Watch NFL Cincinnati Vs Pittsburgh on Chrome Extension

The Acrisure Stadium is going to be lit up with an exhilaration on Sunday, 24 December when the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals will face off against each other. On this day, Pittsburgh will try to keep by bringing back the pride after three losses. So, Week 16 brings them a big opportunity.

Watch NFL Cincinnati Vs Pittsburgh Game on Chrome

the stadium will light up with a rocking Saturday Eve added with the festive blessings of Christmas. The sports reports say that Mason Rudolph is set to take the reins as the starting quarterback. However, the Pittsburgh fans are also waiting for Kenny Pickett’s return as it is yet to be confirmed.

The Cincinnati Bengals are 8-6 and in third place in the AFC North. Also, the Bengals are in a game with other teams for the final postseason in the AFC North, and at 6 in the AFC North they have a tie with Indiana Polis, Houston, and Buffalo. On the other side, Pittsburgh has lost three games and is 7-7 and 10th in the AFC standings.

With these standings, it is quite interesting to watch this match, and it will be more interesting if there are no restrictions and network barriers. So, let’s learn how to do it.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steelers Information

  • Event: Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh Steeler
  • Date & Time: Saturday December 23rd, 2023; 4:30pm EST
  • Location of the game: Acrisure Stadium; Pittsburgh, PA

Where to Watch Cincinnati Vs Pittsburgh on streaming platforms and TV

You have to be wise when it comes to choosing an online platform for watching the NFL. It needs to have multiple features and one that supports NFL broadcasts. We are aware that the NFL is restricted in some regions, and also within local territories. The NFL broadcasts are available on ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, and CBS. Other streaming platforms have also obtained the rights such as Peacock, Amazon Prime Video, and Paramount+.

However, choosing a platform could be a little challenging. So, here is a breakdown of streaming platforms as well as cable TV channels.

Streaming PlatformAvailability in AmericaSubscription Fee
Hulu TVYes$5.99-$11.99/month (Hulu) + $64.99/month (Hulu + Live TV)
Sling TVYes$35-$50/month
YouTube TVYes$64.99/month
DirecTV StreamYes$69.99-$139.99/month
Fubo TVYes$64.99-$79.99/month

TV Channels to Watch NBC Games

TV ChannelAvailability in the USAPaid Service Price Range
CBSYesIncluded with cable/satellite subscription
FOXYesIncluded with cable/satellite subscription
NBCYesIncluded with cable/satellite subscription
ESPNYesIncluded with cable/satellite subscription
NFL NetworkYesIncluded with cable/satellite subscription
Amazon Prime VideoYesIncluded with Amazon Prime membership
TwitchYesFree, some games may be available

The listed platforms are available in America and do not serve oustside its territory. Unless you have added a VPN, and changed the server location, then you have a chance to get access to watching NFL live. Moreover, make sure you are subscribed to the paid service.

Let’s break down the code of a VPN!

Time to Connect to a VPN – Get to Know About FastestVPN

VPNs are ingenious tools for masking online identity. They help in anonymous browsing, and let users play around without letting any third party know. Typically, third parties are the government, institutions, and the ISP. They put restrictions on the internet and apply bandwidth and throttling.

However, after connecting with a VPN like FastestVPN it eliminates all types of hurdles and restrictions. It is the absolute finest internet tool of the modern age. With so much digital liberty and restrictions, FastestVPN takes care of everything.

It is integrated with multiple features that help in online safe browsing. Whether you need to change server location, change IP address, or block ads, only FastestVPN can save you. Even if you are in search of a VPN for unblocking channels FastestVPN does the job.

It connects to multiple services at once, such as Android, OS, Chrome, extensions, and more. Change location from anywhere to the USA, and enjoy the NFL Week 16 match between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. Watch ESPN+ or YouTube TV with an unhindered speed with an optimized speed of 10Gbps.  This also allows us to bypass and eliminate ISP speed and bandwidth. Here is what you may find at FastestVPN,

  • NAT Firewall
  • WireGuard Protocol
  • Customer support
  • P2P file sharing
  • Adblocker
  • Multiple device

What are VPN Extensions for Chrome?

The FastestVPN browser extension for Chrome is a VPN proxy that keeps the internet connection safe and secure. The browser extension’s internet connection was changed and also added features for Chrome extension. For Chrome Extension, FastestVPN allows access to channels like ESPN, DirecTV, and others.

The Astounding Features of FastestVPN

With FastestVPN, you are now in control of your privacy and online streaming. Users can surf autonomously with the Chrome extension.

  • HTTPS Protection

It comes with HTTPS protection that ensures the connection is protected.

  • Ad Blocker

Now, you do not have to be frustrated with pop-up ads as it keeps them away while browsing.

  • WebRTC Leaks

It protects your online identity from leaking and discovering the original location.

How To Get Started with Chrome Extension

Here are some steps to install the FastestVPN Chrome extension on a Chromebook Chrome OS, OTR Chromium OS.

FastestVPN will be connected to your Chrome Browser.

  • Now, click on FastestVPN extension and enter the credentials, login
  • Go to the server location list and click on USA,
  • FastestVPN will be connected in no time.

FAQs – NFL Cincinnati vs Pittsburgh

How to access an online streaming platform?

To access the streaming platform using FastestVPN just launch the extension and wait for it to get connected. After connecting change, the server location and connect.

Is the FastestVPN Extension for Chrome paid?

The FastestVPN app is free to download, but when it comes to services they are paid.

Everything in a Nutshell

With an extensive range of features, FastestVPN is a sound solution for watching NFL Cincinnati and Pittsburgh matches.

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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