Here’s How You Can Watch Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua on Any IOS Device

The rematch of the year is around the corner and the entire boxing community simply cannot wait till these fighters step into the ring again. The last time Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua fought, boxing fans all around the world were left in awe as Andy Ruiz won the bout via technical knockout. Anthony Joshua started the last fight strong and dealt some serious damage to Andy Ruiz in the first couple of rounds. However, Andy Ruiz proved to the world why he is one of the best boxers today.

Watch Ruiz vs Joshua on IOS

The last fight was initially dubbed as the biggest upset in boxing history as no one had expected Andy Ruiz to knock AJ down let alone win the fight. Andy Ruiz is the current WBO, WBF and IBF Heavy Weight Champion and there is no doubt that he deserves his current status as a boxing champion. He is the first person to defeat AJ and only time can tell if he can defeat Anthony Joshua once again. Due to the incredible hype behind this fight, people all around the world are wondering how they can stream Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua since the fight is taking place in Saudi Arabia. For this very purpose, we have articulated a guide on how you can stream the fight live on your iOS device from anywhere.

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua Date & Time

Before we discuss how you can watch Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua live on FireStick, we would recommend saving the details mentioned below to make sure you are well prepared for this rematch.

  • Venue: Diriyah, Saudi Arabia
  • Date: December 7th, 2019
  • Time: 10 PM UK

How to Watch Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua on iOS

As mentioned before, since the fight is taking place in Saudi Arabia many people will have trouble gaining access to this geo-restricted content. This is exactly why you will need to subscribe to a renowned VPN plan such as FastestVPN.

This is one of the few companies out there which offers their clients complete digital anonymity and empowers users with the unique ability to change their location. FastestVPN has servers strategically located all around the world and all you need to do is change your server location and instantly gain access to the fight. Rest assured, the steps mentioned below will help you set up your VPN and watch Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua on IOS.

  1. Get FastestVPN
  2. Download and install FastestVPN apps for iOS or configure FastestVPN on a router
  3. Launch FastestVPN app
  4. Connect to the US location or use our server IPs for manually setting up the VPN connection
  5. Visit your preferred live stream destination (DAZN, Sky Sports)
  6. Watch Manny Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua on iOS anywhere!

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua Fighter Stats

Many people had claimed that Andy Ruiz is no match to the iconic AJ however, he silenced everyone and if you take a look at his stats you can see why Andy Ruiz is a force to be reckoned with. Here’s a glimpse into Andy Ruiz and Anthony Joshua’s official fight stats.

Andy Ruiz

NationalityMexican American
Height6 ft. 2 in
Reach74 in
Total fights34
Wins by Knockout21

Anthony Joshua

Height6 ft. 6 in
Reach82 in
Total fights23
Wins by Knockout21

As you can clearly see, both fighters have only lost at least once in their boxing career. Although AJ has been the heavyweight face of the boxing world, Andy Ruiz has taken over his throne. He clearly proved to the entire boxing community why he deserves to be the champion today.

Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua Fight Prediction

Since this iconic rematch is just around the corner, many boxing experts have given their predictions in favor of Anthony Joshua even though he was clearly outclassed in the last fight. Anthony Joshua has already been stripped from his titles and has been under a lot of criticism due to his performance. Many people have claimed that Anthony Joshua has never faced an opponent who has a diverse boxing skill set such as Andy Ruiz and that he does not have what it takes to defeat him. This is the first time that Anthony Joshua has faced such scrutiny from the boxing community and only time can tell if you will dethrone Andy Ruiz and win back his WBO, and IBF Heavy Weight Champion title.

Conclusion – Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua on iOS

If you follow the steps mentioned above, we can guarantee that you can easily watch Andy Ruiz vs Anthony Joshua on IOS. Similarly, you can watch the fight live on Android, follow our guide here. However, remember to subscribe to a VPN plan before you attempt to stream the fight. A VPN plan will not only help you change your location to gain access to geo-restricted content but will also enhance your overall browsing experience.

A VPN is designed to provide you with anonymity and will also protect your digital footprint from hackers and other third parties who may be trying to gain access to your information. FastestVPN will not only help you change your location but will provide you with an array of different features such as Malware protection, Adblocker, Internet Kill Switch, and so much more.

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