How to Watch ESPN+ in Canada on Different Devices

Buckle up to seamlessly stream your highly anticipated sports event exclusively on ESPN+ Canada. But, no, wait a minute—doesn’t that sound wrong? ESPN+ is geo-limited, and Canadian residents always need to hop the wires to enter the grey area. And what if we told you using the backdoor can now be safer?

How to Watch ESPN+ in Canada on Different Devices

Stream ESPN+ in Canada using FastestVPN. A reliable VPN allows you to bypass geo-limitations and access your favorite platforms without hassles. Let’s burst the thought of crossing the border and entering the States for seamless access to your favorite sports events. FastestVPN makes it all only a cakewalk!

Keep reading to find out how to stream your favorite sports events on ESPN+ Canada, how to subscribe to it, and what the top channels of this popular sports events platform are.

Note: To stream ESPN in Canada, you must connect to FastestVPN. With its robust servers, you can now seamlessly bypass geo-limitations in no time. And, cyber threats are always long dead and buried once you connect to the VPN!

Does ESPN+ Work Outside the US?

PlayToday reports ESPN+ had around 24.9 million subscribers at the beginning of 2023. These stats only speak for a limited graph, thanks to the geo-restrictions. Speaking of that, ESPN+ is only available in the United States.

Accessing ESPN+ outside the US will lead to an error mentioning the geo-limitations that prevent you from accessing the platform. Breaking that down, here’s how geo-restrictions work.

State entities often use these limitations to help halt the practices of accessing platforms that don’t comply with the region’s laws. However, the case is slightly different for the streaming platforms. This time, it’s the license agreements that play their role.

The content and license agreements ensure the platform and its catalog can only be accessed within a specific region. That’s exactly the case for ESPN+, too. It’s only allowed to be used within the US. For those trying to access ESPN+ Canada or any other region, a trusted VPN, like FastestVPN, has to be their best friend!

How Much Is ESPN Per Month?

Primarily, ESPN Plus offers 3 different subscription plans. This includes:

ESPN+ Subscription

  • $10.99/Monthly or $109.99/Monthly

ESPN+ Bundle Subscription

  • You can bundle 3 different plans, i.e., ESPN+ (Ad-supported) + Disney+ (Ad-supported) + Hulu (Ad-supported) for $14.99.

How to Stream ESPN+ in Canada?

You’re only a border apart—yet the geo-limitations won’t leave your back! Use FastestVPN for uninterrupted access to your favorite sports streaming platform. Not only do the robust server connections ensure easy access to ESPN+ Canada, but the unparalleled features come at affordable prices!

In this section, we’ll divide the tutorials based on the devices. This includes streaming ESPN+ Canada on:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Smart TV
  • Roku
  • FireStick

Watch ESPN+ in Canada on Android

Here’s how you can stream ESPN+ Canada using FastestVPN:

  • Head to FastestVPN’s Home page>Pricing.
  • Subscribe to one of the packages.
  • Install the VPN app on your device.
  • Launch the app on your device.
  • Log in and establish a US server connection.
  • Head to the official site of ESPN+.

You can now easily stream your favorite sports events.

Watch ESPN+ in Canada on iPhone

This tutorial covers streaming ESPN Plus Canada on iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Here’s how to watch ESPN+ Canada on your iPhone.

  • Purchase one of the preferred FastestVPN packages.
  • Install the app via the App Store.
  • Launch and log in to the application.
  • Connect to a US server and access ESPN+.

Watch ESPN+ in Canada on Smart TV

Here’s how to steam ESPN Plus Canada on your Smart TV:

  • Purchase a FastestVPN subscription.
  • Either install and set up the VPN. (You can either directly install it or manually configure the router with the VPN)
  • Go to ESPN+ and sign in with your credentials.

Watch ESPN+ in Canada on Roku

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to watch ESPN+ Canada on Roku:

  • Subscribe to FastestVPN.
  • Configure the VPN to the router. (Browse through the list to find your WiFi router configuration tutorial)
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Ensure your WiFi router and the Roku device are connected to the same WiFi network.
  • Install the ESPN Pluss application from Roku’s Channel Store.

Watch ESPN+ in Canada on FireStick

Here are the brief steps for streaming ESPN Plus Canada on FireStick:

  • Purchase a FastestVPN package.
  • Download the FireStick VPN app.
  • Connect to a US server.
  • Head to ESPN+ and log in with your credentials.

What Channels Are on ESPN Plus?

ESPN+ doesn’t directly host any channels, similar to other satellite cables. Instead, it offers different sports events and an extensive catalog of ESPN Plus originals. And no, it’s not only the sports events but also the top documentaries and mini sports-related series.

Here are the sports events you can stream on ESPN Plus:

1. MLB

Watch your favorite daily games, such as the Little League World Series. You can also dig into the MLB archives and get your hands on the classic sports events, not only the current streams.

2. NHL

Who hates an NHL bundle under one cost? Stream your favorite sports seasons without paying extra. You can easily access 1,050+ games from all teams, and that too, without game season limitations!

3. NFL

Access live game highlights, originals, and sports streams from your ESPN+ account. You can now watch:

  • NFL Turning Point
  • NFL Matchup
  • NFL Primetime
  • Peyton’s Places

4. NBA

ESPN+ doesn’t directly offer NBA games; instead, you must get an NBA League Pass. You can either opt for an annual or monthly subscription plan to stream NBA games.

FAQs - Watch ESPN+ in Canada

Is ESPN free with Amazon Prime?

No, ESPN isn’t a free add-on with Amazon Prime. You can only download ESPN via Amazon and pay for its subscription.

Does ESPN exist in Canada?

No, ESPN isn’t available in Canada. You can only access it via FastestVPN. Once you connect to a US server, FastestVPN ensures seamless access to ESPN+ Canada.

How to watch ESPN Plus Canada for free?

You can’t watch ESPN Plus Canada for free since the platform doesn’t offer free trials. Instead, you can only use a paid subscription plan, and that, too, you must use a VPN to access it outside the US.

Why can't I watch ESPN Plus in Canada?

ESPN+ is geo-restricted to the US, i.e., the license agreements restrict its content access only to the United States. To access it in Canada, you must use a VPN, like FastestVPN.

How much is ESPN in Canada?

ESPN is $10.99/month. But you can save almost 15% with a yearly subscription, i.e., $109.99.

Wrapping Up

According to Harvard Business Review, a VFT study indicates that many people watch the Super Bowl through illegal streams. This isn’t an isolated incident, as a separate survey suggests that a substantial portion of NFL fans habitually use unauthorized sources to stream games.

However, pirated content comes with a list of cons. From cyber threats to unreliable streams, pirated content platforms are accessible but highly not recommended. Instead, we recommend you bypass the geo-limitations and leverage a premium ESPN+ subscription in Canada via FastestVPN!

Take Control of Your Privacy Today! Unblock websites, access streaming platforms, and bypass ISP monitoring.

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