Watch NFL Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia on Android TV

Are you ready to see what is going to happen in NFL games now? Well, you better be, as there are going to be massive changes and a point to see who stays and who goes back home. This month in January, before the Division League in January we are going to see Tampa Bay and Eagles gather on the 14th of this month at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa Bay.

Watch NFL Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia on Android TV

The Philadelphia Eagles are going to try and attempt their late-season and make it to the Division League Round of NFL 2024. After the entire season, the Eagles (11-6) have lost five of their six matches. They are the second team to start with (10-1) and finish with five or more losses, joining the 1986 Jets. While on the head, the Buccaneers are ahead in their game, winning 5 games out of six.

2024 Eagles vs Buccaneers Playoff Review

The two teams met last time in week 3 where the Eagles won (25-11). It was a tough game where the Eagles got an edge between 160 yards. The significant name of the team was D’andre Swift. However, since then the Eagles have not been able to commit enough and take over. Some reason why they couldn’t keep up is due to not being patient in the running and trying forcefully for a ball deep. Other reasons are the injuries they are facing. Jalen Hurts, A.J. Brown, and Devonta Smith are questionable names in the run.

The Buccaneers have finished the regular season and ranked fifth in the front seven. It would be hard sledding for most teams in the NFL to attack them on the ground, but the Eagles still have the players to do it, and for now, it is the only way the Eagles can effectively attack the defense due to the injuries.

The match will be witnessed on January 14th at 8:15 pm Philadelphia is a favorite for now and the latest Eagles Vs Buccaneers. So, can Philadelphia snap out of the slump and advance to the divisional round?  Or will Buc go home?

Whereas both teams have injuries Mayfield played with discomfort throughout and is still sore. Hurts also has an injured middle finger after throwing hand and leading receiver. A.J. has a knee injury during Philadelphia’s regular-season finale after losing to the New York Giants.

When to Watch the NFL Wild Card between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles?

Philadelphia vs. Tampa BayJanuary 14, 20247:30 pm

8:15 pm ET

ESPN, ABC, ESPN+Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

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