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Unblock SoundCloud Anywhere in 4 Steps

SoundCloud is just 4 steps away from you. Sign up for FastestVPN and get access to international songs. Here’s how to get started:

Get a FastestVPN subscription
Subscribe to FastestVPN

Sign up for FastestVPN and select a pricing plan

Download and install the VPN on your device
Download & Install the SoundCloud VPN

Download and install the SoundCloud VPN app on a supported device.

 Launch the VPN and connect to a server where the website is available
Connect to the Best Server

Connect to a FastestVPN server where SoundCloud is not blocked.

Unlock websites with ease
Unblock SoundCloud

Sign up and access SoundCloud music restriction-free.


Why is FastestVPN the Best to Unblock SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is restricted in some countries, schools and at work. FastestVPN bypasses these restrictions easily. More reasons below to use FastestVPN as your SoundCloud VPN:

Prevent Buffering

Streaming Supported Protocols for SoundCloud

Unblock SoundCloud and enjoy listening, downloading or uploading your favorite music with industry-leading protocols.

Surf Anonymously

Affordable SoundCloud VPN

Access SoundCloud restriction-free from anywhere in the world with an affordable VPN. Get budget-friendly prices, all of which come with a 31-days money-back guarantee.

Affordable Prices

Servers to Unblock SoundCloud

FastestVPN has the best servers to unblock SoundCloud from any location. All the servers are made for unblocking the best apps; including SoundCloud.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth

FastestVPN offers unlimited bandwidth to let you enjoy hours of unlimited music without stressing about your bandwidth. Consume as much bandwidth as you want and freely stream music.

Dedicated Streaming Servers

Device Protection

Besides using the VPN to unblock SoundCloud, FastestVPN protects your data and devices from infiltrations that come with apps.

Unblock SoundCloud with FastestVPN on Multiple Devices

FastestVPN offers multiple apps for you to access SoundCloud on. Connect up to 10 devices at once to enjoy your favorite music on SoundCloud. Check our supported apps below:

FAQs - Unblock SoundCloud

Why is SoundCloud blocked?

SoundCloud is blocked due to restrictions. It is geographically blocked in some countries. Moreover, due to network restrictions, you also cannot access SoundCloud in schools, institutes or at work. However, with the help of a reliable VPN just like FastestVPN, you can easily bypass restrictions, and unblock SoundCloud from anywhere.

How to unblock SoundCloud with a VPN?

You can follow simple steps to unblock SoundCloud with a VPN. Firstly, subscribe to FastestVPN and install the VPN app on your device. Now, log into the VPN app and connect to a server where the app is officially operating. That’s it, now you can unblock SoundCloud wherever you want.

Can I use a free VPN to unblock SoundCloud?

Free VPNs are highly risky to use. They sell users’ information to third parties and earn a profit from it. Moreover, free VPNs are always overcrowded and badly disrupt your streaming speed. Hence, you should always consider a premium VPN service to unblock SoundCloud. FastestVPN is an ideal VPN to access SoundCloud. It has dedicated and highly optimized streaming servers that never drop your streaming speed and allow you to enjoy music without any interruption or hitches.

What is the best VPN to unblock SoundCloud?

With dedicated streaming servers, and latest WireGuard protocol support, FastestVPN is the best VPN to stream and unblock SoundCloud in maximum locations worldwide. FastestVPN has 550+ servers in 50+ locations through which you can unblock SoundCloud while traveling anywhere.

What countries banned SoundCloud?

Countries including India, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkiye have completely banned SoundCloud. But with FastestVPN, you can easily bypass restrictions and unblock SoundCloud at these locations.

Is it legal to unblock SoundCloud with a VPN?

It is absolutely legal to use a VPN to unblock SoundCloud. A VPN is used to protect your online traffic from unnecessary surveillance. A VPN also helps you to change your IP address and unblock other content from around the world. With a VPN, you can enjoy global content without restrictions.

On what devices can I use SoundCloud with FastestVPN?

FastestVPN allows you to stream SoundCloud on various devices, including, iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Firestick, and others. You can also enjoy 10 simultaneous device connections with FastestVPN.

What else can I do with FastestVPN?

With FastestVPN, you can have unlimited fun rather than just exploring SoundCloud. Watch the latest movies and TV shows while unblocking top streaming sites from anywhere in the world. Get unrestricted access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney Plus and more. Also, unblock the latest gaming titles, international websites and much more.

How to unblock SoundCloud at school?

There is a straightforward way to unblock SoundCloud at school. Subscribe to FastestVPN, install the VPN app on your device, then open up the app and login with your credentials. Now, select any server location where SoundCloud is unblocked. That’s it! You can now access SoundCloud easily in school or at work.

Unblock Soundcloud with FastestVPN Now!

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