How to Watch UFC 298 Live Online

Discover how to watch UFC 298 live online – Volkanovski vs Topuria from anywhere in the world. The UFC stands as the largest mixed martial arts (MMA) organization globally, attracting professional fighters from all corners of the globe to compete in various weight classes.

How to Watch UFC 297 Live Online

With an immense following and substantial revenue generated through live events and pay-per-view broadcasts, the UFC has solidified its position as one of the most popular and financially successful combat sports organizations.

Read further to learn the methods for accessing UFC 298-Volkanovski vs Topuria, regardless of location.

How to Watch UFC 298 Live Stream Online 2024 Without Cable

Viewers can watch the UFC live stream via cable TV and online platforms. The event can be accessed through various websites, allowing viewers to enjoy the matches using their preferred method.

For example, Russian viewers can live stream the UFC Live online on MatchTV exclusively. However, if you are traveling outside Russia, you might lose access to your account. 

Worry not; FastestVPN provides you with the best solution to restore access to your account while traveling abroad. 

Here’s how you can watch UFC live stream without cable on MatchTV from anywhere using FastestVPN:

  1. Get your FastestVPN subscription 
  2. Next, setup the FastestVPN app on your streaming device 
  3. Connect to a server in Russia 
  4. Access the website 
  5. Watch UFC 298 live stream. 

How to Watch UFC Live Online In Different Countries? 

Over the past few years, MMA’s popularity has soared, attracting a massive global audience. Here, we’ll guide you on how to live stream UFC 298 from different locations worldwide.

Watch UFC Live Stream In the USA

UFC 298 is a PPV showdown and will be broadcast on various online streaming channels, including ESPN+ PPV in the US. You will require to pay for the channel’s subscription (ESPN+), which is $9.99/mo, plus $80 for UFC 298 live streaming via ESPN+. 

If you’re traveling anywhere outside of the ESPN+ approved location, you cannot access your account, sadly. 

However, with FastestVPN, you can effectively access your ESPN account from anywhere. These are the steps to watch UFC 298 on ESPN+ from anywhere:

  1. Sign up for FastestVPN 
  2. Install the VPN app on any streaming device 
  3. Connect to a US server 
  4. Sign in to your ESPN account and pay for the event 
  5. Watch UFC live online. 

Watch UFC Live Stream in Australia

For Australian fans, the Volkanovski vs Topuria fight can be streamed on Kayo as a PPV event for AUD $59.95. The advantage is that you don’t require an additional subscription, which would otherwise cost $25 per month. 

However, please note that Kayo Sports is region-locked. If you wish to access it from abroad, you’ll need to connect to an Australian VPN server using FastestVPN.

Watch UFC Live Stream in the UK

In the UK, BT Sport holds the current broadcasting rights for UFC events, and its online service has recently been rebranded as TNT Sports. To access the content, you can purchase an online pass on Discovery+ for GBP £29.99 per month, although there is no free trial option.  If it’s not  available to you, you can get a Discovery Plus VPN to unblock it. 

For those interested in streaming the prelims and early prelims live, UFC Fight Pass offers this option for £6.99 monthly. However, please note that the main card fights will be available two days later on the platform.

It’s important to mention that TNT Sports is exclusively available in the UK. If you currently wish to access it abroad, you’ll need FastestVPN to obtain a UK IP address.

List of Other Broadcasting Channels to Stream UFC Live Online 

  • MatchTV (Russia): Free in Russia
  • Globo (Brazil): requires a cable subscription
  • WOWOW (Japan): $21.64

How to watch UFC 298 Online for Free?

Some streaming services, like fuboTV (offering a seven-day trial) and YouTube TV (providing a five-day trial), may allow access to certain UFC live events for free during these trial periods. 

However, it is important to verify whether UFC 298 featuring Volkanovski vs Topuria is available during these trials. 

If these specific events are not accessible, purchasing the pay-per-view through official UFC channels or authorized broadcasters may be required to watch them. 

Watch UFC Live Stream on Different Devices 

FastestVPN offers dedicated and comprehensive applications for desktops, mobiles, Smart TVs, Firestick, and more, including compatibility with Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. Find how to watch UFC 298 on various devices with FastestVPN.

Watch UFC Live Stream on Desktop 

FastestVPN provides safe and supported VPN apps for desktops. Here’s how to watch UFC 298 on Desktop with a VPN: 

  • Sign up for FastestVPN 
  • Install FastestVPN for Desktop, and select a suitable server location 
  • Open your web browser, and sign up for the PPV website 
  • Pay for the PPV event and watch the live UFC event on your desktop.

Watch UFC Live Stream on Mobile Devices

FastestVPN also covers you with dedicated apps for mobile devices like Android and iOS. Follow these steps to watch UFC Volkanovski vs Topuria live online on mobile devices: 

  • Select FastestVPN’s app for mobile ( Android, iOS)
  • Download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store
  • Connect to any server region where the event is officially broadcasting 
  • Install the PPV app or access the website on your mobile
  • Stream UFC live online on your mobile from anywhere.

Watch UFC Live Stream on Smart TV 

You can watch UFC 298 on Smart TV using FastestVPN by following this straightforward process: 

  • Create your FastestVPN account 
  • Get the FastestVPN app for Android TV or configure the VPN on your Smart TV with a router.
  • Connect VPN on your TV, then connect to a preferable server 
  • Next, connect your Smart TV to the same router
  • Get the PPV app for Smart TV, pay for the event 
  • Watch UFC live online on Smart TV.

Watch UFC Live Stream on Firestick 

With FastestVPN, it is possible to watch live UFC on Firestick regardless of your location. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN 
  • Get the VPN app for Firestick 
  • Connect to any server, such as USA for ESPN+
  • Install ESPN+ or another PPV app for Firestick 
  • Pay for the event 
  • Watch UFC 298 live online on your Firestick device. 

Watch UFC Live Stream on Apple TV 

To watch UFC live online on your Apple TV, here’s what you need to do: 

  • Sign up for FastestVPN, and create your account 
  • Set up FastestVPN on a router
  • Connect your Apple TV to the same router
  • Launch Apple TV App Store, and search for the PPV app
  • Once you install the PPV app, pay for the fight 
  • Watch UFC live online on your Apple TV. 

Watch UFC Live Stream on Xbox 

If you are an Xbox fan, you can also enjoy watching your favorite MMA fights on Xbox using FastestVPN. Follow these steps to live stream UFC 298 on Xbox:

  • Get your FastestVPN subscription 
  • Connect to a USA server 
  • Set up FastestVPN on a router, and connect your gaming console to the same router 
  • Launch the web browser on Xbox 
  • Access the streaming website, or install the PPV app such as ESPN+
  • Pay for the live stream 
  • Watch UFC on Xbox Live online. 

The UFC 298 Fight Card

The upcoming UFC card features a match lineup that promises to deliver entertainment and jaw-dropping action.

Main Card

  • Alexander Volkanovski (C) vs Ilia Topuria (featherweight title)
  • Robert Whittaker vs Paul Costa (middleweight)
  • Geoff Neal vs Ian Machado Garry (welterweight)
  • Merab Dvalishvili vs Henry Cejudo (bantamweight)
  • Anthony Hernandez vs Roman Kopylov (middleweight)


Hopefully, this guide will help you watch UFC 298 Live online from anywhere on different devices. If you plan to travel and fear losing access to your streaming accounts, then worry not. FastestVPN provides an optimal solution to change your IP address and access your streaming accounts safely from anywhere to watch UFC live streams without blockage.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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