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Top of the line VPN for Android Supported by all Android Versions – Jellybean to Oreo

  • Access the internet without limitations
  • Browse the web anonymously eliminating risk of being identified
  • Use your favorite apps (Whatsapp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.) with a strong encryption backing
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Why Do You Need FastestVPN for Android?

The advanced digital age that we are in not only has endless possibilities to surf the internet, but also exposes us to hackers, malware, copyright and monitoring agencies who are trying to get a hold of our activities, private information and data. Why take the risk when you can get security and privacy with fastest VPN for Android? FastestVPN has the best features providing privacy and securing your Android device.

FastestVPN also gives you the ability to;
  • Get online anonymity
  • Circumvent geo-restrictions and access all online content
  • Keep hackers and snoopers at bay
  • Fast P2P file sharing
  • Boost your online experience by two folds
  • Freedom from ISP speed throttling
  • Shield yourself from trackers and monitoring agencies

Why is FastestVPN the best VPN for Android?

The bills passed allowing data retention and such in many countries is reason enough to always need to be connected to a VPN for Android.

Step up your security and privacy game with FastestVPN’s advanced features and protocols protecting your device.
  • Zero logging policy
  • Devoted 24/7 customer support
  • Most number of protocols
  • P2P file sharing
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Unlimited Speed
  • 5 simultaneous multi-logins
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Servers in 20+ countries
  • User-friendly Interface

Start Using the Best VPN for Android in Simple Steps

Get FastestVPN account by following 3 simple steps. The procedure to use the VPN for Android is simple for all
devices, including Android.

Buy a FastestVPN

Download and Install
the fastest VPN for

Choose your desired
Choose a server that you
wish to connect to

Give It a Try!

Get your hands on any of our subscription plans and avail 7-day money-back guarantee.
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Best VPN App for All Android OS

FastestVPN is compatible with all the versions of Android that are Google supported, whether updated or not.

List of supported operating systems:
  • Oreo
  • Lollipop
  • Nougat
  • KitKat
  • Marshmallow
  • Jellybean

FastestVPN’s Android VPN Supports All Devices

FastestVPN is compatible with over 20+ devices and fortunate for Android lovers, Android is no exception. You will not have to worry
about owning a non-compatible device, FastestVPN has you covered; protecting all Android devices.

The list of supported devices is extensive and not limited to:
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Why Do You Need A VPN for Android TV Boxes

If you care about protecting personal information data, then you already have your answer. There is a difference between privacy, security and anonymity – and all three are equally important reasons to use an Android VPN for TV Boxes.

Most prominent reasons are:
  • Keeps your streaming activities private
  • Stops your ISP from charging insanely high fee
  • Unblocks restricted content on different streaming channels
  • Secures all data you input such as your passwords for different accounts
  • Stream securely from open unknown sources
  • Avoid DMCA notices

FastestVPN’s Android VPN Enables the Use of the Internet with Complete Internet Freedom

FastestVPN guarantees security, privacy and anonymity. Be a ghost in the system and don’t let your personal information get compromised by ISPs and other third-parties while you surf the web freely. Be able to keep your stuff private and browse and stream limitlessly.

Be off the radar and stop the websites that you visit from gathering cookies and keeping caches of your information. If you don’t want to present anyone with the opportunity to even get close to your sensitive information, then FastestVPN is the shield for you.

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P2P File Sharing With Complete
Anonymity with FastestVPN

FastestVPN has P2P optimized servers for file sharing that are excellent for torrent fanatics. Torrent anonymously without the fear of being caught. Not only that, FastestVPN gives you unlimited bandwidth and high speeds to enjoy your torrenting experience.

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FastestVPN for Unblocking
Restricted Websites

No matter where you are on the global map, you can get access to any website and content with a FastestVPN connection. What’s better? You have can connect this with 5 devices at the same time, including your Android device.

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Why FastestVPN Is the Best Choice

FastestVPN is the right choice for you with the variety of features and protocols it offers. An added benefit is the advanced features that
come with all plans, without any additional charges. Cherry on top is the pricing that is easy on the pocket – very economical.
Features to be expected from the fastest VPN for Android:

P2P File Sharing
P2P File Sharing

Experience P2P file sharing at blazing fast speeds and no restrictions. By providing complete anonymity, privacy and security; FastestVPN enhances your online experience.

Advanced Security Features
Advanced Security Features

FastestVPN offers NAT Firewall and Malware Protection, providing added layers of security to your device, without any hidden charges.

Ad Blocker
Ad Blocker

Avoid annoying ads from popping up on your Android device screen continuously while you surf the web with FastestVPN’s ad blocker feature

Multiple Server Switches
Multiple Server Switches

Jump from one server to another as per your need, without any limitation on the number of servers you can change in one day.

5 Simultaneous Logins
5 Simultaneous Logins

Other than your android device, you can connect FastestVPN to 4 other devices simultaneously as it offers 5 connections with 1 account

Auto Connect
27/7 Live Chat

Devoted customer support of FastestVPN is available round the clock. If there is any query that you may have, the technical representative is present on the live chat to clarify all confusions.

FastestVPN Works Just As Seamlessly on All Devices

FastestVPN works on almost all devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, iPhone, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV,
Chromecast, gaming consoles and more. Whether you want to access web on PCs and smartphones or stream geo-restricted
content on your favorite streaming devices, once you’re connected to FastestVPN, you can do anything you want instantly. Get
FastestVPN for Windows and other devices and enjoy the unlimited online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

FastestVPN has dedicated app for android boxes. Just download the app and you are set to use VPN on android box.

You are prone to get a DMCA notice if you DON’T use FastestVPN. But once you connect FastestVPN on your android device, you are anonymous and your ISP is not able to identify you or track your streaming activity.

You can download FastestVPN from Google Play Store and enter your credentials to start using the website. Or you can also directly download the APK file from our website and run it on your Android TV.

FastestVPN works everywhere! With so many geo-restrictions in China, you can simply connect to FastestVPN and access all the content that you desire.

You are offered 5 simultaneous connections with 1 FastestVPN account. So, you can use the VPN on 5 devices including your Android device plus any other device that you may want.

Yes! FastestVPN believes in simplifying everything for the customer and make the whole process and experience as user-friendly as possible. The website provides Android VPN APK file for instant download. Go to the apps section and you will find it there.

All free Android VPN’s are not as reliable as we would like them to be. While they may offer you anonymity, they will not provide you security and privacy. They maintain logs which may be sold for the VPN provider’s advantage, exposing your activities and personal information. Such a huge risk is definitely not worth it. Always opt for a paid Android VPN that doesn’t maintain logs.

FastestVPN is a Cayman Island based company which is why it does not have to abide by any data retention laws. This enables the company to have a strict zero logging policy. The only information they do keep is the name and email address that the user provides when signing up. Other than that, no data is recorded or maintained!

Customer Stories

Nicholas Martin Nicholas Martin

The VPN is excellent as it performs the function that I got it for very well. I can stream content from anywhere without the speed slowing down.

Anna Cooper Anna Cooper

The VPN apps are not complex at all and very easy to use.

Elijah Elijah

Excellent support with great replying rate! I would definitely recommend it.

Johnathon Fernandez Johnathon Fernandez

Recently subscribed to FastestVPN for Australian Open. Set up was quick and simple and connectivity was excellent.

Reginald D’Souza Reginald D’Souza

Travelling through subways, I tend to connect to public Wi-Fi in-between to catch up on work while I wait. I bought Fastest VPN service to secure my network connection on my phone or laptop when I use public Wi-Fi. Highly recommended.

Fred Andrews Fred Andrews

I had a few connectivity issues that were resolved quickly when I contacted the support department. The guide was step by step which was excellent for a non-technical person, like me.

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