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3 Steps to Get an AT&T VPN (DirecTV)


Sign Up

Get a FastestVPN subscription and create your account


Get the DirecTV VPN App

Download and install the VPN app for DirecTV on your device.


Unblock DirecTV Stream Globally

Connect to a FastestVPN USA server to access DirecTV.

Why do You Need a DirecTV VPN ?

Previously known as DirecTV Now to AT&T TV Now, the streaming service for live TV and on-demand content is now called DirecTV Stream. DirecTV Stream is an online-only streaming service that lets only DirecTV subscribers access the best live TV and on-demand content online but for a fee.

This service is an excellent option for those who don’t want the hassle of setting up cable or satellite dish installments. However, the issue around this service is geo-restrictions. DirecTV or AT&TV TV is only available in the US, and to access it outside the country means changing your IP address.

FastestVPN gives you optimized US servers for you to unblock the service in any country. Additionally, a VPN for DirecTV encrypts your connection and gives you stable speeds. You can also protect data and protect on up to 10 devices with FastestVPN for AT&T TV Now.


What Can I Watch on DirecTV Stream?

DirecTV offers hours of movies, Live TV shows, and live sports events from numerous streaming channels. You can get up to 150+ live TV streams and up to 65,000 and more movies and TV series from channels like ESPN, NBC, CBS, Showtime, HSN, JTV, HBO Get TV, and others. However, to access DirecTV Stream, you need to be a paying DirecTV subscriber in the US. When you connect with FastestVPN’s US VPN server and change your IP address, you will be able to sign up for the service and stream from even outside the United States.


DirecTV VPN Not Working - Troubleshooting Guide

Most streaming services usually make access difficult for users trying to stream their content outside the supported regions. The same is the case with DirecTV.

This streaming service is only available in the US, and to unblock it abroad, you need the best DirecTV VPN provider.

FastestVPN is the best for DirecTV, but users might sometimes face connection issues. These setbacks are quite common among all VPN services and, at times, have nothing to do with the VPN itself.

So, if you’re facing the DirecTV VPN not working issue, here is what you can do:

  • Restart your VPN app.
  • Check to see if the device you’re using to stream DirecTV is compatible.
  • Restart your device.
  • Ensure that your internet is working.
  • Check to see if your router is connected to your streaming device.
  • Use another server.
  • Change the VPN protocol. Not all protocols work the same.
  • Check for IP leaks.
  • Clear the cookies and cache from your browser.
  • Ensure that all IP tracking or detection software or settings are off.

Get a DirecTV VPN on Multiple Devices

With FastestVPN for AT&T, you get up to 10 multiple and simultaneous device connections per subscription. Get the VPN on all DirecTV supported devices.

FAQs - DirecTV VPN

Where is DirecTV available?

DirecTV is only available in the United States. However, to access it in any country outside the US, you need to change your IP address to a US location, which is something FastestVPN can do.

Can you use a VPN on DirecTV?

Yes, you can use a VPN on DirecTV. However, make sure you’re connected to a working and reliable provider like FastestVPN and connect to its US server. This easily gets you a reliable and working American IP address. Once you've established a VPN connection, you can access most US streaming services, including DIRECTV.

What is the best VPN for DirectTV?

The best VPN for DirecTV is one that gives you strong and working US servers that let you unblock the streaming service globally. FastestVPN has strong unblocking abilities and comes with fast speeds and 10 multiple-device connections.

How do I trick my DirecTV Stream location?

The only way to trick DirecTV into thinking you are from the US is by changing your IP address with the help of the best AT&T VPN. Once you connect with the FastestVPN US server, DirecTV assumes that you are from that location. FastestVPN USA servers mask your IP address, replacing it with its US IP address.

Can I use a free VPN for DirecTV?

You can try using a free VPN to access DirecTV Stream outside the US. However, there is no guarantee that it works. Free VPNs, in most cases, are not secure and come with slow connection speeds and a lack of servers to connect with and store or sell user data. This is why FastestVPN is recommended as a premium provider that is the most affordable VPN for DirecTV.

Is it legal to use a VPN for DirecTV?

It is legal to use a VPN with DirecTV; however, it varies from country to country. Some countries do not allow VPN usage, even on services like DirecTV. It might not be illegal to use a DirecTV Stream VPN, but it clashes with the service’s terms and conditions. Once detected, the IP address is blacklisted, which is usually the case with free VPNs.

Can I watch DirecTV on my laptop?

Yes, there is a DirecTV app for Windows available for PCs, laptops, and Mac devices. FastestVPN also offers a Windows and macOS VPN app to unblock DirecTV in any country.

Does FastestVPN work with DirecTV Stream?

Yes, FastestVPN works with DirecTV and most US streaming services. It is super affordable and comes with optimized servers, high-end military-level features, 10gbps servers, unlimited bandwidth, and more, all of which make FastestVPN the best for DirecTV Stream.

Can I watch DirecTV outside the US?

Yes, you can subscribe and watch DirecTV from outside of the US only with the best premium VPN. If you don’t change your IP address, the service detects your location and blocks access to it. This wouldn’t be an issue with FastestVPN’s US IP address.

How do I watch NFL on DirecTV?

If you want to watch NFL games on DirecTV, you can do so with Channel 212.

Does FastestVPN come with a DirecTV subscription?

No, FastestVPN does not come with a DirecTV subscription. FastestVPN only changes your location to make DirecTV think that you’re from the US. With our FastestVPN US server, you will easily be able to access the service from any country outside the US.

Why is my DirecTV VPN not working?

When or if your DirecTV VPN is not working, this is because the IP address you were connected with is blacklisted. However, when this issue happens, simply switch to another US server and start again.

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