How to Unblock US Netflix with FastestVPN – Netflix USA Tutorial

Calling all FastestVPN users! This is the one you have been waiting for. As a VPN that’s designed to give you unrestricted access to the internet, unblocking Netflix was one feature that customers have demanded.

Accessing Netflix through a VPN was possible before – certainly with FastestVPN – but ever since Netflix began cracking down on people trying to access the service with a VPN, it has left frustration among users. That frustration ends now because FastestVPN now lets you access Netflix US from anywhere in the world.

Watch US Netflix Using Fastestvpn

What is Geo-Restriction?

Geo-restrictions means that there is some content curation going on based on regions. Digital streaming services such as Netflix operate according to regional laws or whether the creator of the content has deemed it available for the select region(s). So, it’s likely that the full content library of the service is not available for you.

US region is the popular destination for Netflix subscribers. It encompasses the entire content library – every movie and TV show. Everything was running fine until Netflix upped its detection systems to prevent users from accessing other regions through VPN.

Let’s take a look at how you can bypass those systems with FastestVPN on each device.

Unblock Netflix on iOS

  • Open App Store and search for OpenVPN Connect
  • Download the app and let it install.
  • Launch OpenVPN
  • Open a web browser and download OpenVPN TCP and UDP configuration files from here.
  • Go to Files app > Downloads > click on the .zip file to extract contents.
  • Once the folder has been extracted, click on it and go to UDP
  • Find the file named US-Netflix-USP.ovpn.
  • Long-press on the file then click on Share, select More and select Copy to OpenVPN
  • Confirm that you want to add the file to OpenVPN app, follow by entering your FastestVPN login credentials.
  • Turn on the VPN switch.
  • Launch Netflix and start watching!

Unblock Netflix on macOS

  • Download Tunnelblick for Mac from here.
  • Download FastestVPN’s OpenVPN configuration files from here.
  • Run Tunnelblick and follow through the installation procedure.
  • Double-click on Tunnelblick, now click on
  • Select the option “I have configuration files” then click Ok.
  • Go to the OpenVPN configuration folder that you downloaded, find the file named US-Netflix-UDP.ovpn in UDP folder.
  • While Tunnelblick is running, drag and drop the file on Tunnelblick’s window, confirm that you want to add the configuration.
  • Click on the configuration to connect, proceed by entering your FastestVPN credentials.
  • You should now be connected. Head to Netflix to begin watching US content unrestricted.

Unblock Netflix on Android

  • Download the latest version of FastestVPN for Android from here.
  • Launch the app and login with your FastestVPN
  • Go to Settings, switch to UDP under Select Protocol.
  • Now go to the server list section and find US Netflix server then click on the VPN switch to connect.
  • Once connected, you can start streaming from Netflix.

Unblock Netflix on Windows

  • Download the latest version of FastestVPN for Windows from here.
  • Launch the app.
  • Go to Settings then switch to UDP from TCP.
  • Go to the server list section and locate US Netflix server.
  • Select it then click on the VPN button to establish a connection.
  • That’s all you need, launch Netflix and start streaming.

Start Watching Now!

FastestVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth and the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously, giving you the ultimate freedom to enjoy streaming in 4K.

FastestVPN apps have undergone a major change; apps for macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android have been completely redesigned. There is more than just one addition waiting for you when you fire up the app on your device. The Windows version is set to launch soon.

The ongoing Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is a great opportunity to take the new apps for a spin!

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