How to Watch Cricket World Cup Final Live Online

Passion knows no bounds and nor do the cricket fans. The excitement is at its peak as the cricket fever hits the highest bar. The final is approaching and we cannot wait for the verdict. We do have our predictions but we will reserve those as this sport takes unexpected turns every second! To be up-to-date with the overs and scores, watch the match for free even without cable. Watch Cricket World Cup Final Live Online for FREE from anywhere with the aid of FastestVPN and this blog. Read on for comprehensive details.

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Watch cricket world cup final live online

  • Cricket World Cup Final Date: Sunday, 14th July 2019
  • Cricket World Cup Final Venue: Lord’s
  • Cricket World Cup Final Time: 10:30 BST

How to Watch Cricket World Cup Final Live Online For Free From Anywhere

To watch the Final loud and live at Lord’s would be one thing but of course it’s not convenient for everyone to make it. Thus, for those sitting at home can enjoy the match easily online. All you need is FastestVPN. Then you can pick the solution given below and apply the instructions on any device you want. Follow the steps provided below for each and any device and you are sorted.

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Install FastestVPN on your device OR Configure manually on Router
  3. Launch the FastestVPN app
  4. Select and connect to the Indian Server
  5. OR you can configure FastestVPN with Router (for devices that don’t have dedicated app) and connect device (eg. PS4) with VPN-enabled router
  6. Select Indian server while configuring on router
  7. Access from your device
  8. Enjoy watching Cricket World Cup Final 2019 live for free from anywhere in the world

You can watch Cricket World Cup Final for free on any device. You can read up more for a detailed step by step guide for each device (Firestick, Android, Roku, PS4, Mac, iOS, etc) and enjoy Cricket World Cup Final live online. The solution stays the same for all devices. The only variation will be downloading the VPN app or configuring it with router.

How to Watch Cricket World Cup Final on Kodi

The solution for Kodi is slightly different than that of other devices. If you have the right addon, 80% of your work is done! Watch Cricket World Cup Final For Free on Kodi. Just make sure you have a VPN connection though so you are not vulnerable to malware threats or any legal notices from copyright agents. Get anonymity and security while you stream Cricket World Cup Final.

Addons to watch Cricket World Cup Final 2019 on:

  1. Sports365
  2. SportsDevil
  3. TV One
  4. Halow Live TV
  5. Cerebro IPTV
  6. Secret TV ViP

How to watch CWC Final 2019 on Kodi

  1. Subscribe to FastestVPN
  2. Configure FastestVPN on router
  3. Connect to FastestVPN’s Indian Server while configuring
  4. Connect device to VPN-enabled router
  5. Launch Kodi
  6. Install one of the six Kodi addons scooped out for you that provide high quality every time
  7. Find the live stream and enjoy!

Cricket World Cup Final Broadcasting Channels

Other than the solution provided above, here are few more live streaming channels which will be broadcasting the match. They are geo-restricted as well but will be easily accessible with the help of FastestVPN.

  • Sky Sports – UK
  • Hotstar – India
  • Foxtel Sports – Australia

Cricket World Cup 2019 Rules

  1. Super Overs

Only for Cricket World Cup Semifinals and Cricket World Cup Final

  1. Tie-breaker for teams on equal points

  • Number of wins
  • Net run rate
  • Head-to-head game result
  • Pre-tournament seeding
  1. Reserve days

Only for semis and final

  1. Who goes through to the cricket world cup final if semifinal is washed out?

Team ranked higher in the league stage

  1. What if the cricket world cup final is washed out?

Finalists share the trophy

Cricket World Cup 2019 Prize Money Breakdown:

WinnerUS$ 4,800,000
Runner-UpUS$ 2,200,000
Losing Semi-Finalists (Two)US$ 1,000,000
Winning Group MatchUS$ 50,000
TotalUS$ 14,000,000


The two teams that come victorious after the semifinals are the ones that will play for the trophy in the finals. The match is on the 14th July 2019 at Lord’s. If not from the venue, enjoy Cricket World Cup Final for free from the comfort of your home. You don’t even need a cable for it. Pick a screen and enjoy the match. Whichever device you choose to watch the world cup final on, the solution is there packed with anonymity and security. Happy streaming with FastestVPN, folks!

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