Watch Jets vs Browns Hall of Fame NFL Game: First Preseason 2023

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming NFL season 2023, it’s hard to believe how quickly time has flown by. The competition in the NFL Hall of Fame is truly remarkable. And the NFL Hall of Fame has got us all anticipating fierce competition between the cream of the crop.

Watch Jets vs Browns Hall of Fame NFL Game

The matches can be streamed online on the NFL network and other streaming sites. But expect these sites to show unavailability in a few regions but fret not – you can effortlessly unblock them with FastestVPN.

This year the National Football League is all set to kick off its preseason with two unrivaled teams, the New York Jets vs. the Cleveland Browns. While the Jets boast of Williams as the absolute best, the Browns have an excellent roast of players!

Both teams have faced each other 29 times with a 15-12 edge; the Browns pride themselves on winning 15 games, while the Jets hold a 14-game win. And while the Football Power Index favors jets of a 25.3% shot for victory, let’s dive into all the first Hall of Fame match has got on the plate for us. From the match’s schedule to the top players of both teams, we’ve got it all covered.

Buckle up!

What Is the History of the Hall of Fame Game?

Diving into the past, the first Hall of Fame game was played in 1962. However, the second match, played in 1963, marked the official opening of the HOF. Reeling forward, NFL began playing the HOF matches as a season kickoff.

Consequently, the match has always been played. But, it has included four significant exceptions:

  • Since the NFL and AFL merger, there was no Hall of Fame game in 1966.
  • The NFL lockout in 2011 led to the contest’s cancellation.
  • The subpar field conditions of 2016 led to the game being wiped out.
  • In 2020, the match was unarguably not held due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following that, in 2022, again, the fans had to see a significant match delay due to unprecedented weather conditions. And the game was later slated for 8:40 PM.

Who Is Playing in the Hall of Fame Game 2023 – The First NFL Preseason

Date3rd August 2023
Time8 PM ET
VenueCanton, Ohio
TeamsNew York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns

The preseason will commence from the first week of August, i.e., 3rd August 2023, with a kickoff match between the Cleveland Browns and New York Jets. The game is scheduled at 8 PM, in Canton, Ohio, as the Hall of Fame Game of the NFL.

The release of the NFL schedule for 2023 has already got us excited about what awaits ahead. The schedule mentions a preseason slate – including 32 teams, from the first week of August to the last, i.e., 27th August 2023.

This Hall of Fame match makes it the 6th time the Browns played a Hall of Fame game, and the last time the Browns played in Canton was right after the franchise resumed its operations.

The NFL matches announcement was made through a tweet aired on 1st March 2023, including a special video attachment. It featured an intriguing yet, fast-forwarded sand art displaying the head guardians of both – Jets and Browns. Additionally, the impressive artwork announced the date, time, and what all fans were waiting to know, the competitors.

However, the tickets for the first preseason match have been available since 8th March 2023, at 10 AM ET. In addition to that, NFL fans can learn more about match schedules and tickets from the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s site.

What Channel is Broadcasting the NFL Hall of Fame 2023?

Local fans can enjoy the live streams of the NFL Hall of Fame on ESPN+, Amazon Prime Video, NBC or CBS, Fox, and the NFL Network. However, football fanatics might need to put up with stream accessibility issues. And as a fan, you might already know this long tale of streaming problems that never seem to leave your back.

For example, if you’re streaming the NFL matches or keeping up with the NFL scores, NBC will only show content based on your local location. You’ll need to use a trusted VPN, such as FastestVPN, and connect to a US server.

In addition, if you’re watching NBC through Hulu, you’ll need to register on the best VPN for NFL, like FastestVPN, connect to a US server, and never miss an update on your favorite NFL match!

How to Access NFL Broadcasting Channels With FastestVPN

NFL Network is the official broadcasting channel for the NFL matches. You can also watch the live stream on other sites, such as Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+ etc. Following that, ESPN+ is notoriously known for blocking VPNs; a cheap VPN won’t cut for you. And that’s where FastestVPN’s got your back!

There are three different packages to choose from that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Plus, they’ve got some cool features as the best sports VPN that’ll make your streaming experience top-notch. Setting it up is a piece of cake, too – you’ll be browsing the web with lightning-fast speeds in no time.

Here’s how to set up the VPN for ESPN+ to watch NFL:

  1. Purchase a package that perfectly fits your needs. FastestVPN comes with the top 3 packages, 1-month, 1-year, and a lifetime plan. And, if you’re looking forward to saving costs, the lifetime package should be your top choice.
  2. Download the app on your favorite device, such as Mac, iOS, Windows, etc. Meanwhile, the VPN supports a simultaneous connection with up to 10 devices. Never worry about disconnecting and missing out on NFL games due to constant VPN disconnections.
  3. Open the FastestVPN app and connect to a US server. This will change your device’s IP address and help you access geo-restricted content.
  4. Open the ESPN+ stream and watch NFL matches from the comfort of your home.

How Many Times Have the Jets Beat the Browns?

The New York Jets and Cleveland Browns have rivaled for 28 preseason matches and 1 postseason match, making it 29 matches altogether. And the New York Jets have won 14 games, while the Browns boast of their extensive win of 15 matches, keeping them ahead of the Jets.

Who Are the Jets’ Top Players

The New York Jets kept us all in awe with their impressive collection of players. Bam Knights and Duane Brown were the top players of the NFL in 2022.

While Duane Brown only got signed in the middle of the training camp, he gave an exceptional performance. Despite having an injury in the left shoulder, he fought through weeks 5 to 16 straight.

On the other hand, Knight impressively performed in the first three games – completing 298 yards. Meanwhile, he never missed a catch, outperforming the games and catching 13 of 14 targets in 100 yards.

Who Are the Browns’ Top Players?

While all NFL teams stand exceptional, the Browns are known for their team being one of the best in the NFL. Due to his elite play, Garret takes the top spot – earning an 89.5 grade with double-digit sacks. Sounds impressive.

After that, Garret’s consistency and run in the defense matches led to the team’s exceptional performance.

FAQs – National Football League HOF 2023

Who won the first NFL game?

The Triangles won the first NFL game. Initially, the team manager of the Dayton Triangles attended the first organizational meeting, and then in 1920, the triangles hosted the first match. They later won the game by 14-0.

How many football teams are in the National Football League?

There are 32 teams in the NFL. These teams are split into 2 conferences - each comprising 16 teams. The two conferences are the American Football Conference (AFC) and the National Football Conference (NFC).

What is the difference between American football and National Football League?

American football has a professional level known as the NFL, divided into two conferences - the AFC and the NFC. Both conferences have 16 teams divided into 4 divisions each.

Who is playing in the Hall of Fame Game 2023?

The New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns are playing the Hall of Fame game in 2023. The tickets are already out for sale, and the match can also be streamed online. While the NFL network is the official broadcaster for the NFL matches, you can still stream it on ESPN+. However, ESPN+ is inaccessible in various regions; you must use a trusted VPN, such as FastestVPN, to access the NFL stream. 

How much are tickets to football Hall of Fame game 2023?

The tickets are available at $134 on different ticket-selling sites. However you can stream the match online on ESPN+ or NFL Network, but in most cases, you'll need to use FastestVPN for a seamless match stream. Meanwhile, you can watch NFL games online free as well on pirated sites but for that, it’s wise to use FastestVPN, thanks to all the malware those sites contain.

Wrapping Up

While the year’s most anticipated event is right around the corner, sports unite us globally. To watch your favorite NFL season start off between the Jets and Browns, get tickets to the stadium or stream it online.

However, streaming sites must abide by licenses and agreements, and using a trusted VPN might be your best bet here, even if it’s on unlicensed sites offering you to watch NFL online free. But cheap VPNs can never cut for you. Trust the best and sign up to FastestVPN today for an uninterrupted streaming experience from the comfort of your home.

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