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Best Windows VPN for 2020

Connect FastestVPN on all Windows Versions without any hassle

  • Access geo-restricted websites from anywhere
  • Stay anonymous and surf the web with freedom
  • Connect to our high-speed servers in 100+
  • Stream global content unrestrictedly on Windows

There is so much more you can get out of FastestVPN for Windows.
So, join our growing FastestVPN family and surf the web the way you want to.

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You Choose FastestVPN for Windows?

When you go online, your personal information/online data is like a book which is open for use for all. Hackers, snoopers and government surveillance are always on the other side of the door trying to collect your data without you even realizing it! Choosing FastestVPN for Windows not only means that you’re protected from prying eyes but also your personal data is safe and encrypted and no one can use it to harm you. Moreover, FastestVPN keeps you safe in Public WiFI hotspots, where your data is most vulnerable against cyberattacks.

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FastestVPN also gives you the ability to;
  • Access regional-blocked
    content from anywhere
  • Block ISP from tracking
    and throttling speed
  • Defend against hackers,
    snoopers and surveillance
  • Avoid data retention and
    copyright laws in your country

How to Get Started with FastestVPN for Windows

FastestVPN is trusted by thousands of online users due to its dynamic functionalities and top security features
embedded into one easy to use app.

Connect with FastestVPN app on your Windows devices and make full use of the unlimited, unrestricted browsing
experience like never before, from anywhere, anytime! All you need to do is to;

Buy a FastestVPN

Buy a FastestVPN subscription that suits
your needs

Download and Install

Download and Install FastestVPN app for

Choose your desired

Choose your desired server to connect &

Give It a Try!

Get your hands on any of our subscription plans and avail 15-day moneyback guarantee.
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Experience Unrestricted Browsing
with the Best VPN for Windows

FastestVPN gives you the freedom to surf the web unrestricted without making you compromise on security and bandwidth speed. With the Best VPN for Windows, now you can instantly unblock geo-restricted websites and stream media on the go, from anywhere while keeping your online identity anonymous!

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Experience Unrestricted Browsing
The Most Secure VPN for Windows

The Most Secure VPN for Windows

Get your online data protected with military-grade 256-bit AES encryption and surf the web worry-free.

FastestVPN is compatible with strongest security protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, IKEv2, OpenVPN, and OpenConnect to keep your connections safe and protected from cybercriminals and threats.

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Streaming and File-Sharing like never before with FastestVPN for Windows

With 18+ server locations to connect from, now you can live stream your favorite channels, movies, TV shows from around the world.

FastestVPN servers are high-speed P2P-optimized to make it easy and efficient for you to share files, no matter the file size.

Get VPN for Windows and start streaming and sharing files within second, while keeping online security and anonymity intact!

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Streaming and File-Sharing

The VPN for Windows with the Best VPN Features embedded

FastestVPN offers more than your usual VPN provider. Features that not only are key to keeping you anonymous and secure while giving
you access to global content, but also making it simple and intuitive for you to browse the web whenever you want.

NAT Firewall
NAT Firewall

Windows VPN offer NAT Firewall features that not only secure your connections but also protects your devices from all kinds of cyberattacks


It’s really frustrating when you are browsing a website and suddenly an unwanted ad pops up on your screen. Best VPN for Windows comes with Adblocking features.

Unlimited server-switching
Unlimited server-switching

With unlimited server-switching, now you can connect to and switch between your favorite server locations on the go without worrying about disconnections and IP leaks.


FastestVPN servers are P2P-optimized for torrenting that means now you can download torrent files with incredible speeds and anonymity.

10 simultaneous connections
10 simultaneous connections

With 10 multi-login feature, now you can make use of FastestVPN app on 10 different devices simultaneously. Get Best VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Auto Connect
Auto Connect

The auto connect feature allows the VPN to connect automatically in case the internet or the VPN connection goes down, making sure your activities remain private.

FastestVPN is Compatible with Most Devices

FastestVPN works on almost all devices and platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, iPhone, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV,
Chromecast, gaming consoles and more. Whether you want to access web on PCs and smartphones or stream geo-restricted
content on your favorite streaming devices, once you’re connected to FastestVPN, you can do anything you want instantly. Get
Best VPN for Windows and other devices and enjoy the unlimited online experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Paid vs Free VPN has become a very common discussion for many windows users. But ultimately, if you choice a free VPN then it would mean you are missing out on a lot of security features and enhanced browsing experience that can only be availed through an authentic paid VPN provider.

With a paid VPN for windows, you can access your favorite websites and streaming channels legally and without breaking any laws. Apart from that, paid VPN provider also uses strong encryption protocols that most free VPN providers don’t. So if you plan on to get a VPN for Windows, than a Paid VPN service should be the right choice for you.

First and foremost, torrenting isn’t illegal but downloading copyright content is. If you’re torrenting on Windows, that means you are inviting law makers to target you with their infringement and DMCA notices.

Yes, a VPN is the solution for torrenting privately. Basically what it does is it hides your IP address with a new IP address that is from another region. Thus, if anyone tries to trace you with that IP, they will only get as far as tracing the whereabouts of that IP. Moreover, a VPN for windows also encrypts your personal information, so you don’t have to worry about your privacy or getting into any kind of trouble.

Yes, if you live in a region where VOIP services like Skype, Whatsapp, or Viber are blocked, you can use a VPN for windows to unblock any VOIP service and communicate freely.

Most VPN providers offers simultaneous connections on maximum 5 different devices, but with FastestVPN, you get to use our service on 10 different devices simultaneously.

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