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Why You Need a United Kingdom VPN

A UK VPN service allows you to access the internet in the region freely and safely, as it is specifically devised for the region, keeping in mind the requirements and regulations. Check out what we have in store for you!


Unblock British Streaming Channels

If you’re an internet savvy, chances are, you know a lot about proxies and private networking. With that said, there are quite a lot British sites on the web that restrict access. And you obviously cannot bear it owing to the ceaseless fondness you have for British accent. FastestVPN comes across as the best UK VPN service that helps you unblock the content on such British sites thereby granting you complete and anonymous access to BBC News, Sports, iPlayer and a lot more!

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UK Data Regulation Laws

Protection from Data Regulation Laws

The government of UK has lately introduced certain laws regarding monitoring and record keeping of users all around the internet. Such government agencies not only regulate your activities but they also keep a good record of them so as to maintain the standards set by the government. Our UK VPN, thus, helps you get rid of these condemnable acts and help you get back your privacy with its well-developed VPN technology.

Absolute Protection from WiFi Hotspots

No matter how safe you think WiFi Hotspots are, they’re not! Most hackers set up fake and insecure WiFi Hotspots in different public places including restaurants, libraries, coffee shops and various other places. This is why FastestVPN brings you the most efficient, speedy and secretive network channel which does wonders to keep you encrypted from the intruders around you.

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Avoid Infringement Laws in UK

Avoid Infringement Laws in UK

Although it is very much forbidden in the United Kingdom to share various files and download books through the P2P technology, FastestVPN only renders its assistance when these files are large and confidential for legally approved reasons. Most people confuse P2P with piracy and that’s what FastestVPN aims to bring clarity to. FastestVPN strictly prohibits piracy however.

Investigatory Power Bill

The investigatory Power Bill 2016 is also known as the Snoopers' Charter. The Act was passed by both the houses of the United Kingdom’s Parliament which the Queen signified her consent to. This Act was passed on November 2016, however, it has different policies came come in effect on different dates starting from 30 December, 2016. Underlying the Act are certain features pertaining to surveillance powers that exist in the United Kingdom. The said surveillance powers under the Investigatory Powers Act are referred to the powers of the UK Intelligence Community. The bill talks in favour of these powers and expands them further to safeguard the rights of the authorities of the community.

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Investigatory Power Bill
Download VPN Apps for UK

GET VPN Apps/Software on iOS, Android and Windows!

FastestVPN has endured years of challenging tasks to devise a network connection as secure as FastestVPN. Our high-tech software does literally all you could ever ask for. One of the most insightful thing we did to our VPN technology is that we made sure it was compatible with absolutely any device our clients try operating it from. Ever wondered how to get UK VPN on iOS, Android or Windows? FastestVPN brings to you UK VPN for windows which removes all barriers to any channel you try to access. UK VPN for Android is another feature our VPN technology comes fully equipped with while other devices include the ones that run through operating systems such as Android and iOS. So get your UK VPN for Mac and iPhone and work your with way seamlessly with the Speediest VPN network ever built.

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Seamless Sport Streaming with UK based IPs

In order to safeguard Digital Privacy in the UK, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales most broadband services do not allow full access to Sports channels that are based in USA, Germany, Australia and various other places around the world. If you’re an athlete or perhaps a sports enthusiast, this news will meet you with disappointment but thanks to FastestVPN UK the only VPN providers that bring you strong Online Privacy one can now easily stream literally any sport streaming channels they like for instance the user of FastestVPN UK VPN gets speedy access to various websites some of which are, The Premier League, The Euro, The World Cup and The Champions League. Our users all over the UK can, thus, easily Buy UK VPN package that best fits their needs at extremely economical prices!

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee with FastestVPN

Considering the fact that we come with a claim that we are the most promising of VPN providers in town, we have worked to achieve the title. And that’s why, we openly declare a 100% Money Back Guarantee if our UK VPN does not satisfy you or fails to deliver what we claim. So get your UK VPN today- it makes a world of a difference!


Log less VPN is what goes on behind the VPN shield that you as a user are not aware of. Log Less VPN refers to your browsing history that gets recorded in your VPN service provider’s network system. Different broadband services use this information to sell it off to UK surveillance agencies such as GCHQ; Government Communications Headquarters. As much as these authorities claim that this act is entirely to prevent any undesirable activities from happening over the web, it is very much unethical to keep track records of your client's history. FastestVPN’s UK VPN service brings you the most secure and the safest VPN that is completely log less. Our strict policies refrain us from keeping records of our customers; we respect your privacy and expect to continue our values in the future. This is just another reason why you can freely count on FastestVPN’s UK VPN; we are the most reliable of UK VPN services you can get your hands on!

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Our Fastest VPN Server Locations around the World

FastestVPN provides secure and speedy network connections with increased bandwidth and dedicated physical servers that run on Open Source. The bandwidth can reach up to 10Gbps unlike the VPN connections with unnecessary servers that restrict access to almost every website you visit. Some of the countries FastestVPN has its VPN servers in include UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

FastestVPN Hits the Web with the Speediest VPN Connection

FastestVPN is your own security channel that comes equipped with a lot more than you might have imagined. Take a look around.

  • Blazing Fast Speed
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 256-bit AES Encryption
  • Zero Logging
  • 7-Days Moneyback Guarantee
  • 70+ High-Speed Server
  • Free Ad-Blocker
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • User-Friendly FastestVPN Apps
  • Anti-Malware
  • PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN (TCP,UDP), OpenConnect, IKEv2, and Xsec
  • NAT Firewall
  • Unlimited Server Switches
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