancements that have changed our ability to solve crimes.

Data Mapping

Data mapping has been one of the oldest tricks in the book, but it is still relatively new in the world of crime. Climate scientists have been using it to measure the change in weather for ages, but criminal justice professionals and police departments have just started incorporating it to take a look at how crimes happen the volume of crimes in an area. They use this data to track certain locations where most criminal activities take place and therefore pinpoint exact locations or problems in a community so that they can pay more attention to it.

Social Media

While for us laymen, social media is just a way to pass our time, it has been a blessing in disguise for law enforcement agencies. Many law enforcement agencies and police departments are using social media accounts to interact with communities and make sure that they stay safe. Moreover, social media is also used to track missing people or to track the location of criminals. For example, if you want to track someone’s location using Instagram, you can use apps like Instagram Spy: How To Track Someone’s Activity? | Sms Trackers.

Smartphone Tracking

One of the biggest debacles of technology has been the introduction of a smartphone. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from; nearly every person in the world owns a smartphone. There are some ethical concerns about how smartphone tracking can be against privacy, but its use and ability to track criminal activities are still very beneficial for law enforcement. It has the means to eradicate most crimes in the society completely if used in a legal way. And we can save a lot of innocent people from a criminal trial if it is kept in check.

Surveillance and Wi-Fi Capabilities

Camera surveillance has been one of the most game-changing things for law enforcement agencies. The idea to use camera surveillance in restricting criminals to the vicinity of their homes is groundbreaking as you can free up a lot of space in prison and make sure that convicted criminals are confined to their homes. The technology also goes hand in hand to make sure that there are fewer crimes being conducted in the street and a way to ensure that both the criminals and the police officers stay in line.

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