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How to Watch MLB Live Online in 3 Steps with FastestVPN

You can easily catch all of the MLB games this season on Here’s how:

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Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

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Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

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Why Choose FastestVPN to Watch MLB Games Live Online?

There are many channels that are broadcasting Major League Baseball games (MLB) but not all those channels are available in every country. For starters, is broadcasting the entire season of MLB games for 2023. However, the network is only accessible mainly in the US and its territories and the Philippines.

If you’d like to access it outside these countries, you might not be able to because puts on restrictions according to your location. The services actually use technology to check your IP address, ensuring that it isn’t outside the allowed territories.

This is why you need the best VPN to change your IP address to a location where it is allowed. FastestVPN is the best choice to watch MLB live online in any country. You only need to connect to a US server to sign up for It secures your connection, hides your IP address, and ensures that you have unlimited bandwidth and stable speeds throughout.


Other Channels that are Broadcasting the MLB Games Live Online

There are plenty of other streaming channels that are broadcasting the MLB season game for 2023. However, again, they might be restricted in your country. Most of the streaming channels listed below are accessible in the US and its territories.

Although, you can still connect to the FastestVPN US server and access them globally. Here are the channels to stream the MLB games live online:

Sling TV

Sling TV is only available in the US and includes channels like ESPN, TBS, FS1, and the MLB Network. In order to stream the MLB matches, you need to subscribe to the service via the Sling Orange or Sling Blue packages. If you’re outside the US, connect with FastestVPN and unblock Sling TV to watch MLB.

Sling and Willow TV
Peacock TV

Peacock TV will air all 19 MLB games live for the 2023 season. You will only find them exclusively on the Peacock app. To access it, create your FastestVPN account, connect to a US server, and subscribe to Peacock TV to watch MLB live online.

Peacock TV

Another great network that shows MLB games online is Fubo, which includes channels like ESPN and CBS. It also offers regional sports networks like NBC Sports Bay Area, Marquee Sports Network, and NESN, where you can stream MLB games online and live. Fubo TV even highlights an additional package for the MLB Network. Its charges are around $11 in addition to the Fubo TV subscription.

Hulu + Live TV

Other than movies and TV shows, Hulu offers a live TV package where you can find most sports streams live. With the Hulu+Live TV package, get the best national channels that are broadcasting MLB games live online. However, you need a US IP address, which is something FastestVPN can help with.

Hulu + Live TV

DirecTV Stream is one of the more popular channels that highlights numerous cord-cutting services. These services include sports networks like NESN, YES, and more. However, the price is not very affordable. To access DirecTV from a country outside the US, connect with the FastestVPN US server to change your IP address. This way, you can watch MLB sports games live online in any country.


Stream MLB 2023 Live Online on All Your Devices

Not everyone has the luxury of making it back home in time to catch their favorite sports streams live online. For whatever reason, you can’t catch the games on your Smart TV; you can always access them on your smartphone. FastestVPN secures up to 10 multiple and simultaneous device connections with every subscription.

You can add the VPN on all the popular devices or set it up on your router to add the connection to more devices. FastestVPN gives you apps for Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, Smart TVs, Firestick, and much more. Setting it up is simple; connecting to the best server is even easier. This way, you can watch all the MLB games live online in every country outside the US.


FAQs - Watch MLB

Where can I watch MLB for free?

You can only watch MLB for free by paying for a TV subscription package from any of the channels listed above. MLB, on its own, is not free to watch from abroad. However, there is a hack, the streaming services that air MLB, including Sling TV, FuboTV,, and others, offer a free trial. The only issue is most of these services are only available in the US. To access them, you need to change your IP address to a US location with the help of FastestVPN.

Is MLB free on Amazon Prime?

No, is not free on Amazon Prime. You can buy it as a separate package along with other Amazon Prime channels. However, make sure you have a US IP address to access it. Simply subscribe and connect with FastestVPN’s US server to change your location. This way, you can stream all the MLB games online. FastestVPN comes with a 15-day money-back guarantee in case you’re unsatisfied with the service.

Can I watch internationally?

You can only sign up or watch the games on outside the US if you have a US Credit card. Not having a US IP address to access the service is also another setback. The best and safest way to get yourself an subscription outside the US is by using FastestVPN. Subscribe to FastestVPN, install the VPN app on your device, sign in, and connect to a US server. You will then be able to also subscribe to

Is MLB free on Peacock?

No, you need to pay for a Peacock TV subscription to be able to stream the MLB games live online. It costs around $9.99/mo for the package without ads. However, Peacock TV is only available for US residents and its territories. To access it in other countries, you need to change your location to a US one, which FastestVPN can help with.

Can I use a VPN to watch MLB?

Yes, you can use a VPN to get around all MLB geo-blocks. It helps you hide your IP address so that you can unblock the streaming services that are broadcasting the games live. Using a VPN for MLB also helps bypass ISP speed and bandwidth throttling and creates a secure connection.

Is it illegal to use a VPN for watching MLB outside the US?

No, it is not illegal to use a VPN to bypass MLB blackouts, even though it goes against the terms and conditions of MLB.

Does offer a free trial?

Yes, does offer a 7-day free trial. Change your IP address to a US location and unlock the 7-day risk-free trial period on from any country outside the United States.

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