Explore Shocking Netflix Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes About The World

It is hard to cater your mind toward growth, especially at a young age. But instead of watching dramas, TV shows, and comedy shows, you can explore shocking Netflix documentaries to learn from the past experiences of people or societal issues. Other than that, you have more things on your plate to do. If you want to learn some crucial life tips, you can use media platforms to groom your personality and grow your mindset. But will entertainment shows be able to foster your healthy attitude? The only way to discover is by applying what you learn to practicality.

Explore Shocking Netflix Documentaries

4 Shocking Netflix Documentaries to Binge Watch

Where Netflix has taken the whole world under its wing with one after another remarkable season and TV shows, several incredible documentaries on Netflix can mold you into a more professional self. Follow closely to understand the lessons taught in each documentary that we have listed for you to watch if you want to become an influential figure in the future:

Get Smart With Money

As the name suggests, this documentary emphasizes how to earn money smartly. The central concept concerns how money can change your life and emotions. Several financial advisors share some simple yet effective tips to save more money and spend less on unnecessary things. You will learn some life hacks to take control over your wealth and funds, whether by gaming on the no download casinos in Canada or learning business tricks to achieve your future goals. This documentary also shares the four money transformations over a year with the help of various financial coaches from whom you can learn to manage your finances much better than before.

Coded Bias

One of the most important life lessons this American documentary teaches us is how being biased can impact us all. The story lies in the research of MIT media lab researcher Joy Buolamwini to discover that facial recognition systems do not accurately see dark skin and faces.

This concept made her push for the first ever US legislation bias in algorithms that impact the human race—the whole documentary whirls around Artificial Intelligence Technology and how the biases can be embedded in this technology. Coded bias states that AI lacks legal structures, resulting in human rights being violated on racial and gender levels.

Return To Space

Getting insights into Space and rare inside access to NASA and SpaceX, Return to Space will be an eye-opener for you regarding Space and technology. Return to Space is an enthralling story about the 20-year journey of sending American astronauts back to Space boarding US rockets.

With this documentary, you can learn about the challenges on the journey of SpaceX and Elon Musk toward resurrecting the travel ambitions of America. Looking forward to watching the International Space Station closely? Returning to Space is your key to discovering a whole new world of Space.

Dirty Money

Another shocking yet thrilling Netflix documentary is Dirty Money, which depicts the stories of security fraud, creative accounting, and corporate corruption. You will see how the enterprise owners get their big stash of money through engaging in different activities, whether it be through welcome bonus casinos in Canada, corruption, or fraud. All six episodes, with a one-hour duration, cover one story each about a corporate crime that also includes interviews with key players of individual levels to get a more in-depth understanding.

Starting the episodes, you might think, ‘Oh, another biased episode!’ But moving on, you will be surprised to see the turn of events and get new insights into the world and conspiracies around you.

Final Thoughts

Netflix brings the best entertainment options for you to binge-watch, and you can also learn a lot from shocking Netflix documentaries with proven inspirational stories. However, you might some of these documentaries unavailable in your region for which you can get a VPN for Netflix to explore its regional libraries. These documentaries may open your eyes, but they don’t do the magic for you to achieve your dreams. If you want to be successful, you must instill your knowledge and lessons towards your growth and your whole nation’s.

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