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3 Easy Steps to Get the Best Kodi VPN

Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

Sign Up with FastestVPN

Create your FastestVPN account and choose an affordable package.

Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

Connect to the Kodi VPN

Get the Kodi VPN app on your device and connect to the best server.

Why you need FasestVPN for Disney Plus

Use Kodi on Your Device

You can now make the most of your Kodi device and download add-ons.

Why Do You Need the Best VPN for Kodi ?

Kodi is a free, open-source media player where you will find the best add-ons that give you access to movies, TV shows, documentaries, games, software, and more. However, because of its open-source nature, there are certain add-ons that are malicious.

For this reason, you need the best VPN for Kodi that secures your connection, your data, and more. This way, all your traffic is routed through an encrypted tunnel, allowing you to remain private. There are some Kodi add-ons that are not available in every region. To access them in every country, you will need the best Kodi VPN.

A VPN for Kodi also helps bypass ISP throttling. This way, you don’t experience buffering or lagging issues during streaming.

Kodi VPN

What Can You Do on Kodi?



There are many movies that you can find on Kodi, especially via its Kodi add-ons. You can import movies, cast, and more with the best Kodi VPN on your device.


TV Shows

You can get the best TV series via the best Kodi add-ons like The Crew, Exodus, and much more. If blocked in your country, our VPN for Kodi helps access it.



You can create music playlists on Kodi or download the best music Kodi Add-ons for your device. FastestVPN for Kodi unlocks many Kodi music libraries.



Either upload your photos to Kodi by creating a library or create a slideshow while playing music. For the safe side, always use a Kodi VPN to prevent picture compromisation.



Are there certain games blocked in your region? Or are they more expensive as a standalone? With a Kodi VPN, you can unblock Kodi games instantly.



With the PVR client on Kodi, you can easily record live streams on your device. This feature comes in specifically handy when you are too busy to watch the events live.

Get a Kodi VPN on Multiple Devices

FastestVPN is the best VPN for Kodi that gives you apps for all the popular Kodi devices. You can create up to 10 multiple-device connections with one subscription.

Best Kodi Addons for Unlimited Streaming, Gaming & Beyond

A VPN works with Hulu only if it is one of the best. Free Hulu VPNs on the other hand, work less effectively. The best VPN for Hulu is one that offers optimized servers.

To watch Hulu with a VPN, ensure that the provider you choose offers industry-leading features, USA and Japan servers, fast speeds, and military-grade encryption. So, the best way to watch Hulu with VPN means choosing a reliable provider.

FastestVPN is not only the best but is the most affordable. You only need to connect to our USA servers and unblock Hulu content in every country. Plus, with it, you won’t experience buffering issues or ISP throttling.

The Crew

Popularly known for its movies, TV shows, sports live, kids' shows, radio, and more. Just in case it’s not available for you, a Kodi VPN like FastestVPN works with it. You can find The Crew addon via the Repository URL

Mad Titan Sports

Now available for Kodi 20 and compatible with a VPN for Kodi, the Mad Titan Kodi addon is widely used for live sports content, PPV, and music or shows. You can find it via the Repository URL


Also another reliable option, but it only works with Real-Debrid. It’s simple to use and offers tons of content in clear stream quality. With this, you get movies, TV shows, tools, and more. You can find it via the Repository URL


If you’re a fan of anime, live sports, movies, and more, Asgard is a perfect fit, found with the Repository URL. For security reasons, access it with a VPN for Kodi. FastestVPN works the best and is affordable.

FAQs - Kodi VPN

Why do I need a VPN for Kodi?

Since Kodi is a free media player, it can also create room for third parties to steal your data or compromise your device. With that said, to protect your device and data on Kodi, you need the best Kodi VPN to make that possible. Additionally, a VPN for Kodi is also a good idea to prevent ISP speed and bandwidth throttling or even surveillance. It gives you the liberty to stream and download all your favorite content on Kodi.

Should I use a free VPN with Kodi?

There are advantages to using a VPN for Kodi, but that’s not always the case with a free VPN. Since Kodi itself is a free platform, using a free VPN with it can pose a bigger threat can usual. It might bypass geo-blocks to a certain percentage, but there is no guarantee that it unblocks most Kodi add-ons. This is why we only recommend using a premium VPN for Kodi that is affordable and reliable, and FastestVPN is the best choice.

Is it legal to use a Kodi VPN?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN with Kodi. This helps bypass geo-restrictions and prevent ISP throttling. However, make sure you are not using the Kodi VPN to download copyrighted or licensed movies, TV shows, or add-ons. That could be considered illegal.

Does Kodi have a VPN?

No, Kodi, as a service, does not have an in-built VPN client. You can, however, download VPN clients via a Kodi add-on. However, the easier option would be downloading FastestVPN from the website onto your device and running it with Kodi.

Is it safe to use a VPN on Kodi?

Yes, it is safe to use a VPN for Kodi, in fact, a VPN helps keep your connection, device, and data safe and secure. With a Kodi VPN, you have access to unlimited movies, TV series, games, software, etc., that were previously blocked.

How do I get a VPN on Kodi?

It is pretty simple to get a VPN on Kodi. First, subscribe to FastestVPN and download the VPN app on a supported device. Next, launch the VPN, sign in, and connect to the best server that is closest to your region or a location where the Kodi add-ons are available. You can now run the Kodi app with a connection to the VPN.

Is there a free VPN that works with Kodi?

There might be a couple of free VPNs that work with Kodi, but there is no guarantee that it is safe or reliable. A free VPN for Kodi usually comes with more issues than needed. Firstly, there aren’t many servers to connect to, and the speeds are relatively slow. Free providers often steal user data and sell it to third parties or monitor your traffic. Instead, FastestVPN makes the best VPN for Kodi because it’s affordable, secure, and gives you working servers for Kodi.

Can you use a VPN for Kodi addons?

Yes, you can use a VPN for Kodi add-ons. FastestVPN gives you access to global servers that easily unblock the best Kodi addons for movies, TV shows, software, music, and more. All you need to do is sign up for the service and download the VPN app for Kodi on a compatible device.

How do you set up a Kodi VPN?

FastestVPN gives you easy step-by-step guides showing you several ways to download and set up a Kodi VPN. There are tutorials for both Kodi 18 and Kodi 19.

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