Watch NFL Lions Vs Vikings Game Live Online

Get ready for another thrilling encounter of Detroit Lions Vs Minnesota Vikings that is set to take place at the U.S. Bank Stadium on Sunday, December 24. Lions are the personal favorites of this round, who have played marvelously throughout their previous matches. Still, the Vikings are not far off from them as they have also remained lucky in this season of the NFL.

Watch NFL Lions Vs Vikings Game Game Live Online

Both the teams are strong for this face-off so no one can accurately predict who will take this win home. The Detroit Lions are red hot in their offense game while the Minnesota Vikings have been incredibly lucky in their previous matches. 

One thing for sure is that the stadium is set to be packed with football lovers who will be cheering for their favorite teams and planning to make some moments that will remain unforgettable for this year’s NFL season. Moreover, those who can not afford to witness this match in person can also enjoy every second of it with the help of the FastestVPN.

Predictive Analytics Of Lions Vs Vikings Match

The Detroit Lions recently won with a 42 – 17 against the Denver Broncos in their last game and their star quarterback, Jared Goff was 24- for -34 for 278 yards against them with 5 TDs and no INTs. This win made them bounce back from the loss they suffered in week 14. The Lions ranked 23rd on defense and were the fifth team in the NFL in terms of offense.

The Vikings are not that far off from the Lions in this regard, they also have been playing exceptionally well in this season of the NFL. However, they did lose their last game to Cincinnati Bengals with a 27 – 24 loss while their quarterback, Nick Mullens notched a total of 303 yards by going 26- for -33 with 2 TDs and 2 INTs. They ranked 13th in defense and 11th on offense. 

What Is The Date And Location Of This Lions Vs Viking Match?

Game DateGame DayGame TimeVenueLocation
December 24, 2023Sunday11:00 PM PKTU.S. Bank StadiumMinneapolis, Minnesota

What Are The Channels And Platforms For Streaming NFL Matches?

We understand the struggle and efforts that go into finding a correct blog or article that explains all the details of upcoming NFL matches. Worry not! Because this guide will help you in every way that you want it to. Some of the platforms and channels that are holding the broadcasting rights for the upcoming week 16 matches of the NFL are provided below.

SourcesPlatform/ Channel
YouTube TVPlatform
Hulu + Live TVPlatform
NFL NetworkChannel
Sling TVPlatform
Amazon Prime VideoPlatform
Peacock TVPlatform

However, we do acknowledge that there are also those fans who will find these sites quite expensive and are looking for cheap ways to access the matches. A great way to watch all the post and pre-season games of this year’s NFL season is through a stable VPN connection and no VPN can provide more benefits than the FastestVPN which is a great cheap alternative to all these expansive sites.

How To Configure FastestVPN On Your Kodi To Enjoy A Smooth Streaming Experience?

FastestVPN provides complete anonymity while enhancing your streaming experience with fast and high-quality screening. Moreover, they will also block any third-party vendor from throttling your data and bandwidth. With the help of FastestVPN, you can be at ease and enjoy this year’s NFL season with full excitement and thrill. 

Follow the steps below to get Kodi VPN for Windows and Android devices:

Set up Kodi VPN on Windows:

  • Locate the Microsoft app store on your windows
  • Press the “Microsoft Store” icon to open the app store
  • Next, you need to search for “Kodi” in the search bar
  • Start the download process of the Kodi app on your windows
  • Now download the FastestVPN app on your windows
  • Click on the server’s tab and from there you choose the USA
  • Now it will give you several USA-based regions you can choose from
  • After choosing any one, wait for a few minutes and you will be connected to FastestVPN shortly

Set up Kodi VPN on your Android devices:

  • For this, first, you need to go into the settings option of your phone
  • Click on the “security menu” in settings and enable the option of “unknown sources” option
  • Now you need to search for the Kodi app in your Play Store
  • Download the latest version of the Kodi app to launch it on your phone
  • Next, you will need to download the FastestVPN app through the Play Store
  • Now subscribe and register yourself on the app
  • Launch the app and go to the “servers” bar
  • Choose whichever server you want to acquire 
  • After choosing one, you can press the connect button
  • FastestVPN will start working on your phone shorty 
  • Now you can enjoy any restricted channel you are trying to access

FAQs – Lions Vs Vikings

Is it safe to use Kodi without a VPN server?

No, it is not safe to use the Kodi app without a VPN. Kodi contains some pirated content that is considered illegal, so it is safe to use a VPN when using Kodi.

How lengthy is the process of connecting both VPN and Kodi to your devices?

The process of connecting both VPN and Kodi on your Android phones is quite simple and easy to do if you follow the steps we have given, it will only take a few minutes.

How can I update my Kodi app to the latest version?

You can simply check on your Play Store or open the notification option so it can notify you whenever a new version is available for download.

The Bottom Line

Hope that this guide will clear all your confusion and questions regarding the upcoming match of Detroit Lions Vs Minnesota Vikings. Furthermore, FastestVPN will also put you at ease through their fast internet connection and smooth streaming features. Now you can freely enjoy all your exclusive shows and matches with FastestVPN which ensures a fulfilling experience for their users.

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